15 thoughts on “Spot the ‘Spiller

  1. It is not fair ! ! !

    I have googled them and looked as much as I can and I can not figure it out ! ! !

    I need an easier clue ! ! !

      • Hi backatcha amylee! Yes indeed, it is Sourpus, formerly of this parish and part of the Great European Disappearing Act: frogprincess, TonNL, EJD, nilpferd (?), none of us seem to be around much any more. Nothing exciting going on here, I’m afraid, just ran out of time and energy a while back and am still seeking my mojo…..

      • Debby –

        Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we have a regular Tuesday playlist series ow. You post a playlist of 11 songs, and everyone votes one off. We’re booked up until the end of November, and taking a beak over the holidays. If you want to sign up for a week after the holiday break, i’m sure everyone would love to hear what you’re listening to these days.

  2. Ah right. I looked up the band on Wiki and realised that Ashley Rees must be the person we’re talking about. Then I tried (and failed) to work out if I knew who that was on R/R and here.

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