Aw shucks !

Only a couple this week

My Little Airport- Because I was too nervous at that time
Non Stop Body- For the shy girl.

3 thoughts on “Aw shucks !

  1. The Non-Stop Body sounded pretty good! Wish i had a clue about the lyrics, are they pervy?

    Your little puppy is absolutely adorable.

  2. Blast! I totally forgot to comment after listening. Mucho apologios. Like them both but ran out of nominating time. Horrible week for me.

    You know, Pairubu, I’ve come to the conclusion that you need a YouTube channel so you can upload all your fab funky stuff. Yep. That’s the answer. You win. I win.

  3. A lickle playlist I can just about squeeze in. Love the My Little Airport song. How sweet it is! Non Stop Body most excellent too. Your pooch is well cute btw. Those eyes are killers. I know that look very well!

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