Thirteenth Birthday Singles Chart


I am listening to Lauren Laverne on BBC 6Music and she has Bill Drummond on her Memory Tape feature. His take on this is all about getting older, forgetfulness and the slide into dementia. It follows on from a previous Memory Tape by Hannah Peel, whose selection of music was built around her experiences with dementia, a central theme of her latest album Awake But Always Dreaming

Here is a link to the piece on Lauren’s site –

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Tuesday night family tree challenge #12

OK, so it is Wednesday morning, but I was a bit busy yesterday and forgot the challenge.

This week I am once again going for a name that people might not immediately recognise, but if you Google for a picture of her, I am pretty sure that most of you will know who she is.

Anyway, this week, my featured starting point is Claudia Fontaine and here she is performing some lovers rock back in 1981;

There is a playlist here which will hopefully work.


Tuesday night family tree challenge #11

Last week’s challenge seemed to stump everyone, so this week I am going unashamedly populist.

Allegedly the only teenage footballer ever to turn up to play for Man City wearing eyeliner, he is one of the best-known musicians to emerge from the 1980s indie boom.

We all know him, he is Johnny Marr. He’s played with loads of people, so finding links is surely going to be easy.

Here is a track from his 2013 solo album, The Messenger.

Here is a link to the playlist

Tuesday night family tree challenge #10

This week I am picking someone who is not particularly known as a solo artist, although she has released a few solo albums, but who is a major session musician and has featured in the music of many artists.

Her instrument is the bass guitar, although she also plays guitar and clarinet. Here is a photo of her with David Bowie and she is Gail Ann Dorsey.

Here is a track from her solo album “I Used To Be…..”

The playlist is here, and will open in a new window.

Tuesday night family tree challenge #9

Apologies for lateness! This was supposed to be here last night but I was a bit busy yesterday and forgot to schedule it.

Anyway, last week I said that I had two candidates for the challenge and ended up tossing a coin. Therefore this week the challenge concerns last week’s losing artist.

The person I am offering up this week is someone who is surely known to everyone, because he was a member of one of the world’s biggest bands. He was also a session musician who played on a huge number of 1960s hit records and albums by all kinds of people. He doesn’t really need any more introduction because he is Jimmy Page.

There shouldn’t be any shortage of people and bands to link to this week and lots of different types of music too.

Here he is with The Yardbirds performing an early version of a song that became a live classic with Led Zeppelin.

As usual, there is a YouTube playlist, which is here and which will open in a new tab.

Tuesday night family tree challenge #8

So, my thanks to Ali for looking after the trees for a couple of weeks. I must catch up with the music when I get the time.

Anyway, I had two candidates for this week but I couldn’t make my mind up who to pick, so in the end I tossed a coin. The loser will feature next week,unless someone else pops into my head.

This week’s starting point is a real virtuoso, someone who has played with a huge variety of different musicians and bands but who has always set amazingly high standards and stretched what can be done with the electric (and acoustic) guitar. I don’t think he will be to everyone’s taste but there are clear links via some of the bands he’s played with to other acts who might be more mainstream. The world is your mollusc, as the late Terry Pratchett used to have his characters say in the Discworld novels.

Anyway, my choice this week is the jazz-fusion guitarist Allan Holdsworth.

Here, to kick things off is a track from the 1975 album “Bundles” by Soft Machine.

Hopefully I’ve got the hang of links to the playlist now, so here it is. The link should open in a new tab.