Fancy a dance ?


Dancing , of any form, is as alien to me as deep sea diving.
Can’t do it, won’t do it but I have to say that I admire a “good” dancer.
I’d just like to share a couple that I came across yesterday with everyone.
They are both from Japan ( shock !) and really , I think, rather special.

First up World Order- Permanent Revolution.

and secondly Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Furisodeshon ( I think !)

This one, I think, is really rather interesting as Kyary appears to be drinking rather a lot in the video, very unusual for a Japanese lady as far as I can tell with my limited experience of such things .
Perhaps a Japanese reader could enlighten me as to whether this is as unusual as I think it is.

‘Spill Game – Week # As If I Ruddy Know: “POP!” goes the worst one…


So last time I went all crowd-pleasey (or as crowd-pleasey as I can manage) with tasteful eclecticism. And this time… well, this time I’ve probably swung too far in the opposite direction and won’t be pleasing anyone whatsoever. Yes, folks, I’ve gone pop. Mainstream, well-known, pure and simple every time. Forgive me my synths, I know exactly what I do. Sadly…

Track and artist names (and a few short attempts at justification) after the jump…

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Punky’s Miscellany: Week One

After much deliberation late last year, I’ve decided to start a series of posts here on the ‘Spill. Inspired in part by Philip King’s (he of Scullion fame) weekly show on RTÉ Radio 1, South Wind Blows, I’m going to take anyone who decides to follow the series on a rambling journey through whatever the hell is interesting me at the moment. This could be music, books, films, life, interestingly-shaped clouds…

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Pop Art


Skalpel – Sulpture
Gay Dad – Art Since 1978
Cansei de Ser Sexy – Art Bitch
Art Brut – Modern Art
Rezillos – (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures
Swell Maps – H.S. Art
Mission Of Burma – Max Ernst
Blue Aeroplanes – Action Painting

Luxúria – Beast Box Is Dreaming
Regina Spektor – All The Rowboats
Breeders – When I Was A Painter
Allo Darlin’ – If Loneliness Was Art
Hush Sound – The Artist
Kills – I Call It Art
Felt – Primitive Painters

EARWORMS: A fork in the road, a knife to the heart, or a spoon something something

fork in the roadGreetings Earwormlings,
Wilemena has decided Jan. 28 will be her last as Earworms host, which provides a timely opportunity to review the series and its future. Please murmer amongst yourselves below.

I’ll be Mum in the meantime, and fresh Earworms will pop up Feb 5. I am moving house and look forward to reading your ideas when I get back.

One change I propose is swapping release days with amylee’s 11 to 10 (or whatever it is called). Earworms is six songs chosen for catchiness while the 11 require many extra listens.