Why Are You Being So Toquiwa Now?

Tokyo all female three-piece TOQUIWA release their hi-energy J-punk in the UK on October the 22nd, 2012. Scopitones announced TOQUIWA’s self-titled debut on digital release and limited edition tour CD.
They begin touring the UK on 26/10 in Bournemouth – I’m going to be there (in a home made bright orange TOQUIWA T-shirt) – I also made a T-shirt using the ticket from a live Wedding Presents Ukrainian Sessions gig. But I can’t wear both.

This is the track listing and below the review are Smash Hits style questions sportingly answered by the band.

(I want to post this today – so I will have to ask Sakura to advise if I’ve got anything in the wrong places)

Photograph of the band used with permission – all designs created by arTEEsane are not for profit – please don’t use.

illustrative track from Music Ripple recorded as Pinky Piglets

The self titled album by Toquiwa on the Wedding Presents Scopitones label, should almost be called go out and get ’em girl – such is the frantic pace that they erupt with perfect pop rock. The first 13 seconds set up the album (you heard right – 13 seconds sets out their manifesto) – Fantasticly playing the many influences and condensing them into a tight Toquiwa package.
Strangely managing to be extremely talented musicians yet still exuding that punk ethic of innocence and naivety.
The tracks have so many astonishingly catchy segments and hooks, you wonder how the pace can be kept up, but keep up they do, building and building, twisting styles and era’s together as if timelines were squeezed, squashed and smashed into their musical brains. Until in comes out sounding as though these things should always have sat together (superbly) in each 3 minute track.
Not only that, they know how to sequence an album – just as your head might explode keeping up – (ten second bar room blues, into superfly 70’s style, into a quiet millisecond break – roaring back into .. you get the drift – I’m loath to compare because it all sounds so Toquiwa – but as reference you could detect The Animals merging with a Curtis Mayfield track with hints of Kirsty MacColl’s weariness and wonder, while a Status Quo repetitive rock riff underpins a track – and quite loud quiet indie rock aesthetics jostle in) they take a breather with a ballad – and then we are invited to party hard once again, ending with an enthusiastic Wedding Present adaption to thrill and inspire while closing the album out.
It’s fantastic fun – superbly performed and feverishly played. Total enjoyment.

Would they be happy to answer my frivolous questions linking to each song on the album?:


1 – A carousel or merry-go-round has rows of wooden horses on posts, but what animals would you swap them for? (to the accompany the track Tokyo Merry-Go-Round)

どんな動物がいいですか? (BGMは東京メリーゴーランド)


I would like giraffes or elephants.
Cause I’d like to go slow and see the world from high above.

2 – What’s your favourite number on a dice?


One. A journey begins with a single step.

3 – Japanese Girls or members of the Wedding Present – who would win:
a) an arm wrestle?
b) a raspberry blowing competition?

a) 腕相撲

b) ラズベリーブローイング

a) an arm wrestle?
Japanese girls. But we cannot beat Pepe, the lady boss.

b) a raspberry blowing competition?
TWP. David is the best!

4 – On a skateboard, do you stand with your left foot planted on the deck and push off with your right foot – or with your right foot standing and left foot kicking off?

スケートボードに乗る時、左足で乗って右足で蹴る? 右足で乗って左足で蹴る?

Stand with right foot and kick off with left foot.

5 – On U.S.O you sing ‘he’s so magic’ – what is your favourite magic trick? – are simple old fashioned ones best? or are the modern showmanship tricks better?

U.S.Oで「he’s so magic」と歌っていますが、好きなマジックのトリックは?
昔からの定番ネタ? それともモダンなショー?


I like classic ones. Simple and easy tricks.

6 – If only your brain was invited to a party, would it be less fun than having your skin and bones invited too?



Probably less fun but I’m sure I can have fun with my brain only.

7 – I’ve had a listen to your new album and the 3 words that sprung to mind were idiosyncratic, enthusiastic and delightful – what 3 words would you choose to describe it?



Spiritually one

8 – If The Rain Song was released as an old fashioned 7″ single – could you write ‘The Sun Song’ to go on the B side? – (please do, I imagine would be brilliant)

The Rain Songを7インチシングルのフォーマットでリリースすることになったら、
‘The Sun Song’ という曲を書いてB面に入れませんか?


Sure, we’d love to!

9 – You have been formed since 1998 (under a different guise) – are you better now as a band – or were you better then?



We are definitely better now.
With all the experiences that we had, we became more powerful.

10 – plain – milk – dark – nutty – what’s your favourite chocolate?



All of them!

11 – If you were given a Sea monster as a wedding present, would you look after it, or run away screaming?
(they hadn’t seen this picture of a three headed Gedge!)



I would look after it and keep a diary.

10 thoughts on “Why Are You Being So Toquiwa Now?

  1. Awesome art oh Sane one. Think you should have put up the questions in Japanese only so we could have played guess the question for ‘Spill points (Suspect Sukura might have won)

    • Thanks Sakura – it’s been fun working on it with you – you are far better at this collaborating on posts than I am.

      Got to say a big thank you to Jessica at Scopitones for sorting out everything for us and Toquiwa for answering our questions while preparing to tour and release the record.

      My little boy is sat here going “my giraffe – my elephant – my feet” while I’m trying to type this.

    • There’s only one track to listen to (from a previous release – I put the track list in to show why I asked those questions ……

      Pip is helping me do my ‘work’ until Thursday when I travel down to see the band play – my design’s are going very smoothly with the added help! He is setting up the toys perfectly (for photographing) and then running off with them – before I finish – as he should.

      (I think I mentioned to everyone who wants RR t-shirts, it’ll be a little slow for the next couple of weeks)

    • possible gig experience write up when I’m back home – but I’m off to catch up with old friends for a few days – so none of my own technology to play with… (and lots of lightweight drinking to partake in – heehee)
      Proper gig report might have to wait until they play Norwich next month.

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