Choo Choo. And whoo whoo

Billy Bragg & Joe Henry - Shine A Light  Field Recordings from the American RailroadIn March 2016 Billy Bragg and Joe Henry, guitars in hand, boarded a Los Angeles-bound train at Chicago’s Union Station looking to reconnect with the culture of American railroad travel and the music it inspired. Winding along 2,728 miles of track over four days, the pair recorded classic railroad songs in waiting rooms and at trackside while the train paused to pick up passengers.


Their album is due in September. You can watch them make Midnight Special HERE. There’s also an interactive map with a bit about the song they perform at each stop. Can’t say I normally get excited about either man, but this looks like a beautiful, warm, one-of-a-kind piece of work. UK and US tours will follow this fall/winter.

This footage from the 2004 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies has become the must-watch Prince vid since his death last week. Opinions vary -widely – on his guitar flip into the crowd, his strutting off, the reactions of the other musicians as he played.

Consensus is he was rude. More likely he somehow got snookered into playing with journeymen and gave them and the Hall a royal fuck off.


Protest song’s rights protested in court

nytimes we shall overcome

A NYC judge is being asked to declare the iconic We Shall Overcome is in the public domain. A non-profit group that works with orphans and the poor, the We Shall Overcome Foundation, wants to use it in a documentary.

The group complains the publishing company asserting rights only ever held protection for one specific pre-60’s arrangement

The NY Times explains in today’s paper.

RIP: Allen Toussaint

The New Orleans legend died today after suffering cardiac arrest following a concert in Spain. He was 77.

Composer of Working in the Coal Mine, Ride Your Pony, Fortune Teller, Brickyard Blues, Southern Nights, Get Out of My Life, Woman, and a few others….

Arranger of horns for all sorts:

Recommended: His 2013 release Songbook captures the breadth and vitality of his life’s work. It features live recordings from Joe’s Pub in NYC, which he adopted as his musical base after Katrina.