Bay Area Boys

Oakland’s Tumbleweed Wanderers

I  want to share a little new Bay Area music with all of you.   Tumbleweed Wanderers first album ,  So Long , comes tagged as Country & Folk.  I’d say that’s boxing them in.  Their video release of Roll With The Times starts with them shamelessly invoking a Sly & The Family Stone lick to great effect .   Well, that’s neighborhood music for these Oakland boys & I say more power to them.  Know your roots.

They’re fresh off a tour supporting  Australian Angus Stone & already talking new music.  Love the idea of moving it forward.  Here’s a couple of tunes that tickled my fancy.  Hard Times for it’s use of the banjo to set the mood and So Long Blues for it’s fine vocal harmonies & understated instrumentation.  Kinda reminds me of the Dillards.  Full disclosure, the keyboard player is a close friend’s nephew & I got to meet a couple of them when they did the music for her daughter’s wedding a while back.  Nice lads all & I’m wishing them well.  Click on the player for a listen.

9 thoughts on “Bay Area Boys

  1. Not going to get to this tonight Fintan, but looking forward to it. Was just thinking that i haven’t seen a BAND from you in awhile.

  2. Love the video, Fintan – not the song so much. But the two on the playlist are just excellent. My kind of thing. The album doesn’t seem to be available here though – just a self-titled EP.

  3. And i’m just the opposite of Tfd – i like the song on the video better than the two on the playlist. But very good luck to them!

  4. Nice sound, whoever made that video had lots of spare time, I can’t believe the amount of time they must have invested in both shooting and editing it. I liked ‘So Long….

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