Your literary questions…..answered!

As you may remember I asked for your questions for a literary podcast I was producing, fab responses from the Spilliverse, which I printed off and took with me to the recording. There wasn’t time as part of the actual podcast to get the presenter to pitch them in, but I took a quick few minutes to road-test them afterwards (hence the background crowd noise)  with the author Russel D McLean, who is a Dundee based crime writer, who has had four successful books out, and is working on the fifth. Russel only had a scant few minutes before he had to rush off to the next engagement so we nipped through ’em sharpish, skipping any questions that may have warranted a long answer (time constraints, soz if I skipped your question). So, here are your literary questions…..answered!!

This was lots of fun, thanks guys, hopefully it will evolve further, with your help.


13 thoughts on “Your literary questions…..answered!

  1. Well done Blimpy, he took it very well – beards like velcro?! TMI … And he said it was a lot of fun so lots of brownie points for you!

  2. Excellent, Blimpy! And some great answers – nice how, although he rejects that half of the proposition, the Velcro beards image suggests he imagines there’d be kissing.

  3. And there is something a bit endearing about the fact that he couldn’t remember what ‘redolent’ means. It’s funny how one expects authors to be totally au fait with the entire lexicon !

  4. That was great fun. Thanks for having me on – – and yes, the redolent moment was a little embarrassing. Although it shows how sweary I get after a couple of glasses of wine and long event (mind you the books are sweary, so there we go). Thanks again for a great time, and one small thing – – my website is now rehomed and updated at due to a dissapearing webmaster on (its a very long story and may relate to that final questions I was asked). Cheers again,


    • Ufff… sheesh… sometimes I’d do well to remember that this is not a closed community and that authors/musicians are real people too and might, even, deign to engage with us sometimes ! I’m sure we’re all very pleased that you did.

      Apologies for embarrassing you, Russel !

      I was just considering reading one of your books. I now feel obliged to. BTW if you would care to join us on The Guardian’s Readers Recommend music blog, I wonder if, over time, your answer to the Books vs Music question might change ?

  5. Hi Chinhealer – no worries, I’d be upset if someone hadn’t picked up on that moment of idiocy! And I do click over to the blog occasionally for the thematic lists and will continue look in again from time to time, although I’m rarely sharp enough to add to the suggestions! It won’t change my books v music answer though because I love my music, but Prose will remain the thing that sings to my heart. Or something. I’ve always been more naturally sided with prose. Although I’m also annoyed I couldn’t think of music with literary allusions, and now of course they’re all coming to me, in particular Nick Cave’s Song of Joy with all its Milton references…

    Anyway cheers again to all for the comments and of course for the fantastic questions (if only I’d had time for more!)

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