Lee Endres – “Croft” – debut album

“Born and raised in Stourbridge, Lee Endres is a songwriter who after isolating himself for 3 months on the north-western tip of Scotland is now sharing his debut album Croft.

Written and recorded in an old cottage next to the Atlantic Ocean deep in the Highlands, Croft is part of a cacophony of samples that was composed during his time there. The songs reflect the milieu of the highlands that helped depict a new honest, stripped back and organic approach to his craft. Lee writes about Dementia, alienation, self doubt as well as love, loss and alcoholism.

Embracing a nomadic nature, the past 5 years have seen him travelling around Eastern Europe and living in various cities around the world. Most comparatively it took him to rural Devon where he recorded an album that was immediately scrapped. This was the final push he needed to create a situation in the Scottish highlands to avoid distractions and to concentrate on what was needed to denude. His mental strength was pushed to the limits as he finally found the space and time to put down his scattered thoughts into fragile, brutally honest and bare songs that hide behind no guises.

For Lee it feels like his whole life has been pieced together inside the album, which is consequential to him recording and mixing it himself. This is a keyhole inside the mind of someone who has shaped his life around his music, leaving a trace of fear, guilt and obsession.”

Do have a listen, and share your thoughts in the comments below. It is perfect for a contemplative evening’s listening.

HeadAche – debut album


Here’s something to wake you up, and not for the fainthearted!

From Hertfordshire, HeadAche describe themselves as “somewhere between a hardcore punk band and a pop group”, comprising of Leon Parsons – drums; Johnny Bannister – vocals & guitar; Jay Majer – bass and Michael Button – guitar & vocals. They have shared their eponymous debut LP with us and it will certainly blow away a few cobwebs from your weekend. They have been busy promoting the album and gigging in Hertfordshire and London, and have gained a small following as well as a reputation for fast and energetic live shows.

You can listen to the LP above, and also check out these links – see what you think!

The HeadAche LP on iTunes https://itun.es/gb/C2Rahb

The Ghosts of Johnson City – Devil’s Gold (new album)


Abahachi introduced us to doom jazz – well, this is – sort of – doom folk, and very good it is too. The Ghosts of Johnson City are a dark Americana group from Portland, ME USA and they are gearing up to release their second album, The Devil’s Gold, on February 7th. They have very kindly shared a Soundcloud stream with us, prior to release.

Based in Maine with musical roots in Appalachia and the Deep South, The Ghosts of Johnson City “aim to take listeners on a journey through the annals of the past, giving voice to those who can no longer speak. Their debut album, Am I Born to Die? was released to wide critical acclaim in 2015. The Devil’s Gold finds the group exploring new territory while adhering to their trademark themes of love, loss, meaning and mortality.”

You’ll find links to everything you’ll need to get to know about The Devil’s Gold below.

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The Spill Awards 2016: Vote Vote Vote!

Nominations have been received, complex algorithms have been applied, unfortunate links to Neo-Nazi fake news sites have been removed and the final shortlists for this year’s awards can now be published. Voting will continue until Christmas Day; you have one vote for each category except for Album of the Year where you have three, in the vague hope that we’ll get a clear result. Suggestions for special additional awards in individual categories can be sent to abahachi(at)hotmail.co.uk. Date and venue for the award ceremony itself to be announced in due course, depending on whether we can find the door to a magical Trump-free kingdom in time, or just have to hunker down in a nuclear bunker somewhere in the Scottish Highlands…