Tuesday night family tree challenge #5

This week will be the last of these challenges for a while, unless someone else wants to pick them up, as I will be off on holiday for a couple of weeks.

This week, I am going with someone whose music I have enjoyed ever since I first heard him on John Peel’s BBC1 late night radio programme back in the early 1970s.

He released several solo albums, played with a huge number of different people and was one of the founding members of  Soft Machine. He gave up the music business in the 1990s but did get back into action in the mid 2000s, releasing one final album. He died in his sleep at his home in France in 2013 and he is the late, great Kevin Ayers.

To start things off, here is the title track from his third solo album, Whatevershebringswesing

And here is a link to the playlist. Fingers crossed that it will work first time.

Tuesday night family tree challenge #4

This week, we are taking a couple of steps forward in time, and looking at an artist who came to prominence, well relative prominence, in the period after punk erupted into the public consciousness. This person emerged from the New York No Wave scene in the band Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and she is ……………….. Lydia Lunch.

Here she is with a track from her 1982 album 13:13

There should be plenty of links to other people this week, and hopefully something for everyone (or maybe not). She can be hard work sometimes but she has worked with a huge number of people.

Here is one link to the playlist

And here is another one

Hopefully one or the other will work.

Tuesday night family tree challenge #3

Here is the third of the challenges that I said I would do. Not sure if Blood, Sweat and Tears was a great choice last week, so I’ve been thinking about who might offer up a bigger range of possible links.

Anyway, to get the playlist link out of the way, here is one link that might work and here is another one.

So, on to the artist I have chosen.

He was someone who was part of the 1960s blues scene right from its earliest days, working with Alexis Korner, Cyril Davies and later with Steampacket and Bluesology. This week’s artist is the late Long John Baldry.


To get things going, here he is performing “Walk Me Out In The Morning Dew”

Tuesday night family tree challenge #2

This is the second of the initial three challenges I said I’d post.

Once again, post a track by a band or artist that has a link to the original nomination, or one of the linked nominations that others post.

This week I am going to the USA and looking at one of the most influential bands operating in the area where pop, blues, soul, R ‘n’ B and jazz crossed over. Laydeez and Gennulmen! I give you  Blood, Sweat and Tears!!!!!!!


I have created a playlist on YouTube, fingers crossed that one or the other of these links will work;

Here is one link

And here’s another

I’ll start off with this track;

Tuesday night family tree challenge #1

OK, so we all know what Pete Frame’s Rock Family Trees are, don’t we? Well, as I suggested on the final Spillyear challenge, this is pretty much a rip off from that.

The idea is simple. Each week, the initial post will suggest an artist or band, illustrated with a track by them and all you have to do is post a comment. You should;

  1. Make sure your artist has some kind of a physical link to the original or to one of the preceding artists or bands.
  2. Explain what the link is.
  3. Include the name of a song or piece of music by the person or band you are nominating as your link.
  4. Add the song to the YouTube playlist for that week.

I will set up a playlist for each week.

So, we will start with something fairly easy and, hopefully popular with as many people as possible. So, this week the featured artist is Bert Jansch.

The track I am offering up is a live version of the track “Fool’s Mate” from his 2000 album Crimson Moon

The playlist is here



BBC 6Music comes to Bristol

Some of you may know that the annual BBC 6Music Festival is coming to Bristol next weekend.

Now, this is a really exciting thing for me, because I live in Bristol and the local music scene is something of which we should all be proud. Bristol has thrown up a huge range of different sounds over the decades; rock, jazz, reggae, punk, post-punk and, of course trip-hop.

Also, I have tickets for the Sunday afternoon and evening to see John, Grant, Laura Marling, Blue Aeroplanes, Julia Holter and Guy Garvey, amongst others.

Anyway, to celebrate the huge variety and inventiveness of Bristol’s music here is a playlist (which will hopefully open in a separate tab) of fairly randomly chosen tracks, all of which were released in the decades since I first came to the city which I am happy to call home.

The tracks are;

The Blue Aeroplanes – Jacket Hangs
The Pop Group – We Are All Prostitutes
Rip Rig + Panic – You’re My Kind of Climate
Portishead – Glory Box
Gary Clail – These Things Are Worth Fighting For
Martina Topley-Bird – Need One
Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy
Tricky – Hell Is Round the Corner
Roni Size – Brown Paper Bag
Way Out West – The Gift