A Series Of Tubes


Herbaliser – Worldwide Connected
Brian Eno – Bottomliners
Data – Global Information
Gnarls Barkley – Online
Quarion – I Found You On Facebook
Oh No Ono – Internet Warrior
Robert Palmer – I Dream Of Wires

Early Years – All Ones And Zeros
Jim Noir – Computer Song
Peter Broderick – It Starts Hear
Damon & Naomi – Information Age
JD Meatyard – Myspace Star
King Creosote – Spystick
Mountain Goats – Surrounded

23 thoughts on “A Series Of Tubes

  1. It is insane isn’t it. I just listened to the first three so far, whilst washing up (a nice one-click playlist really helps) and they’re all great tunes.

  2. great tunes – sir. finally got around to spinning them – after stupidly making myself listen to the whole nominated list this week ( I had to prove to myself that this wasn’t a worthless task – or thin pickings, as Shiv would say – I might as well have taken the job on for amy).

    actually more chilled than a normal shoey list – and nothing wrong with that – afraid I beat you to Jim Noir – Damon & Naomi are the other half of Galaxie 500 aren’t they? – I have albums by all of them in various guises. Really enjoyed it. and the theme – and really glad a few others had a little bit of fun too.

    I stupidly forgot this – starts singing 1.30 – “I’m watching my screen all day, for a message from a far off place” joy div dance music is always good.

    I say I stupidly forgot it – I’m one of the backers for his new album – big headslap – I love the internet – you can bypass normal record labels totally – and get even more stuff for the same price as buying the album:
    Whitey – G.I.R.L

    • yeah, he got beat i think to Robert Palmer and JD Meatyard too, (and maybe King Creosote, can’t remember) but didn’t want to say anything…Magic got beat to a bunch too…

      • bloody shit theme – so few songs – everyone ends up repeating each others tracks – if Chinny hadn’t gone all Carly Simon on me – it would have been well tedious.***

        *** that needs a winking/smiling emoticon doesn’t it?

      • I have to confess i went on about that copyright and apple stuff hoping to goad you into a rant – damn i’m good.

      • Oopsy again, will try to pay more attention Annoyed to be beaten to Mr Vanderslice – he’s a Florida boy FFS.

      • I thought of ‘Time travel is lonely” for Mr. Vanderslice.
        ” And I’ll whisper you the code
        Of a helper application
        That you can download
        It’s called Remember
        Casue no one No one x4 Knows what happens next.

        … but because I’m a nice type of idiot – I left it – just in case you wanted it.

        … far to subtle for the boombastic yank at the helm, anyways. (I’m giving those smileys a battering this week, aint I?)

        I actually kept myself in check really with my rants – the copywrite/apple should be done as a post – but I’ll wait a bit – I use the internet differently, giving away my artwork – in an open source way – to link back to the t-shirt company – it’s on hold at the moment because I should be doing some exhibition pieces (but enthusiasm has drifted this year so far) and I just don’t know the best way to set up a shop for them. But it’s a real interesting subject – the rip offs from the big boys and the hunt for sales/earning a living for the small outfits (art music everything really) I will do a post soon.

        Your Arctic Monkeys mentions could have been expanded too – they used the internet for success – but mostly they were up on the new fangled Mobile phone culture of the time in their lyrics (pre internet on the phones – just foolish txt msgs) – another example would be the Teenagers – a French band that pinched their lyrics and artwork from the things that their fans posted on their website (this idea was also done pre internet by Sheep on Drugs – who got their fans to sent photobooth shots and cash to be on their record sleeves – I love low concept vanity theft – hee hee.
        There is a collection of Arctic Monkeys rare and B side tracks out that is raw and kicks arse – you’d appreciate it amy.

        Shiv’s exclamation that the real world (TM) has been discussing the fact that no songs are written about social issues will end up as a post too – the G ran an article proclaiming that and ended up with hundreds of examples… I’ll just use mine.

        But I try not to argue with everyone – I dislike the sound of my own typing – but there is a new post set up especially to have a go at Maki – if they used their ‘real pseudonym’ ( I like a good oxymoron) I would engage with them and discuss the fact that we all know maki is a bag of contradictions – the person that they reference “you have a knack (as one regular pointed out) of sneakily stirring things up when something has been said that ruffles your feathers” was the person who deliberately replied to everyone when the curator for the week said it gave them a migrane. (not the best example to hold up as a paragon of virtue) but also a decent person – who lapses.

        Oh boy they have been answered – *sigh*

        rants are us – over and out.

      • Shane –

        Bundled in with my new OSX 6 softeware was a sheet with a few Apple logo stickers on them. Now exactly wtf do they figure i’m going to do with those. Advertise their company for free by sticking them on my bike or camera or something. Some saddos probably do exactly that.

    • Oopsy – sorry about Jim, didn’t have a lot of time to play this week.

      This theme did throw up a lot of repeats, guess that’s going to happen a lot more going forward.

  3. Really enjoyed that Shoey. Quite the opposite happened with me to DaddyPig. The Herbaliser got me started on the washing up, but then, I just felt like having a brew and a ciggie and chilling out when the Eno track came on. I thought of No One Receiving earlier this week, but thought it maybe too much of a shoehorn, even tho the lyrics go: Nobody hears us when we’re alone in the blue future/
    No one receiving the radio’s splintered waves/In these metal ways/In these metal days.
    . A prophetic omen of the techno age maybe? Dunno.

    Well done for the Gnarls Barkley, which I have and didn’t think of. Love that Quarion tune, the Early Years, and JD Meatyard is a fuckin top tune (‘20,000 friends in my bedroom’) and reminds me a bit of the A3 Facebook.con tune I nommed,

    Thought I may be able to find a Lee Perry one this week, but all I could come up with was an unrelated reference to an internet browser: Chrome Optimism
    Nice tune tho.

    Well, best get me arse back into gear now. See ya!

  4. Liked this poppier collection a lot. My favourite was the Kraut rock groove of The Early Years. Will have to boost the economy by buying some of that. Paljon kiitoksia.

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