22 thoughts on “thanks shane!

  1. Ooo you handsome divil bishbosh! I love the Tee – shirt. It’s similar to the one I’m going to order. I like it on black too. I may go with that, or royal blue, or purple, or red, or bright green or yellow . . . . . I just can’t decide !! Shane . . . any tips please ?!

  2. Bish: I would never have guessed. I always somehow construct mental images of radio personalities and in this case Spillers, you don’t look anything like you should! Similar things have happened with other spillers. Good thing is now I can visualise who I’m talking to.
    ps; I like your settee, I used to have one just like it.

  3. Hey, gorgeous – love the shirt. (It’s not as nice as mine, of course.) I think you’re a natural for this catalogue modelling mallarkey.

    BTW Shane, I got an excited call from Arthur yesterday who loves his shirt and actually stopped opening his presents and insisted on putting it on straight away!

    • So pleased SR, (for Arthur)

      As for you – you scamp: everyone’s Guru/playeRR shirts are equal … just idiosyncratically different.

      (It’s MINE that’s more equal than others – he says, trying to paraphrase Animal Farm)

      • The shirt change operation is a huge compliment. Arthur is no clothes horse and would stay in his pyjamas all day if possible. (I’m with him there.)

        To paraphrase Mclusky:
        “My shirt’s better than your shirt, it’s got long sleeves and a lower neckline.”

        I was just fooling. Everybody likes their’s best of course, because each one is hand-made with shanelove. I have to say that bish looks HOT in his. I wonder if I look hot in mine?

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