forgive me bishbosh for I have sinned

1 One More Chance The Real Tuesday Weld
2 Redemption City Joseph Arthur
3 Sorry Robots In Disguise
4 Black Flowers Yo La Tengo
5 Little Birds (Studio) Neutral Milk Hotel
6 Up The Wolves The Mountain Goats
7 Show Me Forgiveness Björk

1 Some Kind of Nature (feat. Lou Reed) Gorillaz
2 Crown Of Love Arcade Fire
3 Revival Soulsavers
4 Second Chance (RAC Mix) Peter Bjorn & John
5 One Day When God Begs My Forgiveness Songdog
6 pardon my freedom !!!
7 Sorry Galaxie 500
8 Anyone Else But You The Moldy Peaches

15 thoughts on “forgive me bishbosh for I have sinned

  1. I am going to forgive you (this time) for not personalizing my logo. When I’ve guru’d perhaps I will qualify 🙂

    Sadly not much time to listen this week (at least so far) but just stopping in to say I’m getting fond of The Real Tuesday Weld these days. I got interested in Songdog during Welsh week. Have managed to download a bunch of MG songs but haven’t listened properly yet.

    • there’s a simple reason for the logo personalisation – on guru shirts the design is a 7″ square – leaving me a strip of flock to play around with to create the logo.

      on PlayeRR shirts the record is presented next to a sleeve using the whole sheet of velvety flock – so logo’s are just my arTEEsane ones.

      I love The Real Tuesday Weld – they just do what they want to do – and I love it.
      That’s the only Songdog tune I own – but it fitted.

      MG’s still need a spillover – but I’m just too busy – got next two weeks at home to design – so might distract myself with some ‘spill time hopefully.

      cheers for popping in – think I’ve been overshadowed by Sakura’s schoolgirls – heehee.

  2. I must be in a mellow mood because it’s the mellow ones that are doing it for me here. Soulsavers and Songdog are drop dead gorgeous. Also liked the Goats and Galaxie 500 too.

    Dunno, maybe you and Shoey will make me a Goats fan yet.


    • hope to do a Goats post soon – I will get around to it – honest.

      I thought of you when I put songdog in – glad you like the SSGG 500 (it was a funny old boat – too much horsepower not enough knots)

  3. I was expecting you to put in No Children but that’s A-listed, isn’t it? Soulsavers, JA, PB&J, and Songdog. I’m expecting the A-list to be quite mellow. It’s the nature of the subject. Cheerio.

    • ‘no children’ is A listed for both ‘Arguments’ theme and ‘the truth’ theme – probably pushing it’s limits to go for a hat trick. heehee.

      I’m doing lots of designs at the moment (GuRRu and PlayeRR tees mostly) and like I really restricted myself in this theme – (because it was impossible for webby and us with that system) – today I’m restricting myself to songs that only begin with ‘B’ does anyone else do that?

      random selection

      Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts Arctic Monkeys
      Billy’s Smart Circus Carter USM
      The Birds & the Bees The 2 Bears
      A Birthday Bash Cursive
      Bitterman Soulsavers
      Black Betty Dinosaur Jr.
      Black Box Messiah Diablo Swing Orchestra
      Black Cat (Original Version) Whitey
      Black Dog Andrew Jackson Jihad
      Black Powder Prince Fatty & The Mutant HiFi
      Black Tin Box Miike Snow
      Bleeding Muddy Water Mark Lanegan Band
      Blood On The Motorway DJ Shadow
      Bloodflood Alt-J
      Bloodsport For All Carter USM
      Blue First Aid Kit
      The Blue Dress Wild Nothing
      Booted Out Of Hell The King Blues
      Breezeblocks Alt-J
      Brief and Bright Whitey

      • ” today I’m restricting myself to songs that only begin with ‘B’ does anyone else do that?”

        Actually, i can’t say that i do.

      • Ah! I thought Quito was listed twice.Er… alphabetical lists. are something I haven’t done but that’s such a good list I might. Oh Isn’t there a Miike Snow song about forgiveness. Just got the new Wild Nothing. It’s growing on me; all over me in fact.

        OH amylees’s post about rock axe wank: The Stone Roses “Love Spreads”

      • I’ve decided that’s how I’m sorting my best of 2012 out.

        26 days of songs – a-z – a letter a day.

        It orders the songs but varies the bands – I thought I’d been really good this year and tried not to gather too many songs – but found 1443 from 2012 (how did that happen?)

        thankfully there’s a lot of best of’s I can skip.

        Wild Nothing takes time and concentration to seep in, doesn’t it? – things in short supply with the boys running around here. heehee.

      • Yep, Wild Nothing takes ages to seep in. I’ve bought too much this year. But there’s been some really good Finnish stuff. Will include some in my electronica and feedback free (almost) hippy-shit Folk in Finland ‘Spill post for amylee.

    • some dark underbelly to the forgiveness in my classic saneshane list – but !!! give a good kick up the ears – don’t they.

      let’s select some C’s for the day.

      California Frida Hyvönen
      Caretaker Feat. B Dolan And HowAboutBeth Dan Le Sac
      Carousel Sunday Driver
      Cheek Mountain Cheek Mountain Thief
      Church (Midland’s Sunday Service Dub) The 2 Bears
      Cigarette Whitey
      Circles Stealing Sheep
      Circus Sunday Driver
      Civilizashun / Nobody Made The Monster Whitey
      Clockwork Tiger Sunday Driver
      Closer Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
      Collapse Speech Debelle
      Come Healing Leonard Cohen
      Come Home Tessa Buckman The Wave Pictures
      Coming Of Age Maria Minerva
      Concubine Waltz Sunday Driver
      Congo The Orb (feat. Lee Scratch Perry)
      Contain Thyself Pepe Deluxé
      Cool as a Fire Chairlift
      Counting Days Wild Nothing
      Courage, Tiger Get Well Soon
      Crazy To Love You Leonard Cohen
      Crisis Team Prinzhorn Dance School
      Crow / Swallow Laura Gibson
      crowd rocker E-Z Rollers
      Curtains Close Arctic Monkeys
      Cut Them Down In the Passes The Wave Pictures

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