Up The Down Escalator


Echo & The Bunnymen – Going Up
Seam – Get Higher
Thee More Shallows – Proud Turkeys
Working For A Nuclear Free City – Rocket
Eels – Climbing To The Moon [Jon Brion Rmx]
Elbow – Weather To Fly
Hildur Gudnadóttir – Ascent
Joy Division – Insight

Harry Beckett – Rise & Shine
Mountain Goats – Transcendental Youth
Soundcarriers – Rise And Fall
Beloved – Up, Up and Away
Shriekback – Everything That Rises Must Converge
Underworld – Push Upstairs
Shelley & Devoto – Can You See Me Shining?
Flobots – Rise

40 thoughts on “Up The Down Escalator

  1. Wouldn’t be surprised to find E&tB, TMS, Eels, Hildur Gudnadóttir, Beloved and Flobots on the list. Also love Everything that Rises Must Converge but I prefer the PWEI version, but not by much. Cheers.

    • There you are Fuel! Don’t know if you saw my comment on AIP’s post, but I’ve missed you on RR. I understand your pissed offness, and good on you for taking a stand against the Guardian shite-holes, but just want you to know I miss my friend from Finland and his lovely music.

      Shoey. Will give some tunes on this list a spin, coz I’ve been able to listen to a little more music lately. I know a few of these so I’ll check out some of the ones I don’t know. Bee back x

      • Hi wilemena, it’s nice to have been missed. Missed you when you were away for a bit. I’ve skimmed through the comments and clicked recommend on a couple of your stompers and checked that Husker Du’s “Floated Away” and Thea Gilmore had been nommed.

        BTW. It’s not a stand against The G, but more that I’m so pissed off at them that I can’t be bothered to comment anymore. I doubt they’ll miss my input. This is how I feel about them.

        My big shouts would have been Brother “D” and Collective Effort – How We Gonna Make the Black Nation Rise; Active Child – In Your Church at Night; Ride – Seagull; Meat Puppets – Climb.

        Nothing new there, but I’m having fun exploring the back of beyond of the Finnish music scene.and some of the Korean sounds I found through Ubu and Sakura and a newish US band called White Birds.

        Anyway, I might do an blog post now and then instead. I’ll be around. See you x.

      • Ok Fuel, i think i’m boycotting along with you now. I was supposed to be guru this week, and had put in for the time off work, and it turns out that Adam had double booked, and someone else is this week. I’m done with it i think.

      • Bloody hell! I’m really sorry to hear that. I won’t say anything other than I wish I could take you out for a few drinks and some good food and try to help you laugh it off.

      • I’ll still lift a glass with you Fuel, and i have some nice hot Moo Shi here too. But Punky has a thread now – guess we can rant on there.

    • Didn’t get to nom Flobots in time, so doubt that’ll grace the list.

      Enjoying the tunes you sent – language barrier not getting in the way at all. Cheers.

  2. Love the Thee More Shallows tune. That dirty bass pedal noise thingy is fuckin awesome!

    I can only listen to that Eels album sporadically coz it upsets me (soft arse) but this is a nice subtly orchestrated remix and gives it a little uplift somehow.

    The Hildur Gudnadóttir one is serenely darkly floaty (I’m not very good at technically deconstructing music and tend to just put adjectives to them that spring to mind sorry).

    Insight is one of my absolute faves from JD, so top marks for that. Strangely enough it reminds me of the EAtB tune here. Is that just me, or do you hear that too?

    Thanks Shoey. Great chilling on the couch with Stan curled up warm and cosy next to me music (if a little dark ‘n’ deep, which suits me Sir too). Will listen to some more laters x

    • Great that you’re getting back to listening mode, Wills.

      Insight always reminds me of the closing titles to Angel Heart – possibly more of a descent than a rise, but what goes up…..

      • Good point re Angel Heart, and lifts being a big feature in it and all.

        Even tho the song seems a bit depressing, personally I find it ‘elevating’ (soz bad pun). Like one of them lightbulb moments of awakening/perception when everything just clicks. Summat like that anyway.

      • Agree completely. “I’m not afraid anymore” . Unfortunately, this was another nom that went un-nommed.

  3. Hiya Fuel. Glad I caught you. Cheers for the recommends chuck. I did have you in mind a lot this week so glad you checked in to check some out. Yes, the Thea Gilmore (Shiv’s nom?) is lovely. Haven’t heard the Husker Du one, but will go have a listen.

    Just had time to listen to your link (know exactly how you feel) and also the Brother D and Collective Effort maybe nom, which is well funkin ace! I love the sampling of Cheryl Lynn in there. Top toon.

    I think you should put some topic playlists together on here a la Shoey and Shane, if not every week, when you can. Or other music that suits yer fancy. I would look forward to that pleasure a lot.

    Take care sweetheart, and lets look forward to the Springtime flowers bursting into new life 🙂

    • And take care yourself. Ah flowers! They’re listening to the sound of skis and skates overhead while waiting for the mild weather. x

      • Ah! Skiing and skating and love on a mountain top xxx

        btw. Check out this gals YT site. She goes by the name of kiddysoulgirl99 and sets all her tunes to dances from old films with brilliant synchronisation. She’s got tons of em too. I’ve been loving her site since I found her video to The Servicemen – Are You Angry on there.

      • That’s ace. There are some really good Northern Soul channels on there. I even like Levine’s site, even though some of the hi-energy stuff is not to my taste at all. RareMusicDirect has great uploads but no fancy images. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J492m-sGDkk

        D’oh. I am daft. I make Finnish music playlists for work listening all the time. This mostly dance and indie selection is the latest. The next will be guitars and metal and the one after will be Pekko Käppi style folk, when i get round to doing them. BTW Living in Finland means no ads on youtube for the sounds I like, so it works fine for me; I know it’s not the same for other countries.

      • I’ll keep a look out for your YT playlists. I keep saying I’ll get an account on there and upload some tunes, and respond to some, but not done dat yet. Love both them tunes. Wish I could grow my nails like that woman on Beverly Girl tune. Going thru a bitting nails and skin till they bleed phase meself (bad habit that flares up now and again) and keep getting told off by Mark as it upsets him! Must try to relax more.

      • Oh and I’ve done naff all today, keep popping in here for lovely distractions. Was supposed to go do a big shop as the cupboards are bare. but looks like it’s egg on toast for tea. Baaad housewife me ha ha

      • Would love some of your tunes on a YT list. Must knock off now and do some proper work. See you, Baaaad Housewife! Now that is a future TV series.


      • Amy ha ha ha. Pusherman’s on holiday, but still wanking like a guddun. Although Mark’s been off work a bit, so getting some good flesh and blood lovin too 😉 I’m alright, just need some sunshine I reckon.

    • Donds for more Fuel ‘Spills.

      Philosophically speaking, isn’t not playing RR because of The Guardian a bit like refusing to Spill because you don’t like WordPress? The Guardian isn’t affected, but it is a loss for those of us who play RR to be reminded of & introduced to good stuff.

      • Donding your dond for more Fuel Spills. (Fuel- i’m here for you on the tech front if you need it.)

        Shoey –

        It’s not just the format stuff though. The Graun deleted one of his posts on the cricket threads and then used the info for another piece. That’s not cool.

      • Cheers, Amy. It was a football thread, I think the cricket guys are very good. I was more upset about the way they must have deleted the post without even reading the content. The fact that the info then appeared in altered form the next day in a related article just pissed me off. Although, that could have been coincidence. It was uncool.

      • Fuel –

        If you’re interested, i left some instructions on how to set up the new Spill player on Panther’s thread.

  4. I knew I could rely on Shiv for that and happyclapper for the Du.

    Brother D is ace. Hoped Shiv might put that one forward as I know he also likes it.

    You may well get your wish on the playlist but Shane and Shoey do them so well already. BTW. Took me four weeks to send a few tunes Shoey’s way so don’t hold your breath on the playlists, even then I couldn’t be bothered to mp3 them from wma. I am a lazy sod 😀

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