Best of the Best


I’ve been on my sickbed today (don’t worry, nothing serious, just a bit fluey) so I dragged the portable turntable into the living room and have been listening to a few things I haven’t listened to in a while.

I was just taking in a Fatcat Records compilation double album (“Across Uneven Terrain – 1997-1999”) and thinking how great it was (erm…if you like experimental minimalist electronica) and then I realised just how few COMPILATION albums I own. It’s probably less than ten and I only listen to a few of them regularly. I suppose it’s all linked with my fear of ‘shuffle’ and the pleasure I get from the arc of a well put together album, but I can’t help thinking that I’m missing out on something.

Shane mentioned the 50 Years of African Independence mammoth comp. recently, which I’ve been delving into with what I can find online, and I know there are the classics like Nuggets and C86 (which Blimpy Spilled a couple of years ago), but would love some more recommendations for decent comps to get my teeth into.

*NOT ‘Greatest Hits’ albums and not self-compiled mixtapes (although they usually are the best!).

Spill Challenge – something has to go


Well, it’s not every day I post a selection of my drawers on the ‘Spill. Plenty more where these came from – annoyingly you can’t really fill to the back of the drawers because if you pull them out too far they fall on your foot.

You know the drill by now – 11 pieces of music, which one will you cast to the wind? This week they are all instrumental, which makes it slightly harder, I think. Stop trying to read the titles on those cassettes, and get cracking!

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Punky’s Miscellany Week Five: I Really Shouldn’t Know This… But I Do

Before I begin, I’d like to take a moment to comment on the RR discussion thread I started a few days ago. I think a post-deadline discussion of RR’s future on the blog is an excellent idea, and hopefully it’ll generate some discussion. Now, on with the show…

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Earworms 25 February 2013

Greetings earwormers, on this wonderful Monday morning – of course it’s wonderful, it’s my birthday – “17 in Kilmarnock (never gonna be there again)” – thanks, Eddi. This week, we have five cover versions and some Herefordshire Americana. Thanks to all our contributors, and keep them wriggling to earworm@tincanland.

Apologies if I’m slow to respond to comments, young’un is in and out of hospital at the mo so I’m dipping into the ‘Spill when I can.

Joel Frederiksen – Northern Sky
Normally I would run a mile from ‘crossover’ but these fellas’ voices are melted-chocolatey-gorgeous. Classical musicians covering The Holy Nick Drake? On an album interspersing Renaissance music with Nick Drake songs it works surprisingly well. – DebbyM

Eddi Reader – Never Going Back Again (Queen of Scots)
I’ve nominated this more than once on the mothership. I think it’s brilliant; Eddi relates her move south to England and manages to work in a Fleetwood Mac song both as subject and as part of the narrative. It sounds nice, too. – Zala

Jim Moray – Big Love
I am rather fond of the unexpected cover version. I’m also rather fond of slightly unconventional folk artistes. I think this covers both bases. – Zala

Kathryn Williams – In A Broken Dream
Elegantly spare cover of the 1972 Python Lee Jackson/Rod Stewart classic. I like the original, but I like this too. – Ali

Misers – I Got A Woman
The Misers and I are now big friends so, in case you like them too, here’s a country-tinged one from the new album that’s been going round in my head quite a lot lately. Can a Herefordshire boy sing Americana? You betcha. – tfd

Communards – Don’t Leave Me This Way (Harold Melvin cover)
Jimmy Somerville gets short shrift for his falsetto and to some this cover is a sacrilege, but you’re dancing and singing along aren’t you? – tincanman

A Series Of Tubes


Herbaliser – Worldwide Connected
Brian Eno – Bottomliners
Data – Global Information
Gnarls Barkley – Online
Quarion – I Found You On Facebook
Oh No Ono – Internet Warrior
Robert Palmer – I Dream Of Wires

Early Years – All Ones And Zeros
Jim Noir – Computer Song
Peter Broderick – It Starts Hear
Damon & Naomi – Information Age
JD Meatyard – Myspace Star
King Creosote – Spystick
Mountain Goats – Surrounded

We’re Computerizing and We Just Don’t Need You Anymore


This has been totally fun for me – I love a playlist I have to work at – and I completely understand how it doesn’t connect for others .. I hope there’s some tracks to entertain in here.

There’s more bleep freak tunes than I’d normal put on the’spill (I haven’t gone overboard – I could have just swapped the playlist with tracks made using 8-bit sounds really annoying the hell out of people who like traditional instruments)…
I’ve included a good smattering of different genres to even it out, not too sure about the musicians colours, as I don’t have a Pantone chart set up for the artist skin tones.
Most tracks are bang on – internet themed – others are subtle – but I believe the lines about the internet are pertinent and important to my feelings for the song.
There’s not a single track that I think are ‘not up to scratch’ with my normal nominating (personal) taste. In fact, tracks 22-61 are all sadly left out because I do try not to bore everyone on here.

I hope there is something to entertain and it’s not a whole: abort – retry – fail.
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