GueRRilla Readers Recommend Songs About… Survival


Hello and welcome to this first memo from the (Soon-to-be Continuity) Provisional Council of the RR Community, I will be your guest guru for this week’s topic.

In the words of Andrew Scott’s Jim Moriarty in Sherlock the most pressing issue anyone can face is “…our problem, the final problem. Staying alive!” With the future of Readers Recommend hanging in the balance, and amid some wonderful suggestions from the community for this week’s topic, I couldn’t help but decide on survival after a quick check of the Marconium.

And this is a very rich seam of music, from songs about feeling bad and getting better, surviving natural disasters, getting through tough times and having near-misses with death, the history of music is filled with songs that fit this rubric, so have at it!

This is a backup copy of the writeup that has been posted in the RR Favourite Songs & Playlists. If the Graun closes comments on that thread, move to here.
If no solution to RR’s future has been found by next week, we will be continuing the game there or on the ‘Spill.
Results will be posted there at 8pm UK time next Thursday in anticipation of a new topic being posted at 10pm. If comments are closed here results will be posted on the ‘Spill. If anyone has any queries email me at angryirishpunkATgmaildotcom


Reintroduction and a big pile of music

Hi all,

For those of you who have joined the RR community since my hiatus began, I’m angryirishpunk, usually known as aip or Punky. For those of you who remember me: hi guys, I’m back!

After an incredibly hectic year I was looking forward to getting more involved in RR again in January, but with that plan potentially scuppered I figured I’d move my schedule forward a bit and reintroduce myself here on the ‘Spill.

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Punky’s Miscellany #16: Sociopathic Lovesick Rainbow Blues, With A Side-Order Of Thesis And A Garnish Of Debating, or, My Absence In A Nutshell


Blimey, I really have a thing for wordy titles…


So the last time I was active on the ‘Spill, I posted a Miscellany whining about being dumped, did the ‘Spill game and as a result promised to unleash the more leftfield aspects of my CD collection on Pairubu, did another Miscellany announcing my imminent departure for a weekend in London and disappeared into the ether again… Amylee asked me on Facebook for a catching-up session in this week’s Miscellany, so here goes!


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