Earworms 29 October 2012

1: Kara – Step ~ HoshinoSakura

This is pure K-pop ! ! !  Slick and stylish and bold and brassy ! ! ! But actually it has at very personal meaning to me.  When I came home this summer dad came to meet me the airport (mum was at home cooking – I think she was expecting the red army for lunch)  Dad had the top down on the car, and the sun was shining.  We drove along and this track came on the radio and dad put the sound high and we sang along to the track together as loud as we could. So why do not you try it also ? ? ?

2: Rob Thomas – Smooth (with Santana) ~ Tincanman

A perfect pop song for a hot day (which means it’ll never be heard in England he he). I’m not big on asking people to deconstruct a song, but there is so much detail in the lyrics, playing and production of this that its worth it. They lose it from the middle 8th on, but I’m still willing to change my life to suit your mood.

3: The Dreamlovers – You Gave Me Somebody To Love ~ SweetHomeAlabama

Philadelphia hit that couldn’t break nationwide despite two releases on major labels (Warner Bros., then Mercury).  The Dreamlovers were a doowop vocal group that backed Chubby Checker on many of his releases.  This breakup song from near the end of their existence as a group has a more mature sound somewhere between the Righteous Brothers and Motown.  I love the chorus and the string arrangement.  British groups like the Fortunes and Manfred Mann liked it too, the latter’s stripped-down cover becoming a #36 UK hit, but this is the original version.

4: Bob Marley – Lively Up Yourself ~ Tincanman

There’s so much perfect about the playing here. The bass, the guitar, the percussion, the horns .. so judicious. I like to listen 10 times and pretend I’m the ____ player. My analogy is throwing in a splash of lemon or some chilis when cooking. Lively up yourself, but do it right.

5: NRBQ – Still In School – Treefrogdemon

It’s a bouncy little number by a band that’s new to me (but hey, I’m always three decades behind) about being in love with a schoolgirl – but not in a pervy way, as far as I can tell having studied the lyrics carefully.

6: Terence Trent D’Arby – Wet Your Lips – DarceysDad

How many DsD boxes does this tick? Pounding drums? Check. Loud guitars? Check. Filler screams in the vocals? Check. Gospel backing vocals? Check. Handclaps? Check. Aw, you get the picture.

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist or has sent them in to the wormbank. Please send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked to either earworm@tincanland.com or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

31 thoughts on “Earworms 29 October 2012

  1. Kara: Hm, a bit to chart dance-pop even for me, I’m afraid. I like the yelp at the beginning – and prefer the bits in Korean to the bits in English. But it just sounds a bit generic to me. Sorry.

    Santana: Ooh an earworm I know already. Yeah, this is quite fun. Possibly a bit too ‘smooth’ for me. I don’t know that I’d ever really heard Santana before this – was surprised by how poppy they were. Like a classier Ricky Martin.

    The Dreamlovers: Yeah, like this a lot. Really reminds me of Brothers Righteous and Walker. My fave this week, I think.

    Bob Marley: Another one I know. Yeah, pleasant enough. I can’t help feeling Bob tossed this one off in about half an hour, but there’s doubtless a lot of skill involved in sounding so casual.

    NRBQ: I’m afraid the lyrics make me a little uncomfortable. It may be all the Savile stuff in the news at the mo.

    TTD: He was so exciting a talent when he appeared, wasn’t he? Such a breath of fresh air. This isn’t up with his best IMHO, but his voice makes pretty much anything an enjoyable listen.

    Thanks all!

    • PS I genuinely thought I was gonna be listening to a band called Terence Trent Water Authority there – and thought what a good band name that was – in a Camper Van Beethoven sort of way. D’oh…

      • Oh ! ! !

        I just googled Terence Trent Water Authority

        I suppose the track is by Terence Trent d’Arby ! ! !

        ( duh ! ! ! )

    • Bish, don’t go randomly buying Santana albums expecting a “classier Ricky Martin”. Supernatural, whilst not completely without precedent, is certainly not typical Carlos fare up to that point. (Subsequently, you’re on safer ground.) If there are any completist Santana fans amongst the Spillers, they could probably compile you an album’s worth that you’d love, but I certainly don’t own enough to do that.

  2. I really like this Earworms selection ! ! ! It is really nice and summery which is great as winter is coming soon and we all need cheering up ! ! ! ( Well I do anyway ! ! ! )

    Kara – Step

    This is my choice of course. Kara are probably the biggest selling girl band in the world. In fact they are so big they even sued their management and record company and were not blacklisted or fired ! ! ! When you are money making machine as efficient as Kara is then the normal rules do not apply. This is typical of them, it is a great dance track, totally professional production and a great vocal performance. They are also a fantastic act live and are 100% professional and polished in everything they do. I am sure not every one will like it, but it is happy pop song and for me a real earworms with many happy associations ! ! !

    Rob Thomas – Smooth (with Santana)

    Of course this a famous track from a great album and actually one of my favourites from Santana. I think his playing on this track is wonderful and the vocals are great also. I had not heard it for a while so it was great to hear it again and remember how great it is ! ! !

    The Dreamlovers – You Gave Me Somebody To Love

    This song is areallygreat example of a classic soul track from the best era when soul was considered mainstream pop. The arrangement is perfect and really sophisticated with the strings and vocal is simply wonderful. I really enjoyed this one very much indeed ! ! !

    Bob Marley – Lively Up Yourself

    This is another really classic track from a great artist at his best. I think this period of Bob Marley was when I liked him most. He seemed to be having a lot of fun at this time andI think you can feel that in the this track. It certainly is a track that is happy and motivational – It really makes me want to lively up myself ! !

    NRBQ – Still in School (Album version)

    This reminded in a small way of the Monkees, more really in the spirit of the song than the style. It seems to have that cheerful pop sound from the 1960 decade but was released in the 1977 if Google is right. I will definitely check out more of their things as I enjoyed this nice very much. I liked the simple arrangement and clear production.It has a home made feel which I am sure Mr P will like also ! ! !

    Terence Trent Water Authority – Wet Your Lips

    I liked this very much and it is a great track to finish the play list. The vocals are really great and the arrangement works when really you think it should not ! ! ! It seems like there is too much going on, but the production keeps everything in order and allows space for the vocal which is the strongest part of the track I think. I really enjoyed it.

    This is a great earworms, really motivational and cheerful and just what we need to face bad weather ! ! !

    Well done SR for putting it together and than you everyone for sharing your earworms ! ! ! I do not expect very much love for Kara, but it does fit in this list and I hope some people will enjoy it ! ! !

  3. What a lovely warm and sunny selection for a cold autumnal day. We’re just back from a weekend in Cornwall, house is colder than outside, which is pretty chilly, so it’s great to hear some sunshine, if not to see any. I will read other comments later, listening as I type.

    Kara are so bright and poppy, it’s hard to dislike them, so I won’t.
    I know the track ‘Smooth’, I admit to being rather perplexed by Santana, whenever I hear him I think of The Mighty Boosh, looking for the new sound episode, which distracts me, but it is infectiously cheery and that’s a cool story, Tin.

    Dreamlovers puts a smile on my face, but not such a wide one as Bob Marley, he should be available on prescription. Love it.

    NRBQ don’t really do much for me, sorry!

    TTD’A, well I bought his first album, when it came out, and was rather enamoured by his hair and dapper dress, the music came second for me, I’m afraid, but it is nice to hear it again.

    A tonic of a playlist, thanks SR!

  4. Well that was fun. Loved Kara. Nice bouncy song. Lovely image of you & poppa. I can just picture me & daughter enjoying this in the car too!
    Lovely slinky Rob Thomas tune. Didn’t think I knew it, but I do. Wiggling hips on kitchen floor to this. Great stuff.
    The Dreamlovers – Like an up-beat Rightous Bros. Sure makes splitting from a lover
    A-okay & one I’d certainly play if that were ever to occur.
    Bob. Do I really need to comment? 🙂
    NRBQ – lovely jaunty number. Great harmonies.
    TTD’A. Wasn’t keen on first few bars, but grew and grew and free. Me likely.
    Got any more?! Could have listened to more. Most enjoyable. Thank you to all players & SR for compilation x

  5. Yes, some pretty happy tunes here, I knew the Marley and Santana tracks already but the rest were new to me. Not A TT d’Arby fan, sorry DsD, and the K-Pop was too chart/manufactured sounding for my ears, so sorry again.

    Overall fun all round.

  6. Hi all. Greetings from a Greenwich hotel room.

    Sorry for the unwitting confusion over my auto-joke with Terence’s name. It’s my equivalent of Beth’s George “Formby” grill.

    Haven’t listened yet, but I have really fond memories of Rob Thomas / Santana’s Smooth. Saw the Supernatural tour at Mud Island Amphitheatre on the Mississippi in Memphis. I have told the story of my&DsMam’s MONSTER hangovers that day, haven’t I?

    Thanks for listening, folks. I have a big soft spot for TTD’A’s latter albums, and if that was a serious request for more Terence from wilemena, I’d love to oblige. Just ask.

      • Hi wilemena,

        You’ve just caught me before bed (terrible things, these family hotel rooms when you’ve spent ten hours route-marching a six-year-old round the Natural History Museum and Harrods).

        I’d love to do a TTD’A compilation. As I said to Chinny about the Cowboy Junkies, it’ll take me about three weeks, but it’s deffo on the to-do list. I’ll be in touch.

        Must go bo-bos; got Houses of Parliament, Buck Palace, St. James’ Park etc., etc., on the agenda for another whistle-stop London Tourist day tomorrow.

        G’night all.

  7. I think i ought to just dond all Bish’s comments, they’re not so far off base from my own impressions.

    1) Kara – I think it’s probably very good for the genre it is. Unfortunately, it’s not one beloved by myself, so i’d pass it over to someone who would most likely love it – SV80 comes to mind.

    2) Rob / Santana – I don’t think i did know this one. It’s pleasant enough to listen to, but forgot it almost immediately. Santana always sounds a bit samey to me, and i wish i liked Rob Thomas more than i do, he seems like the nicest guy in the world and the antithesis of an asshole rock star. I think there may be a Matchbox song i liked more than a little, but it doesn’t come to mind right now.

    3) Dreamlovers – Well done and quite nice, but again not really my sort of thing.

    4) Marley – I did know this one, and I’m donding Bish on this one.

    5) NRBQ – They’re so ubiquitious here, not on the radio but as a touring band. I liked the sound of this one a lot, probably my pick of the batch (although as Chris would say, that’s faint praise). As someone who has nommed the ultra-pervy TYA and Dead versions of Good Morning Schoolgirl on the mothership, i guess it would be rich to nitpick the lyrics.

    6) I think DsD knows i’m a fan of Mr. Maitreya, but again i’m with Bish here. But what a voice he has, and such a beautiful man. And such a shame his career flamed out. Dunno what he needed, a better songwriter maybe?

  8. Knew 3 of these already & 2 stiil get regular play at Chez Fintan ( Carlos & Bob) & the 3rd being NRBQ who I always liked back in the 70s but somehow slipped from my consciousness. A condition soon to corrected – thanks TFD.
    My favorite of the rest had to be The Dreamlovers – right up my alley. Double T D’ has always left me meh. well played, polished finish but meh. Kara were fun ’cause they do all the things I like about Madonna without having to hear her lyrics.

  9. Kara sound intriguing considering what they look like ;-).Terence Trent D’Arby was a wow on the Tube and his first album pleased, but thereafter? Could I have heard Bob M too much and become jaded? Santana, I find, is just a bit too smooth. NRBQ didn’t stick. The only standout for me is Dreamlovers, but I’ve got a huge soft spot for 60s soul.

  10. Bit late in this week (been out demonstrating!)
    Kara – Yes, nice bit of light pop.
    Rob Thomas – Ok. Not bad.
    The Dreamlovers – Again, pretty good. You can see where the Walker Bros. got their ideas.
    Bob Marley – Bit over familiar with this one. Virtually every reggae compilation I’ve got sticks it on. Great track, but I’ve heard it too often.
    N.R.B.Q – This is a lot lighter than some of their other stuff. They made an album backing Carl Perkins in about 1970. Now THAT was good.
    Terence Trent Darby – He’s one of those people who I should like, but don’t much and I don’t know why. Irrational, I guess.
    Enjoyable set, SR. Merci bien!

  11. Kara. I enjoyed the imagery of you and TheOldH, Sakura. If it’s good enough for him, I reckon I can tolerate it! Somehow these pop boy/girl bands seem more disciplined than their UK counterparts.

    Rob/Santana. I know it of old, and it’s a fine song.

    Dreamlovers. Yes! Righteous!

    What about Bob? I do like this one very much.

    NRBQ. Didn’t know it, but it’s nice and 70s.

    Terence. Hit the spot very nicely.

  12. Late again … !

    Great set. To my ears, these were worms that pretty much all had that nice, familiar sound – whether I knew them of old or not. There is also a nice sunny vibe going on; most gratifying in this chilly weather.

    Kara – may be “pure K-pop”, but it put me in mind of the uber-pop-professionalism of artists like latter day Kylie. I suppose that sort of pop exemplar knows no boundaries.

    Rob Thomas and Santana – is, of course, heard quite often in England. Possibly because we hanker for the sun. But It’s a fabulously distinctive track, and very nice indeed.

    The Dreamlovers – Are you sure this *isn’t* the Righteous Brothers moonlighting? Very stoically optimistic.

    Bob Marley – Familiar. Sun-evoking.

    NRBQ – I can’t quite pinpoint a reference for this, but I do like it. And it does sound not-a-million-miles-away-from-something-I-know, in a good way.

    Terence Trent D’Arby – Oh, yes. Mr. Trent D’Arby’s voice is very distinctive. And very excellent. I often wonder what might have happened if he actually had replaced Michael Hutchence in INXS, as was rumoured… I liked INXS, but somehow I think Terence’s voice might have been too good. But it could have lifted the band. Probably would have necessitated a name change. I thought I didn’t know this then I wasn’t sure… but I’ve never knowingly heard the parent album, so I probably don’t know this song. Just the singer.

  13. waw.. mair gogo nzuud bna bich gsn iim nztai bsn l daa ghdee daraa ni bi tuuntei barag zooddloh dohson enen lol bish shuu zaza ene ch yahav unen gogo zaaval nmg nztaigaa muutsald haar buh yum nz nohorlol bolchdog so yum aa? ghdee l nice cool bna

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