Spare Blushes

Buzzcocks – Somethings Gone Wrong Again
Passions – Don’t Talk To Me (I’m Shy)
Stranglers – I Feel Like A Wog
Elastica – Stutter
Wolfgang Press – Sucker
Veruca Salt – So Weird
David Shrigley – Dont’s
Magazine – I Want To Burn Again

Hidden Orchestra – Stammer
Tindersticks – Marbles
Thee More Shallows – Monkey Vs. Shark
Calvin Party – Life and Other Sex Tragedies
Ballboy – The Sash My Father Wore
Nina Nastasia – All Your Life
Chris Garneau – Halloween

11 thoughts on “Spare Blushes

    • Thanks for the save from the indignity of a blanking. The Chris Garneau would be the be the one I’d like to see get a nod, but my no-linking policy probably hasn’t helped the cause.

      • Do you do a link to your Spill post? I don’t think you do, do you. You might get more love that way. Unless you prefer the small, but highly concentrated love you get from me, amylee, shane, and sometimes fuel and helen 🙂

  1. Hi Shoey, late to the party here, but I finally got a day off. Got nearly through the first set when Firefox crashed. Think it’s time i updated to Snow Leopard but i’m still feeling too cheap.

    Agree wtih SpottedRich, the Buzzcocks were great. Also liked Veruca Salt of course, and David Shrigley. Off for the second set now..

      • I hate Safari. Crashes too much. Anything with a lot of videos or live streams kills Safari fast. Firefox is tougher stuff, but it seems that it’s not supported anymore on my OSX 10.

  2. Hi Shoegazer. Like I said to SpottedRichard on the earworms thread, I haven’t had chance to listen to any playlists this week. Kids on half term have prevented any quality time with uninterrupted headphones on. I also promised I’d listen to Shane’s rodent list, but couldn’t managed that either, so now I’m well behind on my musical rent. Just joking, I know I’m not obliged to listen and I know you’re not really bovvered if I do or not but I want to hear them, because up to now they’ve been great mixes of classics and brand spanking new tunes to me, which is lovely and I’ll shut the fuck up now ok?.

    • Moi shut up?? Ha! Ha! So, like I said, half term has upset my usual musical balance (remind me why I had kids again? Only jesting. Love em to peeces) as I like to spend the days, like Ms Anita Lane – Lost In Music. Suits me just fine.

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