Earworms 26 November 2012

1: Bruce Springsteen – Racing In The Streets (Acoustic Boot) ~ Tincanman

Springsteen’s Racing in the Streets is one of the saddest songs I know, and I’d argue his best. If he’d put the fiddle from this bootleg on the album version it’d be too painful to listen to. Bye bye career, sorry, all your fans have killed themselves.

2: Any Trouble – Playing Bogart ~ Treefrogdemon

Someone on the TP&TH Facebook page quoted the verse from this song that mentions TP, the other day. I love Any Trouble and I’ve known this song for years but I never noticed that…oops. This is the shorter, faster version.

3: The Pirates – Castin’ My Spell ~ RockingMitch

These were the 2nd set of Pirates and this was their first solo record in 1966. They took the song from a version by Johnny Otis and put a completely new spin on it. Originally, this and the A-side “My Babe” were to be recorded by Johnny, but they had laid down they backing track whilst he was away in the Midlands. Unfortunately, on his way back to London, he was involved in a fatal car smash, so Johnny Spence (aka Holliday) took over on the vocals. Mick Green’s guitar is superb, I think.

4: Punjabi MC (ft. Surinder Shinda) – Mirza ~ Chinny

I considered Mirza by Punjabi MC/Surinder Shinda for its bassline last week. Then decided it lacked a sufficiently pumping or memorable one. The song is an absolute belter, though. Its East-West mix is one of the sublimest I know. It’s just so damn epic and portentous! It’s like a really profound, Punjabi power ballad!

5: Hubert Von Goisen Und Der Original Alpinkatzen – Heast As Nit ~ Abahachi

“The young men have grown old, and the old ones have died…” A sad, beautiful song about the inexorable passage of time, albeit sung in an Austrian dialect and with added yodeling.

6: Death In Vegas – Amber ~ DarceysDad

I would call this hypnotic slab of electronic dub one of my all-time favourite songs to lose myself in, whether dancing to it (yes – me! Dancing!!) or lying in a darkened room chilling out.

Thanks for all the recent feedback and to those of you who are already sending your Holiday Earworm songs in.  I plan to post one playlist on Monday 17th December. If there are lots of submissions, I may schedule another. So let’s have ’em if you’ve got them. I’ll post a cut-off date in a couple of weeks.

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist or has sent them in to the wormbank. Please send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked to either earworm@tincanland.com or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

37 thoughts on “Earworms 26 November 2012

  1. A goodly set again, SR!
    Bruce Springsteen – One of those you either like or don’t. I’m in the like camp. This is very good indeed.
    Any Trouble – Yeah. Not heard (of) them before. Good rockin’ sound.
    Pirates – Mine. Just to say the “Johnny” who was killed was Kidd, not Otis (in case of confusion).
    Punjabi MC – Love it.
    Hubert Von Goison – Sort of Deutsche “Where Have All The Flowers Gone”. Nice.
    Death In Vegas – Not my thing, sorry DsD!

  2. Bruce Springsteen – I see what you’re saying, Tinny, and I’d like this version a lot if the bootleg quality had been better. As it is, I’m not a big enough Boss fan to make it a keeper.

    Any Trouble – Having looked ’em up on Wiki, it’s a mystery to me how I’ve never heard of them. Very reminiscent of Sultans Of Swing, somehow. I think I’d be interested to hear how different the slower version is.

    The Pirates – Like this. More “ants-in-the-pants” than earworm, I reckon: can’t keep still when this is playing. Have to agree about the guitar. Is the My Babe you mention the song you did a version of a while back, Mitch? Still on my Walkman.

    Punjabi MC / Surinder Shinda – Give Chinny credit where it’s due, SR: his name’s missing off the blurb! This would be a good addition to the Gut Records ‘Arabesque’ compilation, you think, Shane?

    Hubert Von Goisen und Freunde – D’yunno, that’s just lovely! Have I just unwittingly applied for my cardigan and slippers?
    * sees various people smirking and nodding *
    Dammit! Ah well, I think this gets my vote this week anyway . . .

    . . . apart from my Death In Vegas submission, of course!

  3. Bruce Springsteen: Simple, effective and affecting. The balance between macho workingman and sensitive soul is a trick Bruce doesn’t always pull off (imo) but he does here. It’s a pity the audience resorts to mooing at the end.
    Any Trouble: rather Dire Straits-ish, even down to the Knopfler-like solo, so not quite my cuppa. Perfectly acceptable drums though.
    The Pirates: jolly good, given the very narrow restrictions they work in. Snappy guitar.
    Punjabi MC: For a micro-second, I thought it was the snort at the start of Casey Jones…. I can’t comment on the rap without being ‘inconsiderate’, so I won’t. The rest is quite groovy but not a particularly special take on tabla/bass music (imo). Are we supposed to do something in the final minute of silence?
    Hubert Von Goisen und Freunde: having been damaged in early life by my Mum’s love for Frank Ifield records, yodeling makes me anxious. As it goes, there were other aspects of this song that damaged my sensibilites more. I won’t be specific.
    Death In Vegas: a nice vibe, I admit, but I was very glad when it broke up a little after 3 minutes. And then disappointed that it resumed the status quo. It’s background music, isn’t it? The kind of thing you hear rather than listen to. Actually, it’s advisable (for me, anyway) not to listen to it, otherwise that rhythm track may eventually induce [please insert an acceptable word of your choosing].

    • Bruce: Since I’m the bootleg queen, the quality of a bootleg doesn’t bother me, and I love this – especially the tiny variations on the studio version. Agree about the violin; miss the tambourine, though. (There doesn’t seem to be an Earworms folder in the box, tincanman…hint, hint.)

      Any Trouble: You haven’t been paying attention, DsD, because I’ve posted quite a few Any Trouble tracks over the years, having come to them through their frontman Clive Gregson, who worked with RT quite often in the 80s. To my mind, this track doesn’t resemble Dire Straits in the slightest.

      The Pirates: I didn’t know this, and yes, I really like the guitar. Very danceable.

      Punjabi MC: oh dear, I suppose the ‘MC’ should’ve been a clue…I was really enjoying the power-ballad-with-minimalist-backing part, and then the rap started.

      Hubert Von Goisen: does Alpinkatzen mean what I think it means? Loved it – so pretty and gentle, and the yodelling is great.

      Death In Vegas: electronic noises…no no no!

      • Something weird is happening – my list was supposed to be an ordinary comment not a reply to Chris. My actual reply to Chris is: Bruce’s audience aren’t mooing, they’re shouting “Brooooce!”

      • Yeah, I know what they were actually saying, tfd, but a large part of what puts me off Mr S is that sound. It’s bovine, and there are many connotations of that word that fit the part of his image I don’t get on with.

      • Re Any Trouble: Yeah, I’d kinda realized you were going to say that to me, having read Wiki’s list of collaborations / connections. As I said, I can’t figure out how they haven’t registered on me.

  4. Whilst I respect that Bruce has talents and writes songs lots of people love, I don’t, I did try, sorry.

    Nice cheery and bouncy, I enjoyed Any Trouble, the Pirates were fun too, like the echo on the vocals, sad story though.

    MC Punjabi is interesting, I like the singing more than the rapping, the arrangement is nice, may I ask what it is about? It sounds like a mourning song to me.

    Whilst I don’t seek it out, yodelling doesn’t usually put me off and German language music is generally a plus point for me, so I expect to like it. The vocalist reminds me of Morten Harket from Aha, in a good way, I like Aha. This is my favourite so far, rather poppy, but the sentiments stop it being too sweet.

    Death in Vegas reminds me of the Orb and Ozric Tentacles, an enjoyable vibe, is it designed to be listened to with drugs? I imagine listening to it on a rooftop in the summer at night, looking at the stars and passing aircraft lights.

    SR, I will send a Christmas worm shortly 🙂

  5. Having made a mess of Chinny’s inaugural earworm by leaving his name off and forgetting to use my mp3 cutter to shorten it, I’ll start by offering profuse apologies, and saying how much I like the song both the sung part and the rapping and the flutey bits. I hope that more worms will be coming our way from The Inns of Chin.

    Likewise, the bootleg version of Racing In The Street is so different from the boy racer version with the folk violin sounds and the ropy sound quality and even the “mooing” – it gave it the perfect atmospherics for the sort of down-home venue that I would like to see Bruce perform rather than the big arenas.

    Any Trouble is a fun, lively song but wouldn’t grab me if it wasn’t for that superb guitar which kicks things up to a whole other level.

    The Pirates – I love the dark, echoey sound and the slightly sinister vocal. Death Rock? (Kidding!!!!!)

    Heast As Nit is so catchy that I’ve been singing it since it dropped into the earworm account. Indeed, my father who’s only heard it once, also liked it, and is whistling it. It’s a lovely piece of regional folky music.

    Yep. Love Death In Vegas. Love it.

  6. Yes all in all another good set, allbeit [is that a word? – Ed], without any sort of theme going on.
    1) Spingsteen. Like his stuff but am not a big fan of the audience – (American ?) – Whooping and hollering at every inappropriate moment.
    2) Any Trouble. Don’t know these but could certainly listen to some more.
    3) Pirates. Reminds me of early 60’s dance halls…..Where people actually danced to live music. And that’s got to be a good thing.
    4) Punjab M.C. Loved this. Made me smile even though I didn’t have a clue about the vocals. Rap meets Bangra………..who’da thunk.
    5) Hubert Von Goisen. Why should I be surprised that I liked this ? It was a lovely piece, gentle and flowing. And the yodelling was nothing like Frank Ifield. It was subtle and fitted perfectly.
    6) Death In Vegas. For some reason I have listened to very little of their music, which is strange ‘cos it’s right up my street. More catching up to do………..

  7. Springsteen – I loathe quite a lot of his output. I like him in this mode though and wish he would do it more often. The audience’s whoops were irritating.

    Any Trouble – OK but not really my cup of tea. They and The Jags were dismissed by many at the time as E Costello copyists. I can hear that there was more to them than that but they still seem (to me) a bit workaday and efficient rather than inspired.

    Pirates – They do the business no question. Loved that. Finely balanced between sprightly and unhinged.

    Punjabi MC – This is where I’m going wrong with hip hop. Not hearing enough Punjabi recordings. Lovely stuff.

    Hubert Von Goisen – Gorgeous.

    Daeth In Vegas – Really enjoyed this. I don’t know their music apart from occasionally hearing them on R/R and The Spiil but always feel I must listen to more. This was hypnotic and dreamlike.

  8. A great set, with The Pirates nevertheless out in front by a Lightning Bolt and a Mobot. That line up reformed in the 70s and were top notch into the 80s and beyond, and I saw them loads with my best mate. I love the Bruce too, and I’m very relaxed about whatever the people are moved to yell in acclaim. Punjabi MC is a lot of fun and most danceable, loved Hubert too and have to admire the athleticism of the yodel. Any Trouble sound good, though maybe guilty of lyric-cramming on this one ? It sort of disrupts the rhythm, but it’s kind of effective too… I almost cut short Death In Vegas, but it got going just in time. Nice, but I’m feeling a bit too sleepy for this at the momentzzzzz….

    Thanks SR, nice set.

  9. Broooce: Is that really how he talks? He sounds a bit simple. Or stoned. And I’m not so keen on how he’s elongating each syllable further than necessary/the music dictates. It all sounds like he’s going through a Dylan phase. I do like the song (and the violin) though.

    Any Trouble: I was fully expecting to dislike this given various references to Dire Straits, but it’s nowhere near as soporific as that. Quite jaunty even.

    The Pirates: Yeah, fun. Kind of basic-sounding but nowt really wrong with that.

    I’ll get to the other three tomorrow…

  10. Punjabi MC: Bugger! I was really looking forward to this but it doesn’t really work for me. It’s just too portentous for me. Better when the flute comes in though – I like those bits.

    Hubert: Mention of yodelling had me worried, but actually this is far and away my favourite so far this week. Lovely.

    Death In Vegas: I’ve got the Contino Sessions and quite like bits of it. Well, I like Dirge and Aisha. The rest kind of passes me by. This is quite pleasantly hypnotic, but also doesn’t get particular purchase in my brain.

  11. Delighted that so many of you like Hubert von Goisen; it’s one of the very few songs that Mrs Abahachi and I can agree on, since we were introduced to it by German friends. I’ve been meaning to do a post on this album for ages, but I may now hold back so as not to spoil your impressions; there is one other song in this melancholic anthem style, almost as lovely as Heast As Nit, but otherwise it’s one of the most astonishingly eclectic albums ever – a bit of accordian-driven punk, some Alpine rap, a lot of rock guitar and some much more extreme yodelling,..

  12. Loved this version of Racing in the Streets…the muddy sound just made it all the better.

    I have a lot of time for Death in Vegas too and this was the perfect end to the set.

  13. Finally had time for a listen and an enjoyable if odd set. Weird thing was the Bruce was my least favorite. Wouldn’t have guessed that. Punjabi guys had a terrific groove. Good enough I could ignore the rap. I’m old I know. The Pirates had me dancing. My favorite though was the Alpenkatzen. Ridiculously entertaining that.

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