Soundtrack To An Alternative Halloween Party

...we can live like Jack and Sally if we want

Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert as Sally and Jack

As I promised several weeks ago, I’ve put together a playlist for a Halloween house party of the sort that me and my friends might attend. There are lots of dark party tunes ahead, and hopefully you’ll like them! Sadly, I don’t have MP3s of most of these songs, so I’m posting links to videos on Youtube. I hope you don’t mind!

So, without further ado…

Bring Me The Horizon – Football Season Is Over (After The Night Remix): Here’s a good one to get the party started – a dark, pounding dance remix of a metalcore classic.

Panic! At The Disco – This Is Halloween: In 1993, Tim Burton released The Nightmare Before Christmas, with a soundtrack by Danny Elfman. By the early ’00s, it had become a cult classic and part of the alternative scene (to the point where it gets referenced in a Blink-182 song and last Halloween paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams and her boyfriend – New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert – dressed as Jack and Sally). When the special edition was released in 2006, Several alt-rock bands, including Panic!, recorded covers for the soundtrack – indeed an entire album of covers were also released. This is one of the highlights – the other being far to Christmassy for this playlist – so I thought I’d include it.

Bring Me The Horizon ft. Lights – Don’t Go: An old classmate of BMTH singer Oli Sykes was involved in a murder, years ago, and Oli wrote a song about it. No more need be said.

Fall Out Boy – Dance, Dance: Not particularly dark, but so damn catchy!

…OK, now it’s time for a few slow jams:

Blink-182 – I Miss You: Aw, look! They’re all grown up! They’re singing about their feelings! Bonus points for this in the first verse:

The unsuspecting victim

of darkness in the valley

we can live like Jack and Sally if we want,

where you can always find me

and we’ll have Halloween on Christmas

and in the night we’ll wish this never ends

So a Nightmare… reference and the ‘Jack and Sally’ line was written by Travis Barker, who never writes lyrics for Blink!

Taking Back Sunday – …Slowdance On The Inside: Originally a much more fast-paced song called ‘You Can Slowdance on the Inside’, this song was written about TBS frontman Adam Lazarra’s then girlfriend Michelle Nolan. After Lazarra and Michelle broke up, and TBS lead guitarist John Nolan (her brother) and bassist Shaun Cooper quit to form Straylight Run with Michelle, the song was slowed down and tweaked a little. What began life as this century’s most bitter song about a relationship in freefall became this century’s most bitter breakup song. Beautiful, just beautiful.

(+44) – Chapter 13: Nobody’s quite sure what this song is about or why the twelfth track on the album was called ‘Chapter 13’. One interesting theory is that it was inspired by Chapters 13 and 14 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, an idea that I plan to discuss in another post. For those who don’t know, (+44) was formed by Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker of Blink-182 after Blink went on indefinite hiatus in 2005.

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – The Bed Song: A haunting little ditty about love lost and chances missed.

…let’s speed things back up a little…

Box Car Racer – I Feel So

Finch – What It Is To Burn

Hearts Under Fire – Liquid Luck: Yay! Another Potter reference!

Emilie Autumn – Misery Loves Company

Fairport Convention – Tam Lin

Fairport Convention – Genesis Hall

New Found Glory – Don’t Let Her Pull You Down: If only for the video…

…it is a truth universally acknowledged that a party with alt-rock soundtrack, no matter what the theme, will reach a point where everyone is quite drunk and Fat Lip by Sum 41 mysteriously comes on. Everybody will sing along to the bit that goes ‘Bortion, bortion, bortion, bortion’ on the middle eight…

By now, everybody will be ready to hit the town, so let’s finish off with Save Our Selves (The Warning) by The Blackout. ‘Going out! Going out! Going out!’, etc…

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the music!

30 thoughts on “Soundtrack To An Alternative Halloween Party

  1. Nice list so far, son! I’m home tonight, remembered it actually was Halloween so not really up for the zoo at the local pub tonight. Have 3 beers left and don’t really feel like giving them to trick or treaters either.

    Highlights so far –

    Don’t Go was great.

    I love I Miss You. Wasn’t sure about it when i first heard it, but over the years i’ve come to kind of love it. Gratituously cheesy video and Tom overdoing the stoner accent notwithstanding. Didn’t know about (+44), but i liked it a lot, was pretty good! (And yet i somehow found myself missing Tom and his snotty accent.)

    Taking Back Sunday was decent, they’re one of those bands that i confuse with a lot of other bands.

    The Amanda Palmer was just gorgeous, i loved it. Will be paying attention to anything i hear from them in the future.

    Ok, off to hear the last few.

      • Ok. Liked Finch a lot. Both the Fairports. And loved Sum 41, nice and snotty. I think i remember them being one of the snotcore bands i liked better than most back when i used to watch too much MTV.

        Thank you sir, hope you’re feeling better and had a fun Halloween.

      • I’m feeling much better, thanks. Halloween, however, entailed an 8am-6.30pm college day followed by studiously avoiding going to the postgrad Halloween party for reasons best filed under ‘deeply personal’…

        On the bright side, I turned 22 on Monday (if aging is a bright side!)

    • If you miss Tom that much, then you need to go listen to Angels & Airwaves 🙂 Tom formed Box Car Racer around the time Blink released their self-titled album. On the album, the line-up is Tom on vocals, guitars and bass; David Kennedy (of Hazen Street, Over My Dead Body and subsequently Angels & Airwaves) on guitars and keys and Travis on drums. They added a bassist for the live shows. The album also had guest appearances from Mark Hoppus, Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory and Tim Armstrong of Rancid. And I personally hate the video for I Miss You…

      That Amanda Palmer album is up for free download here:
      She used to be in the Dresden Dolls and she’s married to Neil Gaiman…

      I could never confuse TBS with anyone else…

      Glad you liked the BMTH: I didn’t think that’d really be your sort of thing, so I guess that’s my lesson for today!

      • I have heard of Angels and Airwaves i do believe. Will check it out. Shouldn’t be much of a surprise that i liked BMTH (but not the first one), i like a lot of Wyngate’s type of punk too.

        I still think something’s missing when Mark and Tom aren’t together – those unique harmonies most likely.

      • He just can’t (a) hit notes or (b) articulate words. Sometimes he’s on form, and I’ve read reviews of shows where he’s allegedly been brilliant, but I’ve watched a hell of a lot of live footage on Youtube and I haven’t seen any post-reforming show where he’s been better than mediocre. It’s a real shame.

  2. I’l give them all a listen later, AIP, but I can’t contain my curiosity about your folk taste. You mentioned The ISB over on RR recently and now here be Fairport; is this a parental influence? How finger-in-the-ear does it get? Are your young friends also into this old stuff?

    • Yes, I picked up the folk stuff from my Dad. He shaped a lot of my early musical taste: even though my Man is into classic punk I was into Fairport and Steeleye Span and ISB and Albion Country Band and Dylan and james Taylor etc until I hear ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ by Green Day when I was 14, which started the long slide into punk and emo. I still love a lot of the folk stuff, and ‘Be Glad For The Song Has No Ending’ is still one of my favourite songs 🙂

  3. I liked a whole lot of it, charmingirishpunk – especially the Don’t Let her Pull You Down video – but could you please please make a proper playlist next time? I found it very tedious to keep having to go to YouTube and back (especially when I forgot to click Open In New Window, which was often).

    RT was 17 when Fairport was founded and he could already play the guitar really really well.

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