tfd’s 20

What? Am I the winner?

You most certainly are, Shirley – congratulations!

Hi ‘Spillers: this is an auspicious occasion (I’m having quite a week in fact), as I celebrate my 20th A-lister on RR. I first got drawn in for Illness, in November 2007, made all the usual mistakes that newbies make, and got my first A-lister the following January. Now, I’m sure you don’t want to listen to all 20 in one go (if at all) so I’m going to do two lists of 10. Here’s the first.

1 I’m The Face by the High Numbers, alias the Who. ‘I Am’ songs, Jan 25 2008
2 Nottamun Town by Shirley Collins and Davey Graham. Surreal songs, June 13 2008
3 Remember (Walking In The Sand) by the Shangri-Las. Songs about memory, Oct 10 2008
4 Ghost In This House by Alison Krauss and Union Station. Songs about ghosts, Jan 30 2009
5 Lord Gregory by Shirley Collins. Songs about social class, March 27 2009
6 Marilyn Monroe by the Ian Campbell Folk Group. Songs about actors, April 17, 2009
7 Complainte Pour Ste Catherine by Kate and Anna McGarrigle. Songs in French, June 19 2009
8 The Cruel Mother by Shirley Collins. Cruel songs, July 24 2009
9 However Much I Booze by the Who. Songs about failure, August 7 2009
10 Barroom Girls by Gillian Welch. Songs about hangovers, January 8 2010

Ready for Part 2? OK then:

11 Killing Jar by Richard Thompson. Unsettling songs, January 22 2010
12 The Victory by Steeleye Span. Songs about historical figures, January 29 2010
13 Long Live Rock by the Who. Songs about concerts, May 27 2010
14 The Eyes Of Fate by the Incredible String Band. Songs about fate, September 24 2010
15 The Unquiet Grave by Shirley Collins. Songs about the afterlife, May 26 2011
16 Cherry Red Wine by Luther Allison. Songs about wine, June 9 2011
17 Blue Days, Black Nights by Buddy Holly. Debut songs, June 23 2011
18 The Dark-Eyed Sailor by June Tabor and the Oysterband. Songs about eavesdropping, July 14 2011
19 Barefootin’ by Robert Parker. Songs about dance styles, July 28 2011
20 So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) by the Everly Brothers. Songs about a change of mind, August 4 2011

Well, that should keep everyone amused for a bit!

K is for King Creosote

I think I may have mentioned King Creosote more than a few times on The ‘Spill. Fife based purveyor of bittersweet lovelorn folk with a sing-the-phonebook voice & DIY ethic, he has recorded over 50 albums and shows no sign of diminishing returns. The K slot was always going to belong to him, so here it is! After the jump there’s a bio, and just here are a couple of tunes you may like.

Please swing by the Fence Records website and buy his stuff.

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P is for Panda Su

Panda Su is from Fife. She sings amazing songs of heartache and beauty, with a simple delivery that floors me every time. Sometimes she dresses up like a panda.

I played one of her tracks on an old podcast, and feel that the P slot in the A-Z of Scots music should really belong to her. She has one EP out, produced by Steve Mason no less, and it’s truly fab.

Have a listen to “Eric Is Dead”

Click here for her website, and to buy the EP. and there’s more after the jump if you like what you’ve heard.

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W is for Withered Hand

Words cannot express how much I adore the music of Dan Wilson; he is Withered Hand with help from members of Meursault ( M, remember?) and other fab folkies from Edinburgh and about the place.

Withered Hand topped my 2009 best of list for the “Good News” album, and placed highly in the top ten for The ‘Spill as a whole (Hi Shane!). He’s even made the RR b-list already. Yeah!

I have posted gushed about WH before, like this:

I think time will show this to be a very special record, the nearest comparison being Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea”.

and mebbe also like this:

I tried to put my finger on the transcendental, almost spiritual quality that WH’s songs have. He was raised in a very religious, almost cult like, environment – but has since renounced it – but oddly his music has retained some vestiges of that.

Frankie said that he was singing “atheist hymns” and he was quite spot-on with the description.

Withered Hand has a website here

b is for ballboy

I was thinking about good first lines, and went to find some ballboy on YouTube, realising I hadn’t seen the video for “I Hate Scotland” before, and got utter goosebumps – so that makes b be ballboy…

ballboy have kindly put up the mp3 of the song too, for free download.

their website is well worth a visit