Every so often I come across a song that would surely be destined for the A List …if only the appropriate topic hadn’t already been and gone. Here courtesy of Mr Wanky’s youtube channel is one such track, spot on for last year’s Anti Christmas Songs topic. It appears to be by a Japanese band called The Injections…enjoy (warning : contains rude words, and images that may be distressing for young children)

14 thoughts on “ONE THAT GOT AWAY

  1. Wyngate –

    Don’t forget that we have a Christmas song edition of Earworms every December. Next anti-Christmas song you find has a home waiting…

  2. Ah that would’ve been perfect for songs with less than 10 words. My kids are currently at the cinema watching a film about flying reindeer.. I will not play them this.

    • Understandable. My dad being somewhat on the rationalist side of things brought me up knowing that Santa didn’t exist (people are horrified but it did me no harm) but I think he would have stopped short of playing me this.

  3. A bad Santa might just escape the wrath of this angry lot methinks. And Billy Bob Thornton is always welcome to come on over to my place on Xmas Eve or any eve for that matter. Must check out Wanky’s channel for a few laughs more.

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