A favorite view for years. Looking down into Washoe Valley.

A Perfect song?  Seems to be the consensus there’s no such thing.  I’ll posit though there might be perfect moments ( or as near we humans get).  And isn’t it glorious when that fleeting moment has a soundtrack?  I’ve skied to music for 30 years or so now & each year I start out with a review of last year’s playlists.  I used to have to do this on tape but digital has made it so much easier.   It occurred to me – big bright light this – Hey!  There’s a post’s worth.  So I’ve reduced it down to the required 11 & offer it up for dissection.  Each one of these tunes has provided me with a moment of exaltation that hopefully can be tapped for future use.  When I’m drooling into my own nappy maybe they can point my chair to the mountains, strap on the headphones & I’ll be able to press replay in my head.  So what makes a good ski tune?  Fluid energy, tightly constructed music, lyrics that don’t get in the way & something that can withstand repeat listens usually.  Got a favorite athletic or physical song (hopefully both) ?   Offer it up!  The mountains are calling.  Rules:  Raise one to the summit & leave the other in it’s own sitzmark.  Prime Spill points to the she or he who guesses the all time champion.  List on the other side.

The List

1. Skateaway – Dire Straits

Great warm up tune.  Excellent for big sweeping turns on spring corn.  Also primo for lift ride watching.

2. Laid – James

Relentless drums keep you focused in the trees.

3. Kissing The Lipless – The Shins

From the appropriately named Chutes Too Narrow album,  this makes the list for a staggeringly gorgeous moment when the air was saturated with very dry powder snow being refracted by the weak January sun, then dancing to the xylophone notes at the end.

4. The Lovecats – The Cure

There are many Cure songs ( 5 on present list) that make great ski songs.  This kept coming on when I was skiing an unnamed area of my home mountain.  It provides the perfect tension between rhythm & not taking yourself too seriously when in difficult terrain.  I now just refer to that area as Lovecats.

5. Into The Valley – The Skids

Bravado required?  This has it in spades.

6. The Lonely Surfer – Jack Nitzsche

Perfect for exploring new terrain.  Reins you in at just the right points.

7. Mad About You – Belinda Carlisle

Another Spring skiing gem.  This has the perfect flow to chase you through trees or mogul fields.  Also has the heartbeat bass to steady your breathing.

8. Welcome To Paradise – Green Day

Another great one for the mogul fields.  The middle section in particular.

9. Suicide Blonde – INXS

All purpose shred worthy piece.  From the harmonica notes on,  it just carves it up.

10. Penetration – The Pyramids

Lots of surf music makes it in & out of the playlist.  This is always there because it’s tightly focused & gets you through the trees in a most excellent manner.

11. She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult

Want to get the adrenalin flowing?   Pause at the top of a north facing chute & imagine the Heaeayys at the start echoing through the canyon below.  Nothing for it but to drop in.

108 thoughts on “SPILL GAME WEEK 10 : SHRED ONE

  1. Fuel sets off for the punk gig:

    I’d drop The Cult because I never forgave them for not continuing as Southern Death Cult and doing more songs like “Fat Man”.

    • This is definitely shred worthy. You can bounce in the bumps or tear up the fresh with it. Always like a bit of punk in the list.

      • Cheers. They have many better songs, but this was the first youtube video I could find with the Totaalinen Kakkahätä cover. I’ll give a serious answer much later on. I’ll put proper links in next time as well. Cheerio

      • Fuel – how can you post this without explaining that the band name means “Needing a Shit – ’77” (please correct me if I’m wrong there – that was what I was told by the bloke in the record shop) – which is a great band name?!

        I’ve got a lovely 7 track clear yellow vinyl 7″ of theirs and a badge!

      • Can’t fault the translation but it’s not really nuanced. Old punk Kari Peitsamo wrote a song about them called Urgent Need to Poo-Poo in 1977, which is closer to how young children use the phrase. My second child is fond of loudly saying “Mulla on kakkahätä” in the middle of shopping centres. Kakka is kack/poo. Paska is shit; as in “Sama paska aina vaan” (The same shit as always). I recommend everything by them, they know their shit. IIRC they broke up last year after an onstage fight But I’m sure they’ve reformed already.

  2. I do like She Sells Sanctuary I must admit. It helped me break the ice with a very difficult 12 year old with a lot of bad shit in his little life, when I worked in a school Learning Support Unit. I used to run a chess club there, and I was taking a few kids to a tournament in Salford, including Trouble T Roy child (he was a fine little chess player btw). That song came on the radio, and he started singing along and we got chatting about music. His parents liked some good stuff and he’d obviously soaked it up. Bless him. I’ll have a listen to this playlist laters dude x

  3. I’ve never been skiing, so my judgement will have to be on the songs without snow. If I ever try it, I’ll take your list and let you know!

    Of course I adore the ‘Lovecats’ and ‘She Sells Sanctuary’, both remind me of solitary walks as a teenager by the river, but I can see they might suit speedier transport.

    The first 3 show a difference between what I like in a male vocalist and you, I think. I enjoyed hearing ‘Into the Valley’ again, the Jack Nitzsche is new to me and did make me think of James Bond film skiing, so must be appropriate.

    Green Day sound as I expect, quite likeable, I have a soft spot for Michael Hutchence, so INXS aren’t going anywhere and the Pyramids are lovely, so I’m afraid it’s either Belinda or Dire Straits, or both. Mostly a very enjoyable list.

    p.s. even after so many years I still get excited when the intro to the Cult song starts 😉

  4. I’d have to keep Green Day. I had just heard this song on the radio yesterday and was thinking that when they had their breakthrough who’d have guessed they’d still be around almost 20 years later?
    The US TV show CSI:NY is doing an episode Friday built around their music with no dialogue for the first half of the show. I’m not much a fan of the show – my wife is – but it’ll be interesting to see how that works out.

  5. Couldn’t wait to listen to this list, and yet again i’m convinced that Fintan is my long lost big brother whose room i used to sneak into and listen to records. I already know at least half of these songs, and based on that wonder how i’m going to be able to toss anythig.

    1) Dire Straits – Never a complaint about them. But wonder if this is going to be the one to be tossed due to the excellent company it’s keeping.

    2) James – I so, so love this song. Not going anywhere!

    3) Shins – New to me. Not doing much for me either, actually. Possible toss candidate.

    4) Cure – A keeper, although it wouldn’t make my top 5 Cure tunes.

    5) Skids – New to me. I like it! Keep.

    6) The Lonely Surfer – New to me, a bit meh. Possible toss.

    7) Belinda – I love this song. Was the first song i though of for the Euphoria topic. Best giddy falling in love song ever. Stupid lyrics only add to the charm, who has anything intelligent to say when you’re first head over heels anyway.

    8) Green Day – Not going anywhere, of course.

    9) INXS – Love it. You bet it’s staying.

    10) Pyramids – New to me. Gnarly!

    11) The Cult – Well, if you wanted as perfect a rock tune to keep as Hocus Pocus, this would be it. It was love at first listen, and decades later still never, ever get tired of it. Crown jewel of a great list.

    So keep, the whole list, almost. But gun to my head, it has to be the Cult, with James a close second. Toss – The Lonely Surfer, i think. Because meh is about the worst i can say about anything on the list.

    Thanks, Fintan! I’m awake now.

  6. Dire Straits: I thought Ali had challenged me with her Robert Palmers and Don Henleys but Dire Straits really were the ultimate “must despise” band when I was a teen. I don’t feel as strongly about them as I was indoctrinated to back then, but this still doesn’t do it for me, I’m afraid. It’s a contendah…

    James: Love it. And got one of my first A Listers with “Sometimes” from the same album, which makes me even fonder. Keep.

    The Shins: New to me. Very nice. Keep.

    <The Cure: One of my first loves. Sang this dressed and made up as Robert Smith at a school music comp at aged 15 or thereabouts. Didn’t win. Still love it. Keep.

    The Skids: I think I first heard this on one of those ‘hilarious’ misheard lyrics ads for Maxell tapes. See also Desmond Dekker’s “The Israelites”. Great stuff. Keep.

    Jack Nitzche: Another one I’m unfamiliar with. Lovely. I can definitely imagine this on the slopes. Or I could if I skied. Keep.

    Belinda Carlisle: Weirdly, I was wiki-ing Belinda the other day. I hadn’t realised how many UK Top 40 hits she’d had. 19! I’d have put it at about half a dozen. This wasn’t one of them but it’s pleasant enough. Guitar solo strikes me as a bit unoriginal but not offensive. It’s perhaps another contender – not cos it’s bad, just cos others have been preferable to me.

    Green Day: Another one I’ve not heard before. I’ve always quite liked Billy Joe Whatsit’s voice. Not sure I like this song as much as, eg, Longview, but it’s OK.

    INXS: More interesting sonically than I think I gave it credit for at the time of release. Like the harmonica. Keep.

    The Pyramids: Like the sense of drama. Keep.

    The Cult: I find The Cult a bit silly and samey, but if you’re gonna have one of their records, this is it. Keep.

    Hm, so it appears to be between Belinda and Dire Straits. I’m afraid I need to retain my pure-pop credentials: Knopfler and co to go.

    Really nice list though – I wanna go skiing now!

  7. I don’t normally play this game as I don’t want to upset anyone with my pungent, unfair and prejudiced views.
    However I’m prepared to break cover this time to say “Ditch the Dire Straits”.
    Doesn’t matter what else is there, The answer will, for me, always be “Ditch the Dire Straits”.
    Call if blind prejudice ( you’d be right) , call it unfair but don’t call me late for dinner.

  8. This is a great playlist and a lovely concept. I want to go skiing now too! (I went several times as a teenager, but never since).

    No obvious duds, but I think I’m going to have to say a reluctant goodbye to Belinda, just for a few too many 80s-isms for my ears (I could probably forgive these if I knew the song from the time, but coming to it now they jar a bit).

    James, The Shins and The Cure were the peaks for me; Dire Straits, Green Day and INXS (haven’t heard this for ages) all pleasant surprises.

    • I think you’ve hit that one straight on. Was totally enamored of Belinda & the Go-Gos so I don’t notice those moments as much. And I’ve listened to it countless times . Still Belinda seems to be teetering on the edge of an icy crevasse list wise.

  9. Last skiing holiday I went on was around the time Belly’s first album came out, and I remembering listening to that (though not on the slopes). I think Dusted could make a good skiing tune:

  10. Didn’t think I’d like Dire Straits song but I did. Mind you, I prefer blades to rollers. Can’t dance on ice for peanuts, but I can tear up a rink wiv gusto and speed! Loved em all here Fintan. Always love James (saw Tim Booth in a still highly controversial play by Edward Bond – Saved, at The Octogon Theatre, Bolton. I loved it, but others obviously appalled and walked out. He put in a decent understated performance too). Shins song is great – I adore James Mercer so that has to stay. Great to hear Into The Valley again ( I had Scared To Dance on vinyl as a kid). Lovecats – yeah!! Liked Green Day, but that bass-line in the middle somewhere, don’t half rip off the bass at the start of Killing An Arab. Jack Nitzsche fab! New to me, and I love it. Same goes for The Pyramids. She Sells Sanctuary. I’m with Amy and Beth. Jumping round the kitchen to that. Knackered now. Will have a rest, some grub, and then over to Shoegazers playlist. Wow! I love this Spill me. Wish I’d joined in before.

    Oh and one out, I’d say Belinda. Nice song, but for me, it would make a great tune if it was a bit more well ‘ard.

    • Ooh Belinda takes another digger. Glad you enjoyed the rest. I roller skated endless hours as a youngster. Also ice skated. Skiing, like skates, is mostly about the edging. I first got the idea of skiing to music from a skater girl. & there’s a link to the Dire Straits, eh.

  11. I have never been skiing, nor have I any desire to do so. That being said, I shall still pass judgement:
    1. Skateaway – Dire Straits. Knopfler is a genuine guitar talent and seems to be a nice bloke. But…. This is vanilla MOR rock, isn’t it? Competent and meh.
    2. Laid – James. Another over-familiar chord sequence, repeated ad infinitum. More vanilla.
    3. Kissing The Lipless – The Shins. I like the energy level on this one, and the sudden reversion to voice and acoustic. Deffo keep this one.
    4. The Lovecats – The Cure. Yeah, I have fond memories of this. Wonderfully at odds with their image and great fun. Keep.
    5. Into The Valley – The Skids. I’ve heard this before, too! Pity about the Gary Glitter chorus in the background but still OK. Just about straddles the anti-music position of punk and the desire to actually play music.
    6. The Lonely Surfer – Jack Nitzsche. Still waiting for the vocals. Pity about the trumpeting horn at the end but still OK.
    7. Mad About You – Belinda Carlisle. Identikit pop just doesn’t do it for me. Shoot that effing drummer (but I should be glad it’s a human, I suppose)!
    8. Welcome To Paradise – Green Day. A proper rock band, if not one I’m a huge fan of. Keep though.
    9. Suicide Blonde – INXS. A proper ‘rock band’. Like the harmonica; pity it wasn’t employed better. Didn’t really go anywhere.
    10. Penetration – The Pyramids. Groovy, yeah! You can get some fantastic sounds out of these new-fangled electric geetars, can’t you? A bit of musical history worth preserving (in this list, anyway).
    11. She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult. I like the bit where the drummer takes a rest. Other than that, it’s a bit monotonous.

    I can see that moving at speed down mountain slopes may require music from the less subtle end of the spectrum, so my judgements are inappropriately harsh (for a change!), but Belinda is my candidate to not make it to the après-ski party. Yes, she can piste off!

    • “Yes, she can piste off!” Love that one. Poor Belinda. And your right a certain construction is required, specially in the trees. I’ve a good friend who has a pair of Head (the brand) skis with the Grateful Dead Skull & Roses emblazoned on them & Jerry’s signature. Even He says it’s unsafe to ski to the Dead.

  12. Lovecats is a long-time favourite so that stays. I quite like the Dire straits one but the rest can go straight into the bin as far as I’m concerned. My high energy track?

  13. Although I nearly went to Brackenridge once, I’ve never been on ski’s in my life, I’d definitely die embracing a tree – especially if I was listening to this playlist, because it’s a killer. The only thing that might send me crashing on purpose would be Dire Straits, so that’s the one I’d kick over the crevice. The Shins was my favourite. Oddly, I was listening to this very same Jack Nitzsch instrumental just a few days ago and reading about him on wiki.

    Most excellent.

  14. Dire Straits – Hated them with a passion of course circa Brothers In Arms. Money For Nothing would have instantly made the bin. This isn’t quite so irritating, other than the faux-Americanisms. Ad I can feel the musical integrity dripping from under Knopfler’s sweaty headbad. It can stay – just!

    James – Couldn’t remember it until I heard it and thought “Oh – that one”. Like a lot of their other ones but not as catchy as the big hits. It ca stay though.

    The Shins – Never heard them before. But I like it to my surprise! Nice – i a good way.

    The Cure – Loved it when it first came out. Died a long slow death through overfamilarity for me, but it can stay for old time’s sake.

    The Skids – Of course it stays! This souds like ski-ing music to me (I don’t go ski-ing , but never mind). Predictable favourite.

    Jack Nitzsche – Another surprise. Not the sort of thing I ever listen to but I really liked it!

    Belinda Carlisle – Horrible 80s production. Candidate for the bin.

    Green Day – I hate Green Day as much as any punk, but I liked this when it came out. Watered dow Husker Du , but there are worse things than that.

    INXS – A remix of all their other hits? Not keen.

    The Pyramids – I hate to say it but this kind of stuff has never done a thing for me.

    The Cult – See my comments about the The Cure – exactly the same applies. I prefer Spiritwalker

    I hate to say it but The Pyramids go i the bin before Straits and Carlisle. I guess I’m a child of the 80s whethe I likeit or not. Plenty of good stuff on the list though.

    • A lot of punk music works pretty well. Mekons, Buzzcocks, Motors, The Boys, Plimsouls , Clash have all spent time on the list. Others but can’t think just now.

  15. Dire Straits. Sultans Of Swing was a brilliant & original single. Instead of developing that sound they became pale imitators of Springsteen. Bland.

    James. Peak of a great band. Cross the finish first.

    Shins. What a horrible wail. Would ski as far away from it as possible. Loser of the week.

    Cure. Bittersweet, as it pretty much killed off the old Cure in favour of smart pop.

    Skids. Now why didn’t this get nommed in bass week?

    Jack Nitzsche. It’s Bert Kaempfert. Why not? Let there be lounge.

    Belinda Carlisle. 80’s drek. Bury under avalanche.

    Green Day. Bubblegum punk. There should be a Ramones Broadway musical.

    INXS. Saved by white boy funk guitar.

    Pyramids. Skis Up? Great tune, although isn’t surf music all the same one?

    Cult. The Rolling Stones of Goth.

    Fun list, Fintan.

  16. Lineup to date –

    Oct 23 – Beth

    Oct 30- Chris

    Nov 6 – Abahachi

    Nov 13 – Gentle Irish Punk

    Nov 20 – DsD

    Nov 27th – ?

    Can probably get another list in on Nov. 27 before the holiday shit hits the fan. SHA? Wyngate? Zala? Mnemonic? Fuel or Panth (I know you guys are busy)? Dralfie? If no takers, then the series can go on hiatus until after the New Year.

  17. I’ve never been skiing, and never will. But even when I wasn’t a fat middle-aged bloke with a knackered leg, I could never [roller-]skate, couldn’t stay on a skateboard to save even my favourite jeans, and only went ice-skating twice (both with the same girlfriend, who I lost after spending forty minutes – twice – falling over and swearing). So a soundtrack-to-hurtle-down-mountains-to is not something I feel qualified to comment on … but since when did that ever stop me? 😉 Here goes nothing –

    Dire Straits – My history with them is that I always wanted to dislike them for placing technical ability above passion. So there are a couple of DS tunes that I love, but the rest of their canon never gets above ‘meh’. Skateaway is an early favourite for being pushed off a hidden precipice.

    James – Stays. Always liked this, even through being unable to define why, and despite having to wear a public facemask of disdain about it. Peer pressure, huh? Whaddya gonna do, eh?

    The Shins – I own this album, because so many people told me I had to after it came out. But somehow I just don’t get it, or them. I’d forget I had my Walkman on through this song.

    The Cure – see what I just wrote about James? Copy’n’paste here.

    The Skids – Has to stay, as I was using it as musical accompaniment to a speed rush myself only this morning, rallying along the moortop roads outside of Haworth trying not to be late for work. Can still remember dancing to this on release at a disco at Chester’s Northgate Arena. Had sad news earlier this year that the girl I was trying (& succeeding) to impress that night died of cancer late last year. RIP Jo-Jo Judge.

    Jack Nitzsche – The first newtome of the list. Most intriguing. Deffo stays.

    Belinda Carlisle – Too nondescript Americal pop for my liking, but I think I can see why it works in the ski-soundtrack context. Now a three-horse race for that precipice.

    Green Day – Stays, on principle, for that riff, for the urgency, and just because it’s everything Dire Straits aren’t. Nice bass too, eh, Fintan?
    Oh. We’re finished with that, aren’t we? Sorry.

    INXS – Safe from the precipice by virtue of being tied to a tree with a snakeskin belt. I’d damn the song with faint praise if I say any more.

    The Pyramids – The second newtome on this playlist. A big DsD grin whilst desk-surfing and typing with my toes says this stays. 8)

    The Cult – Kinda saving the best for last here, I reckon. My auto-winner, as I already loved it so much.

    So, decisions decisions. I can’t make one. I’m gonna give each of my 3 bums the same piste map: at least one of the maps has the ski-run pen line heading towards the drop-off.

    • The typo police have made me clean up my mess:

      Americal needs an N where the L is.
      8) used to be a sunglasses-wearing smiley. It obviously isn’t any more.

    • Wonderful bass line DSD & I believe unnommed. Oh and I meant to say I liked both the Tackhead songs ( & your girlfriend story made me spit tea) but StrangeThings somehow worked for me. No particular reason.

  18. And a suggestion from me?
    This one is in my playlist for the hour on the exercise bike, because the drum beats match my leg pumping for parts of my program particularly well, so I hope that means something.

    This next one is also on the list, but may be more ‘soundtrack-to-being-caught-in-an-avalanche’ than ‘song-to-enjoy-a-bracing-ski-to’!

    • The Soul Asylum is a definite work out worthy. Willard Grant Conspiracy is more the kind of music I’d play when I’ve just finished a job 90 miles out in the desert, it’s past dinner time & I want something loud, fast & electric to get me home. Has a nice Neil Young edge to it. Would do quite nicely then. Did I say I’d play it LOUD!!! yes, of course.

  19. Hi Fintan. I’m with Chris on the skiing, but that aside:

    Dire Straits – well, it’s passable, of its time etc. I can see how the rhythm would work on skis.

    James – weird. And I don’t mean the lyrics. Possible push down the crevasse.

    The Shins – best so far, they can stay.

    The Cure – love this, definitely not going anywhere.

    The Skids – even better, I’m warming to the idea of launching myself down the ski run …

    Jack Nitzsche – Ahhh. And it was going so well. Prime candidate to be buried in snow and left to freeze over.

    Belinda Carlisle – OK, harmless, pleasant enough.

    Green Day – yep, definite keeper.

    INXS – nothing much wrong with this, either.

    The Pyramids – strange, but in a good way. Where’s Duane Eddy?

    The Cult – OK, drumming is a bit monotonous but again, I can see how it would work.

    So … James has a reprieve and Jack Nitzsche has gone over the precipice. Thanks for sharing your music, skiing must be fantastic and the photo in your post is stunning.

    • Poor Jack, Poor Jack. Thanks for a chuckle. Glad you liked the photo. I get kinda antsy to be in that spot about now. I usually hike up at least once in the summer but missed this year. Very beautiful then but it’s the snow gives me definition. Couple months. Dum dum dum dum. da da da da (toes & fingers tapping)

      • There’s a hill near my home where I go to think. No snow (usually) and no skis, but fabulous view, very few visitors, and it just clears my head. So I understand why you like “your” spot!

  20. I realize that i blew off your request for athletic tunes. First pick for me would be some live Stones like Midnight Rambler or Bitch or the usual suspects. So i’ll proffer one courtesy of that jock Paul Ryan –

  21. Oh, Yeah that’s got a nice monster groove going. Might go better for a skateboarder but deffo got the power. & if Paul’s a jock I’m Glen Plake. What a poseur. Glad to see his shit being called out.

  22. Went skiing once. Fell of the mountain on the 2nd day & spent the rest of the week hobbling around the duty free shops of Andorra. Worst holiday ever.

    Righto, off to see Hawk & A Hacksaw & Swans (bird watching double bill). Later.

      • Too late – my brain is threatening a skull walkout. Hopefully it will come back in time for Mono on Thurs, shouldn’t need it until then.

    • Funnily enough I got into a “loudest gigs” conversation at work . I nearly mentioned the Swans. I’ve never seen them and only know the odd track, but I remember reading the reports in the 80s of people vomitting in the audience because of the volume. Don’t know if they were true, but a good story.

  23. Dire Straits. Dire Straits! I would’ve gone with Solid Rock but Skateaway has strange space in the sound. I can imagine parts of it being dubstepped.

    James. Eno at the controls. Yes

    The Shins. Yes.

    Cure. Yes

    Skids. Yes

    Jack N. I like this. I get the soundscape and terrain. Nice

    Belinda was a Go-Go maybe, so maybe she stays.

    Green Day. Apart from a few singles I don’t actually get why Green Day are so popular.

    INXS for the drop? Damn, this was so much better than I remembered.

    The Pyramids going through a forest that needs the undergrowth cutting down. I get the reference. Yes.

    The Cult. Irrational prejudice wins out and they are chucked off the cliff.

    Sports songs: When I could still bowl fast enough to make chin music (get the cricket ball to rear up at your head from a short distance) Husker Du’s “New Day Rising” or Beyond the Threshold” were tunes I played in my head as I ran in. Nowadays I’m slower and need more guile.

    • “Chin music” seems to be a shared phenomenon with American baseball. I first heard that phrase in Little League. Learned quick reflexes were required in the batter’s box pretty early. Pitchers also use a “little dancin’ music” – a hard breaking ball aimed at the batter’s back foot. No pitcher likes a comfortable batter.

  24. Dire Straits – Peaked with Sultans then fell away thereafter. For the drop.
    James – Good intro, always loved the sound of the Hammond organ. Stays
    The Shins – Innocuous.
    The Cure – Never sussed out the Cure. Sometimes their pop music seemed at odds with their image (has somebody already said this here?). Like them for their offbeat instrumentation. Stay.
    The Skids – Yep, just as good as I remember it being. Stay.
    Jack – Love everything Jack’s been involved in whether songwriting, playing or producing. One of the greats. Definite stayer.
    Belinda – Not Belinda’s best, but I’m still a sucker for her voice. Stay.
    Green Day – Like them for their politics. Stay.
    INXS – Classy pop music. Stay.
    The Pyramids – Interesting in itself as well as being in this playlist. Incongruous and intriguing. Stay.
    The Cult – I always had difficulty having any respect for them because of Ian Astbury’s wardrobe. Shallow, I know, but there it is. Still, or me, this is THE Cult song. Stay.

    Not particulaly tuned in to the Eighties. In terms of elevation: Everest – Jack, The Cheviots – most everything else, the shores of the Dead Sea – Dire Straits.

  25. I’m with Chris & SR here – never have & no intention to. As for the playlist, shred all but two – The Cure & The Skids as I have avoided the rest for the last 30 years and have no intention of listening to them, especially if I was about to leave this mortal coil. I know this is an obvious choice, but if I had to go skiing this would probably be on a loop …

  26. Skateaway I’ve never liked Dire Straits and this song has done absolutely nothing to change this. Unless a couple of other tunes turn up I like even less, this one is most definitely OUT!
    Laid James are one of those bands that kind of passed me by. I think they are popular with people who were students in the early 1990s? The song is OK, but not really my thing. It can stay though, despite the singer’s unpleasant yowling at the end.
    Kissing The LiplessI don’t think I have ever heard The Shins before. I doubt that I will repeat the experience. This song could almost save Dire Straits from expulsion, almost, but it’s a close call. I’ll think on it, the vaguely psychedelic short guitar break might save it, I liked that bit.
    The Lovecats This is definitely staying. I love this one.
    Into The Valley And this stays too. Great song.
    The Lonely Surfer I like this. I know Jack Nitzsche because of his work with Buffalo Springfield and Neil Young, which I suppose is the case for most people. This was pretty good fun.
    Mad About You Belinda Carlisle, ah those perfect cheekbones, that 80s pin-up glamour. A purveyor of glossy girl pop. This is OK and can stay.
    Welcome To Paradise I was prepared to hate this because I always think of Green Day as being a rubbish Ramones tribute act, but it was better than expected. Stay.
    Suicide Blonde I’ve never made my mind up about INXS, they come under the heading of “OK for the radio, but I can’t see myself buying any of their CDs” but this one is pretty good. Keep.
    Penetration This is fun. I don’t mind a bit of Surf Music.
    She Sells Sanctuary I am not going to vote out The Cult. Bethnoir would never speak to me again. Anyway, I like it. It is by way of being a Goth classic. Also, the Smoke fairies do a great cover of this.
    So, who goes and who is the best?
    Right, the best one is The Cult, who just pip The Cure and The Skids.

    The losers, according to the slip of paper in the black-edged envelope I am holding are Dire Straits. It is his voice that does it, I cannot abide his voice. Or his guitar playing.

    • Please can you edit my HTML?


      “OK for the radio, but I can’t see myself buying any of their CDs”>/i> but this one is pretty good. Keep.

      The bracket after the word CDs is back to front.

      • I would still speak to you, even if you ditched The Cult, much as I love Ian Astbury and co, I can forgive people for not seeing him the way I do, and I like talking to you 🙂

  27. Finny: There’s nothing here that I would voluntarily listen to, only a couple I even knew, Nitzsche and Dire, the rest were all unknowns. I haven’t ski’d lately, I had a 2 week winter holiday in Aspen in the 60’s and a few weekends in the LA mountains but I never got good enough to listen to music AND to ski at the same time. The way I listened to these cuts was to imagine editing a film to them, something I used to love doing, editing images to music. So from that perspective I can see how many of them would work, some better than others. The much maligned Belinda would be great, as would the Pyramids and INXS, so I think your choices are right on for the theme at hand, ‘music to ski by’. I couldn’t help but think that Dick Dale would also fit in here and I’m sure you must have used him at some point. Sometime when you had a death wish!

    • Re: Dick Dale You would be absolutely right. Misirlou a frequent guest on the list.. Love your film editor’s take. That’s exactly what I was going for – those, oh too short & oh too infrequent moments when the music melds with what your doing. Good things to hang on to.

  28. This playlist has been one highlight of the week for me Fintan. Most enjoyable. A friend of mine who was a mean snowboarder, used to bend and weave and balance precariously (within an inch of his life) on the precipices of mountains in Washington State to the sound of Is She Weird (BBC version) for some reason. Link below:

  29. Sorry to be so late. Skiboots have such long laces!

    Really loved this a playlist, btw. Its the type you’d want given or played to you so you don’t know what’s coming next (although James would, because apparently she only can when she’s on top). Some out of leftfield stuff combined with some poppy stuff I don’t play for myself. Well done.

    The summit: A song called The Lonely Surfer to soundtrack a ski montage? Oh yeah, baby. It’s evocative of so many of those old western movies and their wide, sweeping landscapes. First minute made me pine for Bonanza.

    Buried in a landslide: Suicide Blonde, possibly due to overexposure, but gone anyway.

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