Shriekback – Tranquil Vermin
Lone Pigeon – The Magic Mouse of Mupping Keep
Bearsuit – Rodent Disco
Monochrome Set – Mousetrap
Ruts – West One (Shine On Me)
Jah Lloyd – White Belly Rat

Wavves – Mickey Mouse
Country Teasers – The Wide-Open Beaver of Nashville
Hold Steady – Your Little Hoodrat Friend
Black Heart Procession – Rats
Thee More Shallows – Eagle Rock
James – Porcupine
Eastern Sea – FieldMouseSeaLion
Mountain Goats – Cotton
Stump – The Rats

43 thoughts on “Vermin

  1. Stump are going on the A-list again! Wavves, BHP, MGs and James for me. Never listened to that James song via headphones before. The start is great. Will play The Ruts on the way to work. Cheers.

  2. Was a bit confused by the extended reference so I typed in “james porcupine discogs” and google gave me Objekt ‎– Cactus / Porcupine – Porcupine – 2012

    It’s a spiky little creature.

  3. Hope to have a listen later on today or tomorrow. But i have to say that i can’t really hate on Willard as much as most, i’m in the state next door and was envious of what Mass. got passed in his single term as governor. Same-sex marriage signed into law, Romneycare (contraception and abortion covered), and his tack to the center nowadays is just coming back to himself i think. He’s a very reasonable man when caught off guard. Shame about the party.

    • Yeah, but that was with a democratic legislature. I’m sure he’ll be just as reasonable & accommodating to the extreme Republicans, as he has no convictions of his own. Don’t be fooled.

      • It’s not like i’m voting for him. Although i might have considered it if he ran as himself and as an Indy. Of course, then he wouldn’t have had a chance. Like i said, too bad about the party.

        In Mass, he went over the heads of the (Catholic) Democratic legislature on same-sex marriage and straight to the courts.

      • Yeah, i knew about the dog thing. It’s a major minus. You must have seen this video –

        Also the fact that he has 5 sons and no daughters, so may not be as invested in female rights as a guy with daughters would be. But he still comes out with some awfully reasonable stuff when the filters are off. During the contraception kerfuffle with the wingnut faction in the primaries, he said, that’s between a man and woman, i’m not going there. Then of course had to backtrack to keep the nutters happy.

  4. Hello. Enjoyed that.

    A Side: Fun Fun fun. I do hope Lone Pigeon makes the list. That was ace! I haven’t hear the Jah Lloyd version before, so that was an unexpected delight. That tune always hovers round the top of Scratchy’s list for me.

    B Side: Deeper introspection, and delightful! Enjoyed hearing Porcupine. I’ve liked James since the Village Fire EP which I bought in 1985. I saw them live round bout that time too. Tim was at his crazy best then. I was gob-smacked at his madman dance-antics and just stared at him in wonder all thru the gig. Sometimes my Jahmes love has wobbled a bit, and in truth, I haven’t listened to any tunes for a while now. Hold Steady tune brill. Eastern Sea and Mountain Goats, absolutely gorgeous. Oh and Stump? Love it! I have a friend called Nora who hails from Cork. She’s a great accordian player, and we’ve had many a fun night playing Irish tunes and having a proper drunken sing-song. She would love that one.

    • The Jah Lloyd version was a Black Ark single, that showed up in time for the UK Reggae boom that happened alongside punk.

      Glad you enjoyed the tunes.

    • Yes. Wish I’d heard it in time but maybe the main blog didn’t need another song about a lot of pricks. It was nice to find another song about beavers though.

      • I don’t know. Some folk may like a lot of pricks. Maybe not all at once mind. Very tiring. Good Beaver tune too. Missed that yesterday, as the sunlight blinded the link.

  5. Sunlight? What’s that? I have no idea what you’re talking about. The bit about pricks is clear though. Doctors like giving them, don’t they?

    • Was a straight up comment about the sunlight! The sun was shining brightly onto the laptop screen and I couldn’t see the green linky thing! Mind you, if the sun had shone brightly through my ‘asshole’ rather than my window, well! That puts an entirely different slant on the matter doesn’t it?!

      • Sun shining brightly? Oh! Actually, I do remember that. I am sun-deprived and it’s doing me head in at the moment. Not seen it for a long time up here. Honestly most arseholes up here shine brighter than the sun at the moment*.

        *Not that I go around checking arseholes or anything. I’m not that strange, though I do like the very naughty Bent and their “Chocolate Wings”.

        I think we we were talking at cross purposes again. 😉

    • Lie down! That’s what the doctor said when he tried to give me one of those prick things. I’m sure you can delete the post, but I don’t know how.

      Don’t worry no one is reading this anymore.

    • It’s my Guardian account so not really bothered. Oh and Saradara is an old nick-name. Suppose I don’t really mind you knowing my name’s Sara, now that I’m bedded in here. I will still post under wiley tho. Oh and Shane. I am getting round to your rodent playlist. Been in and out of the house all day, so not had chance yet to give it a full listen. Looks great anyways.

      • You’re being far too hard on yourself there Fuel. Besides, I’ve never met a prick who’s SAD yet. It must be the seasonal effective disorder I seem to possess.

    • take your time wiley – I’ve only just finished a bundle of work – so haven’t got around to my ‘polite hosting’ duties of replying to people yet.

      fuel – ‘SAD pick’ was the 4AD catalogue reference for Pixies – cactus – not you.

      shoey – entertaining playlist as ever – odd start (in a good way) and the Monochrome Set almost delving into Beatles territory. Think I found ‘In The Craters Of The Moon’ getting rat references in too for the goats.

      Not much time to play this week.
      Having been bitten by a rat as a seven year old and then having the tetnus needle break off in my arm (it wasn’t a good day) – bit of a sore subject for me.

      • Hi saneshane and wilemena. No worries. Self depreciation is my default setting. I’m actually writing a job application right now and need to balance out the superlatives and power verbs I’m using to describe myself with. I’ll get the job cos I’m prettty good at what I do. (See, I can be an arrogant bastard, too.) Although I’m not sure I want it, as it would mean no longer being free to pick and choose certain jobs.

        wilemena, your good humour is most effective 😉

      • Thought Lone P was the one going a bit Sergeant Pepper. Monochrome Set have reformed and have a new album. Unfortunately, Amazon won’t sell me a download – logging on to a UK proxy won’t work anymore.

      • What’s the new Monochrome Set album? – I knew they were doing a huge rerelease of albums – didn’t know they had recorded fresh stuff.

        oh, just been to their site: Platinum Coils

        …they sell bookmarks with tassels how fantastic is that?

        Why is Amazon US $8.99 (that’s about £5.50) Amazon UK is £7.49 – for a digital album – why is it £2 difference – for stuff down wires?

  6. Shoegazer. re. Jah Lloyd. Strangely enough, as Max Romeo was one of the fellas Lee was rumoured to be dissing, I’ve been listening to this tune a few times over the week. This was another reggae break-through tune (as you probably know) enjoyed by British skinheads and punks back in the day. Twas banned by the BBC for being too rude-bwoy! An interesting little article can be found here. It don’t half sound like People Funny Boy as well.

    Sorry for taking over your comments today a bit. Makes a change from me running my fingers off on the main line. It won’t become a habit, I promise.

      • Feel free – RR seems to have gone all football. Deleted the post with your e-mail though, hope that’s ok?

      • Bad Manners covered Wet Dream, I recall.

        Max Romeo did have a falling out with Mr Perry & he’s definitely the “Judas” in White Bellied Rat.

      • I never knew Bad Manners covered Wet Dream. Just been looking at their discog and they do some covers that I’ve never heard. One I’ve just heard on YT is Ann Peebles ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’. He has a great voice does ole Buster, and the arrangement is fatty! Looks like another musical dig is on the cards – I only really ever heard their popular stuff. Thank you.

  7. Most def. Young folk needed something to lift them out of the economical/social mire that England was in early 80’s. Took the reggae groove and livened up the beat. Kids loved it. Woke them up with a jolt.

    • And strangely enough that’s the opposite of what happened in Jamaica in the 60’s. Rock Steady took over from Ska, as a long hot summer meant it was too hot to trot! They needed to cool down the pace a little.

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