Earworms 22 October 2012

Never To Be Repeated Offer: Eight for the price of six! Sorry if that’s two too many, but with eight great songs at an average running time of 2.30 minutes,  and a total playlist time of 20.2 minutes, I couldn’t resist.

1: Slim Harpo – I’ve Got Love If You Want It ~ Fintan

Can’t help but think when this came out in 1957 no one knew what to do with it.  Wasn’t much like it out.  It still sounds fresh 55 years on

2: Sir Douglas Quintet – Bacon Fat ~ Treefrogdemon

Sir Doug and his pals are down in the swamp, but without their signature Vox Continental unfortunately. If only I’d thought of this when it was RRSA dance styles..

3: Johnny Burnette – You’re The Reason ~ RockingMitch

Johnny had left his Rock ‘n’ Roll Trio behind when he cut this cover of Harlan Howard’s song. It was just before Johnny’s untimely death in a boating accident. I was fortunate enough to see him perform live at the Lewisham Odeon in 1962.

4: Buddy Holly – Midnight Shift (Ohh Annie!) ~ Treefrogdemon

One of Buddy’s earliest recordings, it was made in Nashville in 1956 before ever Norman Petty (no relation) enticed him over to Clovis, New Mexico. It’s a surprisingly adult theme (he didn’t write it), far away from the high school romance songs he wrote later. This is take 11, famous for the “Ohh Annie!” at the end. Well, famous if you’re a Buddy Holly fan anyway.

5: Sam Sak Band – Ling Job Meu Sua ~ Pairubu

This is the Sam Sak Band, from Thailand. That’s all I know. They produced 1 EP ( as far as I know) ,  sometime in the 60s or 70s,  which has some of the wildest Thai pop I have ever heard on it. Songs about cats and this which is, basically, mad.

6: JD McPherson – North Side Gal ~ SpottedRichard

I sent this song with the authentic vibe to Mitch for a listen. He roared and called it “trendy rockabilly”. He said the double bass player would have ditched that for a Fender in a heart-beat. He’s right, but I still love it.

7: Screaming Lord Sutch And The Savages – Good Golly Miss Molly ~ RockingMitch

Whilst his Lordship’s voice wasn’t exactly the greatest, the backing on this from Dave’s original Savages is phenomenal. With Nicky Hopkins on piano, Bernie “Strawberry” Watson on lead and Carlo Little on drums, this set of Savages was great. In fact, Ricky Fenson-Brown’s bass playing on this is what got me into the instrument. This lot later became Cyril Davis’s R & B All Stars.

8: The Marketts – Balboa Blue ~ Fintan

Summer’s over? Like hell it is.  There’s sand and sunlights at the hardware, cocoa butter at the drug store and the Marketts to fill your soul with blissfully simple surf music.  Go ahead stomp around your kitchen for a bit.

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist or has sent them in to the wormbank. Please send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked to either earworm@tincanland.com or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

33 thoughts on “Earworms 22 October 2012

  1. Note about Bacon Fat. For some reason the mp3 would not upload into the audio player and I had to use an inferior version which crackles (sorry bish). The download is the one TFD supplied.

    Incidentally, I have a cool version of Bacon Fat by Levon Helms and The Hawks.

  2. A Monday morning Rock & Roll party!
    This is one of the few occasions when I have most of the tracks on offer.
    Slim Harpo, Sir Douglas were brilliant. Buddy’s song was based on a plethora of stuff about the naughty “Annie” which was started by Hank Ballard on his “Work With Me Annie” and is, of course, peerless.
    I remember the Marketts, but never bought any of their stuff. Good, though.
    Sam Sak Band. Like pairubu says, barmy!
    JD McPherson. Not much I can add. Good voice, though.

  3. Awipbipareebokawipboomba !
    Awesome rockingness.
    Might be the first time I’ve seen the words “Lewisham” and “Fortunate” in the same sentence.
    Buddy’s the fave. Always was, always will be.

  4. Most invigorating. Unfortunately I’m at work so will listen again at home and say yeah and stuff like that. All great but especially Sam Sak Band’s bonkers rendition.

  5. Perfect antidote to both the gloomy grey weather covering northern England this morning, and to my earlier-morning RR listening to Lynsey de Paul and Kathryn Wliiams, lovely though they are.

    Great set of tunes from across the rock’n’roll spectrum. My only disagreement is that I was grooving, rather than “stomping”, around the kitchen to The Marketts.

    • I had a listen to Kathryn Williams and had to cut it off, it was so sad. Lyndsey De Paul was rather sugary but a lovely song.She is a very decent songwriter with a few Ivor Novellos under her belt. Yay, Lindsey.

      • I wasn’t sure what to make of Lynsey when I was eleven or twelve years old, but she had her own individual songwriting talent at a time when the charts were full of glam rock and those foot stomps. I listened to Won’t Somebody Dance With Me a few times yesterday morning afetr I’d nominated it, felt a bit sad and sniffly, and luckily had these earworms to restore my mood !

  6. It’s a bit odd that music once regarded as being the work of Satan now sounds rather sweet and simple: clean arrangements with crisp basslines & sax solos (and handclaps!); 12-bar verse/chorus/break format using 3 chords; max 2.5 minutes; nary a devil’s interval in earshot. OK, some of the words may be suggestive, but much less so than the ‘jelly-roll’ innuendo of pre-war days.

    The Buddy track was probably my fave, too, but the Thai take on the genre was the most fun.

  7. As it turns out the first winter storm of the season is sweeping into the Sierras this morning,. Was 80 on Friday, 70s the weekend & the possibility of snow on the valley floor tomorrow. To say this list hit the spot well understates the case. Nothing like a big honkin’ sax to blow away the chill. On my 2nd time through & loving it all. The standouts ( mostly ’cause they’re new-to-me) are Bacon Fat & Midnight Shift.

    • How ungracious of me not to welcome you to Earworms first thing earlier today, eric, but am very glad you are here. I (and I am sure the other wormers) will be very glad to have you drop by whenever you feel like it, or even better, dive right in.

  8. Loved Slim Harpo and Bacon Fat. The Thai song was batshit, loved it too. Agree with Mitch about His Lordship, that was great.

    Thanks all, and SpottedRich!

  9. Buddy Holly & J D McPherson take it for me but a great set, and congratulations on fitting in the Sam Sak Band so seemlessly! Good Golly Miss Spotted, you’ve done it again.

  10. What fun!
    Loved ’em all.

    Several things make the Thai track stand out (it is bonkersly excellent), but I couldn’t help but hear the line “Sing little bird, sing, sing” from Martin Stephenson’s rather less bonkers song, “Me and Matthew”.

    But that’s probably just me.

  11. I am glad that (so far) everyone has enjoyed this weeks set.

    They all shine for different reasons. Screaming Lord Sutch’s take on Good Golly Miss Molly is monstrously energetic and the bass and drums are particularly brilliant. I now know nearly all the words to the supremely enjoyable Ling Job Meu Sua and can join in with gusto. Buddy Holly’s early and slightly self-conscious song with the Ooh Annie is pure gold. Johnny Burnette has burnished depths, Sir Doug and his whoops and hollers are ace and I have quite a few Slim Harpo songs. I love the way his adenoidal voice works so well with the crisp guitar sound. Balboa Blue is a wowzer and so evocative of the time. Perfect.

    I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite.

    • Spot on with the Slim Harpo description. I’ve just turned Mark on (no I won’t go there, you’re safe!) to his music, after sneaking a few of his songs on his mp3. Sorry, not got time to listen to any full playlists this week, which is a buggar. As soon as I put my headphones on, you can guarantee the kids will start playing up downstairs or wherever, and the rest of the time, we out somewhere. Off to Blackpool this avvy. I will return here. Looks rockin’!!

  12. I’m a bit late (sorry, work followed by parents’ evening last night), it is a lovely collection of tunes, very well put together as always, thanks SR. Favourite is Johnny Burnette, was he good at the Lewisham Odeon, RockingMitch?

    As it’s a bit of a rock n roll/rockabilly week, did anyone else enjoy hearing ‘Tutti Fruitti’ whilst James and Denise jived on Strictly Come Dancing the other week? Somewhat murdered by Dave Arch and his not always fabulous singers, but still…

    • Yes, he was excellent! Also on the bill were Gary .US. Bonds and Gene McDaniels. Good show!
      I did see “Tutti Frutti” on “Strictly”. The sax solo on the show was pretty close to Little Richard’s recording (played by Lee Allen). One of Dave Arch’s singers is Lance Ellington, son of Ray who, amongst other things, used to do the music on “The Goon Show”.

      • Ah, glad I’m not the only viewer of the show, we had to use the mute button for some of the songs that week (Puppy Love? Really?), I think there might have been a change of female vocalists for last week as it seemed much better, but I’m really glad they have a live band.

        Sounds like a great line up, you must have seen some wonderful shows over the years (and played some I’m sure).

      • Yes, Beth. I did think of writing a book once about all the gigs I’ve been to/played at. It started in 1960 with Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent and the last live gig I went to was Little Richard at the Royal Festival Hall in2005.
        The 60s were a good time to see people at a still affordable price. For instance, the Stax Revue (Otis, Wilson Pickett, Sam & Dave, Booker T. etc) cost the princely sum of 10/6d (52.5p)!

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