deano seamed to need somewhere to get some things off his chest – so I thought a neutral space might be useful for non-music discussion.

Anything you need to rant about add in comments.

Let’s talk about the government (or not!).

Let’s talk about the double RR state of the nation.

Let’s talk about the etiquette of those that are telling you the meaning of schadenfreude.

Be opinionated – but think about what you want off of your chest.



Classik Trax of the ’80’s


Barbryn mentioned in a comment during his ’88 ‘spill years post:

I’m not at all a dance music expert, and could be wrong, but my impression is that the acid house scene didn’t leave behind many records that you’d want to listen to if you weren’t off your face at a rave. But it did cross-fertilise with indie to give us the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and so on, and came into full flower a few years later when DJs and dance acts became superstars (as Fuel alluded to in last week’s thread).

So I thought I’d sling together a playlist because the rise of acid / house / techno music and it’s euphoric beats is to me just the equivalent of someone sitting in a field and getting emotionally involved in the intricacies of a ’60’s guitar/sitar/drum wig out …. you can experience it in that field on drugs or analyse and enjoy it on a record player without added stimulants. Continue reading

Now that’s what I call: Elastic bands.

so ONE each from A all the way to Z then a number/a punctuation/a symbols (that includes you saneshane)

The final selection.
You must narrow your choice down to just one.
I’m looking at you picking the best one from your weekly lists (or in odd cases; the one you stupidly forgot to include).

If you put ‘Spill Challenges into the search box – most of the elastic bands weeks come up.

Have fun.