Who knows where the time goes?



With apologies for anyone hoping for Sandy Denny, this is debbym smuggling a post in amongst the end-of-the-year outpourings to join RTJ’amy in wishing Shoey a Happy Birthday and to wish all of us a Happy New Year 2013 – may it prove even better than/be a 100% improvement on [delete as necessary] the past twelve months…

I would also like to say thank you to Shoey and Herr Hachi for organising the Festive Extravaganzas, to SR for being an excellent Lady of the Worms and to all RR’ers who’ve made welcoming noises in my direction – all very much appreciated!

A couple of weeks ago TheBoyWonder’s band was allotted a slot in a charity event in a little Hamburg club. The song that’s been posted on youtube is called Time, so I thought it might be appropriate to share it with you here. 


Happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “Who knows where the time goes?

  1. Happy new year, Debby, and to all other citizens of the spilldom. All your gracious remarks are well and truly donded.

    I look forward to watching the boy wonder when I get a decent signal!

    Now off to the fireworks…hic…

  2. Ich wunsche Ihnen einen guten Rutsch, Debby – oder sollen wir uns duzen? Wir haben uns am wenigsten vor drei oder vier Jahre kennengelernt…

  3. Hi Debby. Thanks for your kind comment about the worms, and for sending in some for 2013. Hopefully, we’ll see much more of you this year. Great clip of your boy – so handsome, too.

    Happy New Year

    • Thank YOU for the kind comments! I didn’t even realise the bloke with the posh camera was doing more than taking photos of the lads and I can’t get over the quality of the clip considering 😉

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