Redemption Songs

Prefab Sprout – Faron Young
Sugar – If I Can’t Change Your Mind
Love Is All – Make Out Fall Out Make Up
Killing Joke – In Cythera
Le Loup – Forgive Me
Televise – Mercy Seat
Opal – Sisters Of Mercy
JD Meatyard – Sorry Song

People Like Us – Dolly Pardon
Repair – Forgive + Forget [Richard Davis Mix]
Wolfgang Press – Derek The Confessor
Section 25 – Sweet Forgiveness
Bass Clef – Don’t Ask Me to Forgive You
Fever Ray – Mercy Street
Talk Talk – I Believe In You

22 thoughts on “Redemption Songs

  1. I’ve been vacillating over I Believe In You; have you nominated it? If you have, I’ll go and offer my support. If you haven’t, I’m not going to, as I’ve already stuck my head over the parapet with Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

    • Nope, I’m still on an RR flounce thanks to the unfeasably tiny font they hoisted on us. If you buy into that it’s about Brother Eds OD – then the justi is all in the title. If you think it’s about Mark going down the same path, then not so much – does explain why he left the music business though.

      Feel free to nom as you see fit – know you love the song as much as I do.

      You should have seen the shoehorn for Mercy Street:

      “I hold a five-year diary that my mother kept
      for three years, telling all she does not say
      of your alcoholic tendency.
      You overslept, she writes.
      My God, father, each Christmas Day with your blood, will I drink down your glass
      of wine?
      The diary of your hurly-burly years goes to my shelf to wait for my age to pass.
      Only in this hoarded span will love persevere.
      Whether you are pretty or not, I outlive you,
      bend down my strange face to yours and forgive you.”

      Anne also died young thanks to alcohol, which makes the last line of the song especially moving.

      Righto, must get some sleep.

  2. Sorry I haven’t much time for the blog this week, but I was just passing by and I Believe In You stopped me in my tracks – you must know by now it’s my favourite song ever so consider it DOTW even though I’ve donded nothing else. And the chipmunks, awwww…. ya big softie.

    • I Believe In You is also well-known to be my All-Time #1 too, SR. Unfortunately, due to the drug references, I can’t have it as one of my funeral songs, because I really would have loved it to be the last thing my body ever hears before it hits the ovens.

      • Really? That’s so cool. DsD. Damn, we have great taste, don’t we? I am not sure I’d want it at my funeral, either. Which is going to be a Facebook one anyway. Can’t stand the idea of a bunch of sombrely dressed people getting all sad over a box with a rotting corpse in it. I have a great song picked out, which I hope will be on youtube by then.

        But I wonder if they’ll let you go into the furnace with your iPod cranked up to 11?

  3. Great selection of tracks, I particularly like Opal – Mercy Street is one of my favourite songs EVER and Talk Talk is just superb. Thanks Shoey.

  4. Some beautiful tunes in there, Shoey.

    The unutterably gorgeous Talk Talk and Mercy Seat stars of the list. Also loved Sugar, Opal, and JD Meatyard.


      • Had a listen to the whole album, it’s just gorgeous. I think DsD was going to do a post on it or something a long, long time ago but probably never got around to it.

      • The before (more poppy) and after (even more postambient art jazzy) are great too as well as the later and only self-titled Mark Hollis solo.

      • About all i really knew i think was It’s My Life. (Well before No Doubt butchered it). Later this week will have a listen to the one after Spirit of Eden.

  5. Lovely list. Opal, KJ, Repair, and Fever Ray for me. And great to hear Sweet Forgiveness again.

    Just been listening to the new Titus Andronicus album and Tried to Quit Smoking is about forgiveness of the self.

    And the new single by the Bouncing Souls is all about forgiving the Coin Toss Girl. Don’t think they would bother SOWC’s list but I like them. Hatchet would’ve been a fine call. There was also a James song … “Dust Motes” … But I don’t always get with James, though it was bang on topic as SOWC defined it. I sort of regret not nomming Death in the Afternoon with You Want My Forgiveness, Don’t You?

      • Swedish indie electro pop, “analog synths, drum machines, drums, distorted electric guitars and understated vocals,” says wiki. Like Refropop but not in Finnish, of course.

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