It was a bright cold day on the ‘spill, and the clocks were striking 13…


My 11 most played albums of ’12 in ’13.

My end of year round up is now turned into the ‘spill game:
you know the score DUMP one (or all of them – see if I care)

It’s pop and it’s fun – don’t take it too seriously.
Remember, they are my most played – I’m not claiming they will change the world – I just liked them.

Band names in BOLD – for those who believe I make stuff up:

1 Stroke My Curls The Dodoz Forever I Can Purr 2012
2 Cuka (feat. Ikonoklasta) Batida Batida (feat. Mck, Circuito Feixado, Ikonoklasta, Beat Laden 2012
3 The Empty Man Whitey Lost Summer 2012
4 Genevieve Stealing Sheep Into The Diamond Sun 2012
5 Horn For The Whole Damn World Lazarus and the Plane Crash Horseplay
6 Passenger Emily Wells Mama 2012
7 Kevlar Sweethearts Diablo Swing Orchestra Pandora’s Pinata 2012
8 Be Strong (Blakkat Remix) The 2 Bears Be Strong (Deluxe Edition) 2012
9 Rat-at-at The Skints Part & Parcel 2012
10 Clap Hooded Fang Tosta Mista 2012
11 Circus Sunday Driver The Mutiny 2012

41 thoughts on “It was a bright cold day on the ‘spill, and the clocks were striking 13…

  1. First impressions:

    1 Stroke My Curls The Dodoz
    Nice thumpy, shouty, twangy, broken-hearted stuff. Just how I like it. It’s a keeper.

    2 Cuka (feat. Ikonoklasta) Batida(feat. Mck, Circuito Feixado, Ikonoklasta)
    Cute, energetic and bonkers. Angolan, huh? (I had to look it up. I had no idea what language they were speaking.) Keeper.

    3 The Empty Man Whitey
    Lovely, a fine meshing of lounge piano with more edgy indie and shimmery seaside sunshine pop. Not crazy about the drum machine. It’s prominent so it’s making a statement. A lovely mismash. Keeper.

    4 Genevieve Stealing Sheep
    It’s interesting but it’s not grabbing me particularly, but it’s inoffensive, so it’s not for the scrapheap.

    5 Horn For The Whole Damn World Lazarus and the Plane Crash
    Oh yeah, LOVE IT! I loved your LATPC song on the festive top 3 and I checked them out. It’s on my list to buy. Keeper.

    6 Passenger Emily Wells
    It is interesting. Love the violin and the drum, but it’s still not grabbing me. I’d have to hear more, but it’s not a throwaway.

    7 Kevlar Sweethearts Diablo Swing Orchestra
    Just getting into the DSO. This is over the top, dramatic, mariachi influenced, lovely strings, great vocals. Lovely. Keeper.

    8 Be Strong (Blakkat Remix) The 2 Bears
    Yep. Even the drum mach. is bearable (groan!). I couldn’t take too much of it though. Keeper.

    9 Rat-at-at The Skints
    Very clever. Haven’t heard punky reggae ska hip hop in well, ever – is that what it is?LOVE IT. Will check out. Keeper.

    10 Clap Hooded Fang
    I’m up dancing (or I would be if I wasn’t on my back with the laptop on my stomach as I type). Fun. Keeper.

    11 Circus Sunday Driver The Mutiny
    Ooh. Exotic sounds. Some very unusual instruments. And it’s catchy. Another to check out. Keeper.

    There’s nothing here to get rid of. I really liked your choices Only one complaint: too much homework, shane.

    Thanks. Much appreciated.

    • Paperwork is saying that my finances dictate that I will have to get (yet another) proper job – instead of working for everyone for the fun of it – grrr.
      (If only I had some profits to divert via a small country to gain a living wage)

      oh well.

      Not all the albums are 100% successful – but are in the most part FUN – with a higher proportion of ‘good tracks’ to ‘okay tracks’ ratio. Have fun with your homework.

  2. Without listening – which will probably have to wait until after the holidays and I am no longer family DJ playing shitBACKSPACEpopular songs by request for family members 24/7 – I can tell you Lazarus and the Plane Crash & Emily Wells are staying because I’ve been listening to both since the Festives posts. (Some Emily I stick with because it comes recommended and I want to give it fair chance. Lazarus is an instant new fave)

      • Parenting pleas for shorter holidays, eh – teachers have unions for a reason – that’s to make sure parents realise how much STRESS their lives are every bloody school/work day. If I worked all week in a room with 30 of the angels – I’d be screaming for even more holiday.

        (obviously that’s other peoples children and not the ‘perfections themselves’ ‘spill offspring)

  3. Coo, look at all those bloggers wot we don’t (yet) know who like the post! Hello folks!

    Right, here goes…

    The Dodoz?! You’ve totally made them up, shane… Think I like the blokey singer/shouter more than the laydee. I’ll have to listen to this a few more times for it to get purchase on my ears/brain. But it reminds me of a not-Scottish Prolapse a little bit, so for that alone I am prepared to like it. Good clean ending too. Keep.

    Batida: What fun! Where are this lot from then? Love it.

    Whitey: Not grabbing me as much as the others so far. But interesting enough not to jettison.

    Right, break for Celebrity Mastermind (a contradiction in terms, if ever I’ve heard one – the question setters certainly seem to think so). Don’t judge me – there’s cack-all else on. Back for the rest in a bit.

  4. 1. Banshees/Magazine style new guitar and mid-1980’s alt-rock sounds. I want to know more.
    2. Brilliant. Wonderful pop music.
    3. Didn’t connect the first time round but the second time it snuck into my subconscious and is now lodged there.
    4. Not got me yet.
    5. Just love the way some bands and artists are messing with genres and coming up with such fun sounds and lyrics
    6. See 5.

    Back later

    • 7. Love the metal flourishes in this. Great drama.
      8. Nommed this song knowing it wouldn’t be listed, but it is great. Stomping remix, too.
      9. Love her voice and also his accent, so natural. Another tune that mixes up so much and lifts from here, there and everywhere to make this such a fresh sound.
      10. Derranged, trashy rock’n’roll. Could listen to this all night, preferably on a fast night drive on an open road.
      11. She’s like an English-speaking Yona. High praise indeed cos Yona made my fave album of last year.

      4. Oh it’s very slinky, got it.

      Okay throw me another 11 and I might find something to chuck away.

      Batida are in the lead for the keeper’s spot but I think I’ll be putting them on a rotation policy with the other 10.

  5. Don’t have to comment on the individual tracks and don’t know which one I’d ditch. Clear winner, though – Sunday Driver!

    • Sunday Driver (UK)

      They are a Cambridge and London based 7-piece – mixing the best of British acoustic music with traditional Indian rhythms and melodies. Their line up comprises clarinet, tabla, drums, sitar, concert harp, guitar, vocals, and a pair of old dessert spoons.

      Dickensian multi lingual Kate Bush singing – some Art council and Fan based funding, to get records released – and a pay what you want ‘xmas goose song’ about the credit crunch – what more do you want?

      get a brilliant free track here:

  6. Right, where were we?

    Stealing Sheep: Hm, not so taken with this. Vocals a bit annoying. Sorry. Might be for the chop. The lamp chop. Aha aha aha. Sorry again.

    Lazarus and the Plane Crash: Much better. I’m grinning, my toes are tapping, I want to fiddle Mary’s canary.

    Emily Wells: Funny old accent. Interesting though – the right side of kooky. Keep.

    Diablo Swing Orchestra: Do you buy records based solely on the names of the bands, shane? These are almost all brilliant. Not sure I’d have described this as ‘swinging’ exactly, but it’s rather wonderful. In a slightly drunken way. You know how sometimes when you lie down and the room starts spinning… Keep. Obvs.

    2 Bears: Ah, I’ve heard of this pair! This sounds a bit too much like a late 80s 12″ dance remix to me. You know, overly loud drums, not enough musical backing, the odd squelchy noise, goes on too long… Reminds me of something like Bass-o-matic’s “Fascinating Rhythm”. Not “Fascinating Rhythm”, y’understand – just something like it. Good song, but I suspect I’d prefer the unremixed version.

    Pause for pudding…

  7. And the last three…

    The Skints: Hm, appropriately titled track. That’s some speedy delivery! Yeah, this is ace too. Like the Lily Allenish lass more than the geezerbloke. But skanks along nicely. Keep.

    Hooded Fang: What a cheery tune. Pleasingly inept vocal performance too. Slack’n’roll! Dig it. Keep.

    Sunday Driver: Yeah, like this too but being distracted by Marple. (You can judge me on that one.)

    Great, great tunes, shane. I think it has to be Stealing Sheep for the cull. As the least best to these ears. But really, all fab.

  8. Fuel and bishbosh – will add comments when I get some time – gotta do paperwork still – thanks for listening.

    I can obviously distract myself with idiot comments any time the urge takes.

  9. Oooh, thanks Shane – not too distracted I trust.

    The Dodoz – Good beat, like the guitar. Almost proggie in places. Keep.

    Batida – Bonkers and jolly. Keep. Absolutely no idea what they’re on about but it’s fabulosa, all right.

    Whitey – odd, pleasant enough, goes on too long but inoffensive.

    Stealing Sheep – ’80s sunny afternoon in a high-ceilinged Georgian flat overlooking the park. Nice.

    Lazarus and the Plane Crash – Ooooh yeah, baybee. Trying to do a Charlston or something here. Probably not a good idea.

    Emily Wells – hmm, a bit whiney and slow. Give her the flipping keys, FFS, perhaps she’ll shut up.

    Diablo Swing Orchestra – love the orchestra, less keen on the vocal but pretty good.

    The 2 Bears – Come back Emily, all is forgiven. Just don’t keep on.

    The Skints – Yeah, OK, keep.

    Hooded Fang – cheerful too. Keep.

    Sunday Driver – I like this but it reminded me of Joe Jackson and “Fools in Love” at the beginning. So I will be humming that for the rest of the night.

    So…. The 2 bears should be returned to the wood from whence they came. Thank you for a great selection.

  10. Hmm, might be able to warm up some 2012 leftovers for you to pick through & either consume or trash at your leisure. What’s the schedule look like?

    • no idea who, or when, the next proper 11 ‘set’ is due – amy’s the font of all knowledge here… I just jumped in because I should be doing tax returns and accounting for my dismal earnings for the year… and thought a round up of MY year might get more listens if attached to a spill game (sneaky huh) – I’d go for it… loving everyone disparate choices.

      • it’s been a shitty year, financially. Please return all my tax.

        Yours sincerely,


        That’s what GM, Apple et al do.

      • you have to earn at least 7 million pounds profit (a bad year) – before you can use that letter template –

        those of us scraping by … need extra tax added to make up for the politicians big business and bank buddies. .. it subsection 7873645473827611b – don’t you know?

  11. 1 The Dodoz
    French indie/alt new wave copyist – but copying perfectly – not to be mistaken for the Dodos (who are also brill) – car stereo music.

    2 Batida
    Samples from old 1970s Angolan tracks with bass heavy electronic dance music… pumping bliss (I’m told it’s political at times too – ‘live show features dancers, live samples, percussionists, MCs alongside visuals and images (both archive and new) of Angolan streets, war and fragments of tribal life’)

    3 Whitey
    In May of 2012, Whitey announced that he was done with “….ludicrously one-sided offers, arrogant A&Rs and hammering on closed doors”. His new album “Lost Summer” was suddenly released a week later, independently on Bandcamp… the day Donna Summer died – spookily.
    In December 2012, Whitey started a Kickstarter campaign to fund his seventh album “Bare Bones” – I think he’s brilliant.. just because he’s paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get him.

    4 Stealing Sheep
    My ‘First Aid Kit’ (I love FAK – but always question the accents in my head while listening – can’t help it – and it distracts me) Stealing Sheep are my late at night harmonious counting sheep before bed band.

    5 Lazarus and the Plane Crash
    Raw sex – in a strange village green kind of way.

    6 Emily Wells
    Glockenspiels, analog synthesizers, and toy pianos merging hip-hop and classical – a joy.

    7 Diablo Swing Orchestra
    perfect noise Swedish avant-garde metal band, mixing numerous influences from heavy metal, various metal subgenres including progressive and symphonic, classical music, and swing. love it.

    8 The 2 Bears
    for those that used to wake up in the afternoon to Mark and Lard – after clubbing all night at Slinky. Just me then.

    9 The Skints
    2tone and 70s/80s SKA were my introduction to music – those new bands that continue to mix politics and passion, get a listen in any year.

    10 Hooded Fang
    they swallowed a Nuggets box set and produced this album – fantastic.

    11 Sunday Driver
    clarinet, tabla, drums, sitar, concert harp, guitar, vocals, and a pair of old dessert spoons – mad vocals and a thrilling vocal style. Entertaining.

  12. Kids back at school, me back at work, finally getting a chance to listen… Loved this – just an awful lot of incredibly good FUN. Your more out-there choices almost never fail to bring a smile to my face. I keep meaning to investigate Emily Wells more. The Skints were great – her vocals in particular. But Hooded Fang was the one that made me instantly hit repeat – love the contrast between the ba-ba-ba energy of the music and the heroically laid-back vocals.

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