Let me just make a comment on today’s headline, “Jeff Bridges Lists California Compound for $29.5 Million.”‘ First off that compound was in Montecito, possibly/probably the most exclusive, most expensive location for serious ‘old’ money’ in Southern Califorornia. If you made your money before  the ’29 crash you invested in Montecito. The Kennedy’s had their honeymoon in Montecito.  The place is nothing but mansions and palaces all the way from the Pacific to to the mountain top.

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Earth image

I recently found myself thinking about the changes that have occurred during my lifetime, not the personal changes though there’s been quite a few of those, but the big ones, those that have changed mankind. The industrial revolution had that effect on civilization, nothing was ever the same after that. The changes that I’m thinking about are on that scale, world changing events that have all  happened during in my lifetime. It’s unbelievable that the world could change so dramatically in such a relatively short period. The photograph above couldn’t exist before WW2.

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Once I’d been bitten by the reggae bug I started buying anything with that word on the label, LP’s, CD’s, Singles – 7″ 12″,  whatever, I wasn’t usually concerned with who the artist was, I just wanted the music. So I quickly accumulated a sizable collection and playing ’em was a total learning experience, I helped that along by making mix tapes which I played at work, at home and in the car. So that collection also grew and in later years I’d use them on the air, nowadays I listen to ’em in bed in the early hours, it’s such a treat to hear long forgotten pieces that I once knew intimately. Such is the case with this lot, I came across them at 3am a couple of nights ago, I played ’em twice, I thought they’d make a nice treat for the Spill in these hard times, so here we go. Listen to the lyrics, they really relate a lot of what was happening in Jamaica in the 60’s through the 80’s.

What the world needs now is a lot more reggae, Brexit, Trump, Climate change, Drought, Flooding and the burning landscape, and all the stress that comes with it,

Lighten up, move your legs, dance!



Paul Simon

Paul Simon has a new album coming out next week, I’ve listened to it and I think it’s great, his best since Graceland, it’s called Stranger to Stranger.  There’s a very interesting piece on the NPR website, the entire album plus an extended interview with him about his composing process, well worth a listen.

Here’s the title cut from the album : 

and here’s the interview: 



Does there seem to be a sudden epidemic of personalities dying young? It does seem so, I’ve grown used to seeing my generation take their leave but this is harder to take. I only ever saw Prince in performance once and it was I believe in the ’70’s, here he is:
Adios Amigo, Rest Peacefully.



                                                                                                                          PETER TOSH


I see there’s a piece about Peter Tosh on page one today.

When I drove my VW camper to Jamaica in 1982 I took loads of cassettes, mostly reggae. I found a beautiful beach in Ocho Rios  where the fishermen lived and worked and that place became my home for 3 months. I had outside speakers on my van and everyday the fishermen would congregate and we’d talk and play tapes. There was one tape that was requested literally EVERY day, it was the 1978 Peace Concert. I had a bootleg copy from the soundboard. After Bob had played and brought the 2 prime ministers together, Manley and Seaga shaking hands onstage, [remember, this was at the height of the bloodiest election ever]. Peter took the microphone and spoke directly to the 2 Prime Ministers and their government officials, the chief of Police was sitting next to Manley. He berated them in the most extreme manner for the way they treated black people and Rasta particularly in Jamaica, they could do nothing but sit and take it. Peter was later arrested and had his arm broken.

Whenever the fishermen congregated they always requested that tape and when it was finished they’d say ‘Play it again mon”, So I did. They couldn’t believe that anyone could speak to a politician like that and of course that tape was never available in Jamaica.

Courtesy of YouTube here’s a portion of that speech.


Bob_Dylan_-_The_Times_They_are_a-Changin-300x300When I was doing my radio show at KRCB Santa Rosa Ca. the station’s program director decided that we’d do a tribute to Dylan’s 50th. All the DJ’s would do a 2 hour program devoted to Bob, 12 straight hours on the Saturday, 8am ’til 8 pm plus me from midnight ’til 2am. My friend Roland Jacopetti and I decided to do a preview a couple of days before, we jointly put together a 3 hour program of Dylan covers. I engineered it, Roland hosted it.

I came across this tape of the final hour a couple of nights ago, I thought you might enjoy it.