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Dinosaur Shepherd

Our founder Saint Owsley & Little Ergot

The Asafareans (Ancient Mystical order of the Revered Dinosaur – Lahontan Branch) are once again holding their Memorial Day fundraiser concert at the Fillmore. An over zealous member has booked 11 bands with only 10 spots available. Won’t you, our parishioners, would be parishioners or even barely interested pagans please help us by picking one band to headline & one to go on next years list of hopefuls. Be gentle they’re all great folks &  just want to help others get their freak in order. Remember – Dinos are fond of a large aural space to frolic in so if you have speakers with a large set of woofers it’ll make them smile.  Play thingy on this side to listen to in a blissfully unaware state or play thingy with playlist for those impatient for knowledge on the other side.  Click gently so you don’t disturb the dinos.

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Bay Area Boys

Oakland’s Tumbleweed Wanderers

I  want to share a little new Bay Area music with all of you.   Tumbleweed Wanderers first album ,  So Long , comes tagged as Country & Folk.  I’d say that’s boxing them in.  Their video release of Roll With The Times starts with them shamelessly invoking a Sly & The Family Stone lick to great effect .   Well, that’s neighborhood music for these Oakland boys & I say more power to them.  Know your roots.

They’re fresh off a tour supporting  Australian Angus Stone & already talking new music.  Love the idea of moving it forward.  Here’s a couple of tunes that tickled my fancy.  Hard Times for it’s use of the banjo to set the mood and So Long Blues for it’s fine vocal harmonies & understated instrumentation.  Kinda reminds me of the Dillards.  Full disclosure, the keyboard player is a close friend’s nephew & I got to meet a couple of them when they did the music for her daughter’s wedding a while back.  Nice lads all & I’m wishing them well.  Click on the player for a listen.


A favorite view for years. Looking down into Washoe Valley.

A Perfect song?  Seems to be the consensus there’s no such thing.  I’ll posit though there might be perfect moments ( or as near we humans get).  And isn’t it glorious when that fleeting moment has a soundtrack?  I’ve skied to music for 30 years or so now & each year I start out with a review of last year’s playlists.  I used to have to do this on tape but digital has made it so much easier.   It occurred to me – big bright light this – Hey!  There’s a post’s worth.  So I’ve reduced it down to the required 11 & offer it up for dissection.  Each one of these tunes has provided me with a moment of exaltation that hopefully can be tapped for future use.  When I’m drooling into my own nappy maybe they can point my chair to the mountains, strap on the headphones & I’ll be able to press replay in my head.  So what makes a good ski tune?  Fluid energy, tightly constructed music, lyrics that don’t get in the way & something that can withstand repeat listens usually.  Got a favorite athletic or physical song (hopefully both) ?   Offer it up!  The mountains are calling.  Rules:  Raise one to the summit & leave the other in it’s own sitzmark.  Prime Spill points to the she or he who guesses the all time champion.  List on the other side.

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Spill Challenge #987654-321? What? WHAT?

Noticed there wasn’t a current Spill challenge up so I thought offer this for Wednesday’s entertainment. Let’s look for songs by a favorite artist that don’t fit their usual M.O. If Amy has the Stones doing Gregorian chants I’m calling game over. The farther from what made them famous the better. We all know the rules by now so feel free to break ’em.

The Saga of Steamboat Archipelago

Cormorant in upscale neighborhood of the Truckee

Hi, all.  I’ve done a kinda lengthy write up of birds on my local river.  To ease the time here’s a cut I’ve listened to dozens of times this summer while riding my bike.  I’m addicted to my instrumentals playlist for biking. This comes from Renaud Garcia-Fons, who I stumbled upon during the water topic & is now a Fintan household favorite.  See you after the break.


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The Spill Weekly Song Challenge #15 – Generations

I’m sure most if not all of us have favorite songs or artists that came to us via someone of another generation. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, sons & daughters more than likely have contributed to our musical tastes.  Could be even an older or younger co-worker.  What I’m looking for though is a little more focused.  Songs that someone of another generation has tried to get you interested in & you initially brushed them off.  Could be it was a new musical form you weren’t ready for,  or an old one you ignored ’cause it didn’t seem hip enough.  Maybe you were just too damn busy to pay attention.  Then, bam, one day something clicks & you slap yourself for missing out on something good. Let’s have your grudging best.   There it is & for form’s sake we’ll use 20 years or so as a measure of generations. By now we all know the rules – First past the post owns the artist for that week.  Post ’em if you got ’em.

Far West Coast Social 2011

Marconius7, Fintan28 & Tincanman weigh in on meaty matters

Saturday July, 23 2011 , the first ever (and hopefully not the last) Far West Coast mini-social was held in Maple Ridge, Canada with Marconius7 & the lovely Mrs. Marconius acting as our gracious hosts. It was a gorgeous Canadian evening complete with fine food, excellent beer, scintillating conversation & semi-competent Guitar Hero.

Fintan, Marco & Tin bite into Tears For Fears

A grand time was had by all.  Tinnie tried out for the BC Lions Cheerleading squad.

You should have seen the leg kicks.

Fintan had a major Ginkgo Biloba moment.

Check out that concentration

Marco was caught planning world conquest in his underground lair.

Hmmm? 10 DC5 listings in one week might be obvious

And all 3 found new careers as newscasters for a famous website.

The crack 'Spill news team hard at work

Photos by Mrs. Fintan. Butchered artwork by Fintan28.