Happy Birthday Chris!

Sorry, no Dead tunes from me to you today. Not when you share a birthday with someone even cooler than Jerry.

Many happy returns and many more.

Anyone with any birthday tunes for Chris to critique, throw them on up here.

31 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Chris!

  1. shane’s ‘cope with it and hope it goes away’ is roughly my approach but that doesn’t prevent me from being quietly pleased that amy remembered. So, a big Thank You to her and to everyone else for their wishes and tunes. 60 is only a number, isn’t it?

  2. As my bad birthday behaviour got modded over there, I’ll state it here:

    I’d rather read 100 of Shoey’s borderline-offensive, ill-considered, pissed remarks than one po-faced lecture (let alone a string of them) anyday.

    • I saw it, and won myself a drink this evening with a spread bet on how long it would be before it got modded. I have a song for you, but can’t find it online yet.
      Back later . . .

    • Ill-considered covers it, especially as we’ve had some difficulties with these issues before. Quite bemused by the resulting turmoil, though – which probably does make me a bad person. Not quite sure how you managed to get modded & I didn’t?

      Anyway, hope you had a happy & here’s to many more.


  3. Happy belated Chris.

    I always enjoy your thorough critiques, attention to drum technique and your tireless championing of the ‘Dead. It must be working as I have to confess that one GD album did sneak it’s way into my collection this year !

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