Festive ‘Spill, 2012

2012 is winding down, so it’s time to look back & pick our favourite tunes of the year for our annual listening party – continuing a tradition established by the late John Peel & his Festive 50 broadcasts. A reminder of how our version works:

You can nominate 3 songs (New releases from 2012 (or late 2011, that missed the cut last year). Any ‘Spiller or Readers Recommender is welcome to participate.

Please rank your choices 1,2 & 3; #1 being your best of the best. We ‘Spillcast the results in three parts, starting with the #3’s on dates to be be determined – suggestions welcome in the comments for preferred broadcast dates.

Send your nominations to shoemail@cfl.rr.com.

The tricky part: In order to play the tunes, I need actual mp3’s of your choices. You can attach mp3 files to an e-mail (usually works best if you send one mp3 per e-mail).

You can also send a URL hotlink to an mp3, if it’s stored somewhere I can access it.

Those of you on Dropbox can use your private folder in Dropbox (the one called public). Add your file to the public folder. Right click on the file, select “copy public link” & paste into your e-mail. If you’re a DB expert, you can set up a new shared folder instead. Please don’t use the public RR folder as this will spoil the surprise.

You will get confirmation from me when I have received your votes & mp3 files. If using a hotlink, please leave the files where they are until you get the e-mail confirmation.

Nominations are on a first come basis. If one of your picks is already taken, I will let you know so you can make another one. Vote early if you want to avoid this.

Please take part if you can. Feel free to use the comments for any questions or suggestions.

20 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2012

  1. Thinking of annual traditions… Would anyone else like to curate the Spill Awards this year? I’ve done it for the last three years, so it may be time for a change.

    • I don’t wish to ignore your request, ‘Hach, but I’ll have to say ‘No’ myself. There’s no way I can spare it the time (in fact I’m beginning to brick it about what I already have lined up – I’m into the anti-panic breathing exercises before I even start!

  2. Hey folks. Seems my e-mail provider saw fit to shrink my mailbox quota (bastards!). Have fixed this now – but at least one of you had your mail bounce. Apologies – give it another go & it should work.

    Was wondering if we should open this up to the RR room by announcing it there. Don’t want to create a monster, but the RR community seems to have shrunk over the last year. Thoughts?

    Also, let me know when you want to post the final playlists.

  3. I’m only up to songs beginning with F – on my ‘letter a day, of the year’ countdown.

    Was about to send you artwork for the nomination post – just as this popped up – I always like a tombstone to cheer me up.

    We can wait until December now – if you want some for the final selection.

    Should be able to do a tee shirt update post this weekend (as long as the final one has reached The Netherlands and birthday dad announces himself)

    Better get listening.

  4. You’ll be the one who gets the extra workload, Shoey, but I would say yes, put out the invite to the new RR. Will send you an email anon.

  5. Despite best intentions, haven’t got to the admin for the first wave of suggestions yet – should get to it tomorrow before Mr Bazan comes to town.

    Keep ’em coming.

  6. Christ on a bike, after all the Savile stuff to come out over the last few weeks, couldn’t you pick a better header picture (& subject) for this thread?? I mean, it’s not like it’s not common knowledge or anything, it was “known” while I was still at school 30 years ago.

    I highly rate, and follow religiously “the Spill”, and note how you’ve managed to avoid controversy over the duration of my visiting, but this has not been especially well thought out people, really. One “Google” should be enough, if not, just add the word “allegations”.

    • Interesting way to introduce yourself. Would agree to disagree & prefer not to get into it, if that’s ok with you? Please feel free to stick around now you’ve broken your silence. Perhaps we can revisit this later once we’ve all got to know each other a little better.

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