Mystery Beats

Mired knee deep in the televisual episodic meth cooking swamp, a tune sprang forth that got to me. Got to me because it sounds so familiar, but I’m damned if I can give it any context – is the the flow, the rhyme scheme, the riddim? Is it just a throwback to some golden age rap track that’s somewhere in my subconscious? I hadn’t heard of Ana Tijoux or her Chilean Hip-Hop til today, so I’m throwing it open to the expert hive-mind of The ‘Spill for help, please. Killer tune though, with the rolling of the rs and the rolling of the snare.

14 thoughts on “Mystery Beats

  1. John Barry is a good call, though I was thinking more Sergio Leone soundtrack.
    Sounds like a hip-hop producer let loose with some Calexico mastertapes and Anita-from-West-Side-Story’s grandaughter.

  2. This is great Blimpy, It has that Gotan Project feel about it with the dialogue, saying that, the sample could be from anything latin american!

  3. Try “8 Million Stories” by A Tribe Called Quest. They might not be the original source, but in a world of samples and re-samples “ad nauseum” they’re the ones that sprang to mind first….

  4. Thanks guys.

    Now the only other thing that bothers me is that I like the song but what if whatever she’s rapping about is really awful and mean but I’m oblivious due to the language barrier….

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