Quarterly (2nd)


So what have we have we all found to listen to lately?

RR Revisited: The Sea (May 25, 2007)

Ahoy Mateys. Thanks to Ableseaman Severin for hoisting up the yardarm last week [Ok enough pirate talk]. This week we go back to another early Dorian mix: moist, soggy or wet?


How To Play:
Add one
Protect one
Remove one

In any order, at any time between now & Thursday evening. Arrr [Sorry, it’s hard to stop].

RR Revisited: Separation (Sept 25, 2009)


P-Mac left us some time back. Do we miss his lists?

The stuff that you should know by now:

Have a listen &:

1. Suggest one song that should be removed & why. Removal can be blocked by an equal number of protect votes.

2. Protect one song to try to save it from being removed.

3. Add one song to improve the list.

Your 3 votes can be used in any order at any time until Thursday evening when polls close.