RR Player Shirt


I think I got the inaugural RR Player shirt? It arrived today (unannounced, with no fanfare) and was a wonderful surprise. It totally exceeded my expectations.

Shane had emailed me a list of my A listers to check which took me a few hours as I hadn’t got a clue and had to look some of them up in The Marconium. He has listed these as you can see on the design.

I requested a long sleeve ladies style in a faded-out looking black or gray colour. The fabric is great.  Here’s a picture of everything except the neck (which is round).

This is going to be my Thursday shirt from now on.


Thanks Shane!

15 thoughts on “RR Player Shirt

  1. SR was specific on what type of shirt wanted – I ended up designing for a Charcoal shirt – so the flock print had a great visual effect – I also spent a late evening ironing those creased sleeves before being sent out – there was a lot of placing colours on the shirt to make sure no smurf blue took over !

    It was brilliant to do – the research to get SR’s a and b list triumphs – (plus an Abergavenny and a couple of ugggg’s) is a really interesting experiment in RR history – the tracks can just about be read – so no one is going to sit and question your taste on a night out – but a close look will give a very strange idea of what we do for fun.

    Because – obviously, if I asked you to name – say your 20 fav songs – it wouldn’t be the history of RR A listers. It’s taken me 7 years to get the Wolfgang Press selected – for instance.

    This is a selection of song that fit themes – bizarrely satisfying to do – I’m glad I had a different PlayeRRs list to go through – because I started doing my own – to show what could be produced… and just didn’t know how to proceed.
    When SR said she wanted one – I then had to finalise how I would go about doing it. It’s easy for me to have idea’s – no so easy for me to get off my arse and finish them. (see Blimpy’s idle questions below)

    The Guest Guru T-s have taken on a very real home in my imagination – at the moment I’m working on one each for Daddypig and bishbosh – each is unique – just the way each results playlist is unique.

    So enjoyable.. there will only ever be slight DNA similarities in each shirt – but nothing to ever say ‘this is not a one off’.

    Anyone who wants a playeRR shirt will have to help with collecting their A and B lists – I’m thinking of doing them as an A3 print too – just in case anyone wanted to frame one and show off their taste better .. heehee. I’m doing the selection of tracks up to the new GG era, so we get a definite cut off point.

    Cheers SR for being the pioneer playeRR.

  2. That looks great. I love long sleeve shirts, i don’t wear short sleeves, even in summer. How many A-listers i have – no idea. Maybe kissing 20, or maybe not. Are we supposed to do a post or something when we hit 20? I think i remember Bish and maybe Tfd doing one.

  3. Previous T-shirt post

    Price for the T-shirts including postage:
    UK £16.70
    Europe £18.50
    World £20.00
    (I’ve taken a bit more of a hit on the Europe and World postage prices so the jump isn’t too great and people like Fuel and Sakura are not left out – because this isn’t an excluding blog – so it shouldn’t be an excluding idea to get an individually designed T-shirt)

    I’ve now created the first playeRRs shirt see SR’s post above, again unique to each individual..

    what I need for that is:

    T- shirt colour and style (long sleeve would be priced little more)
    Any colours you detest.

    and a help in finding your A and B triumphs on RR – I went through with SpottedRichard to find the tracks in the marconium – it would save me a lot of effort if you could e-mail me your list:

    song first /then artist /then topic.

    send that to my design e-mail address:

    … and I will keep you informed of how I’m getting on with the designs.

    If you want the Guest Guru T-shirt,

    what I need is:

    Guru name to go on t-shirt.
    Date of Guru start.
    T- shirt colour and style (long sleeve would be priced little more)
    Any colours you detest.

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