Earworms 15 October 2012

1: Winifred Atwell – Asia Minor ~ Severin

Born in Trinidad, “She was the first black person to have a number one hit in the UK singles chart, and still the only female instrumentalist to do so” says Wikipedia. Not exactly “authentic” (whatever that is) but loved by John Peel and, I gather, an influence on Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman. You either love this piano sound or… or you don’t. I love it. This is from her “And Her Other Piano” album.

2: Leigh Nash – Charmed Life ~ SweetHomeAlabama

“Crayola skies for a thousand miles” – Nursery rhyme style lyrics over an insidiously catchy guitar riff.  A lovely piece of pop whimsy.

3: Lyle Lovett – Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Chuck Berry Cover) ~ Tincanman

Written by Chuck Berry after he observed how police were treating whites and blacks differently in L.A., it become’s a real ear and heartworm with Lyle’s unique, folky funky way. Recorded for this year’s Release Me, it’s rather sad that these things still seem to need saying.

4: The Pretenders – If There Was A Man ~ Zalamanda

This was actually a single from the Bond film, The Living Daylights, but after that it seems to have sunk without trace. I loved the song on its release but – for teen-financial reasons – didn’t buy it. Later, when I couldn’t find it on any Pretenders albums (not even Pirate Radio), I resorted to the soundtrack album.

5: Low – When I Go Deaf ~ DarceysDad

The song structure makes this one an obvious DsD fave, but I don’t think I’d ever paid much attention to the lyrics before; always too impatient to get to that climax. Maybe it’s my age, but now I have taken the words on board, I think they’re magnificently bittersweet.

6: Los De Abajo – El Loco ~ Maki

I just love the chorus and can’t stop singing it. It sounds sweet, but it isn’t. Not a bit.

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist or has sent them in to the wormbank. Please send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked to either earworm@tincanland.com or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

27 thoughts on “Earworms 15 October 2012

  1. What a mixed set this week.
    Winifred Atwell. She was part of my growing up, always appearing on TV shows and used 2 pianos, one grand and one an upright ‘honky-tonk;. I have a more rock & roll version of this by Kokomo which came out in 1960. His version was a big hit in the US, but banned on the BBC as they had a policy at the time of vetoing R & R versions of classical music.
    Leigh Nash. Not keen on the vocal, but nice guitar playing behind.
    Lyle Lovett. Chuck must be one of the most covered songwriters. Interesting take on the song.
    Pretenders. Never been a huge fan of theirs, although I do like some tracks they made. This one doesn’t move me, but I don’t dislike it. James Bond movies fall into the same category as the Beatles for me!!
    Low – Love this. My track of the week!
    Los De Abajo – This sounds great. I’ll take Maki’s word that it isn’t sweet!

    Nice buch again, SR

  2. Yeah, some interesting things here. Loved the Low track, this was the one that really hit the spot but I also really liked the Lyle Lovett Chuck Berry cover and the cute pop of Leigh Nash, could almost have been a Bangles tune!

    There wasn’t anything I didn’t like, though, but The Pretenders track was a bit anonymous.

  3. Hmmm, looks like slow day at the ‘Worm farm.

    Will listen this eve, but in meantime, thank you both for your WotW awards!


  4. Probably one of the most difficult set of ‘worms for a while.
    I’ve only listened once on a quick run through, but, right now the stand out track for me would be “When I Go Deaf”.
    The Pretenders track sounded just like a Bond theme, of which I am not a big fan.
    Thought the Leigh Nash song deserves another listen. I can’t say the same for Lyle Lovett or Los De Abajo.
    Like Mitch I remember Winnie Atwell from my youth. Listening again I realise I was too young to appreciate the technique, ability and style of her playing. A trip back in time is called for I think.

  5. Leigh Nash & Los de Abajo both instant earworms for me with El Loco slightly tipping the scales. Rest ranged from OK to disappointing (Pretenders & I love Chrissie). All worth a listen though.

  6. I’ve only had time for one listen through so I’ll save my comments for a bit later. I did wonder what kind of company Winifred would be keeping and it seems like a nice eclectic mix.

  7. As Severin says, an eclectic mix, it could never be accused of being bland or samey! I liked the Low track and Los de Abajo, it’s terribly catchy isn’t it?

  8. I liked these a lot – all new to me. Winifred Atwell had me playing air piano, Leigh Nash had me singing along to the chorus on a first listen (“Crayola skies” is a lovely image, and this is perfect FM radio pop) and Lyle Lovett made me listen to Chuck’s song properly for the first time.

    Pretenders passed me by a bit on the first listen, but I always love her voice (zala – are you sure you didn’t buy The Living Daylights for A-Ha’s title track…?).

    That Low track did sound like it had been written specially for DarceysDad. Really liked this – a band I should know more of.

    There were some interesting sounds going on in the background of Los De Abajo. What’s the song about Maki? (I can translate El Loco, but that’s all)

    • Re: Leigh Nash – I compare her (favourably, I might add) to Harriet Wheeler of The Sundays: Jangly pop with a voice so sweet that she could set CIF commentary to song and make it sound beautiful.

      • Ahem. Nobody compares favourably to Harriet Wheeler. But that’s enough of a recommendation to make we want to check out more…

      • That’s twice you’ve made me grin today Barney!!

        Donds for the Harriet Wheeler comments.

        Anyone know what she’s up to? I have nothing from her more recent than The Sundays’ Static And Silence.

  9. That Low track did sound like it had been written specially for DarceysDad. Really liked this –

    What an ace line! Thanks barbryn, you have really brightened up a miserable morning.
    (Absolutely lashing down with rain on my outdoors FLT training, and I’m trying to resolve finding myself TRIPLE-booked on Saturday, which was supposed to be my only day off in 23 consecutive days.)

  10. Winifred Atwell – I’ve a soft spot for her as The Poor People of Paris came amongst a bunch of free 78’s with my first Dansette.

    Leigh Nash – the intro sounds a bit like Joni’s Clouds, doesn’t it? Or is it me going loopy? The rest is a bit too sweet for me.

    Lyle Lovett – I’d never have guessed this was a Chuck penned number. I like Lyle, highly rated his Natural Forces album. Nice one.

    The Pretenders – Chrissie Hynde’s voice can carry anything as far as I’m concerned. Considering this is a Bond theme – most are pretty mundane for me – this is OK, quite plaintive. Rather taken by Adele’s Skyfall, but I reckon SB’s Diamonds ar Forever is my pick of the Bond themes.

    Low – I’ve been promising myself I’d listen to Low a bit more and this is another good reason to get on with it. Good stuff.

    Los de Abajo – This is a beauty. I have LDA vs the Lunatics which is an excellent album, Resistencia being my standout track. I have no idea what they are singing about, but I’m pretty sure it’s radical.

    So, I guess Los de Abajo will stay and Leigh Nash will have to go – or am I on the wrong thread 🙂

  11. It’s time for a Spill intro post on Low, isn’t it?

    But who to do it? Mnemonic can do it. Though, Shoey, you’d get my vote.
    I’d do it if I can get time and my PC back, but I always defer to our Gatorland resident on all things Low anyway.

  12. Los de Abajo is about a guy blowing his brains out (or at least seriously contemplating doing so) because his lover cheated on / left him. Told you it wasn’t too nice!

  13. Sorry to be late to the party. Guru-ing duties, you know…

    Winifred Atwell: What a jolly track! It couldn’t really fail to cheer one up really, could it?

    Leigh Nash: Blimey, that started very loud. Yeah, pleasant, chirpy song. Bit summery for October, but nice warm sound.

    Lyle Lovett: Bit too laidback to really grab me but perfectly listenable.

    The Pretenders: I vaguely remembered The Pretenders having released a Bond song. From the film with Maryam D’Abo in, no? God knows why that detail sticks in my mind. I’m afraid the song didn’t. Chrissie’s voice is as gorge as ever, but the tune isn’t really grabbing me.

    Low: Aw, this is lovely. And here comes that climax. Yes, very pleasing.

    Los de Abajo: Sheesh, wouldn’t have guessed at that subject matter at all. Very jaunty.

    Very soothing listening experience all round – thanks all!

  14. That was a nice set of worms for current mood. Highlights were Leigh Nash for me (probably pick of the set). I just loved that and it put a big stupid grin on my face.

    I’m no country fan, but Lyle Lovett usually gets a free pass from me because i think his voice is so gorgeous. Nice to hear him on a non-country tune, i thought it was lovely. (Chrissie is another one who can usually sing the phonebook and have me swooning, but not this time.)

    The Low was lovely too, really feeling my age these days. I’ve heard of them of course, but otherwise don’t know much about the music at all. So yeah, a Low post would be most welcome.

    Thanks to all, and to SpottedRich!

    • now that i listen to Lyle again, it does sound like a country-ish take. Never would have guessed it was a Chuck Berry tune though.

  15. Hmm. The Pretenders track is a little below par, I suppose. I was riding on a wave of nostalgia, I think.

    Winfred Atwell‘s wonderfully upbeat instrumental was a great intro to the list; I was utterly charmed by Leigh Nash (particularly the “Crayola skies”), and Lyle Lovett‘s take on “Brown Eyed Handsome Man” was almost unrecognisable, but very good indeed. Low‘s song was ace – possibly edging Ms Nash out of my top toon spot (nah, they can share it), but isn’t going deaf a sad thing for a musician to contemplate? Well, I suppose they will be doing it in style with that gloriously noisy guitar. Los De Abajo is a lovely sound to end on, even if the sentiments aren’t so cheerful.

  16. Don’t know Winifred Atwell, so no nostalgia for me. I appreciate her nimbleness but it was the orchestral arrangement with her playing that I found fascinating – so for me the whole effect was what was pleasing.

    Leigh Nash. Sugary pop with gorgeous lyrics and clear tone and some nice jangly guitar. Adorable. Loved it and it pops into my head often.

    I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Mr Lovett -some things he does are breathtaking and this is one of them. I love the treatment of this song from the vocals to the reverb on the steel guitar.

    I don’t remember The Pretenders doing a Bond song, but then, I’m not much of a film watcher, and certainly not a Bond film watcher, so I’ve been listening to it on its own merits. It’s a lovely ballad, and again, lovely voice and gorgeous guitar work, and the gentleness of the tinkling piano adds another dimension of softness. Lovely.

    Not so sure I want to know about DsDs climaxing issues (!) but this is another lovely ballad, although I think the backing vocals ruin what is an absolutely fabulous song.

    Thanks for adding the explaination Maki. This is great and it’s got that cumbia style beat and those trumpets that I love, so it ticks all my boxes.

    Great stuff as always.

  17. Winifred Atwell – Not for me. I’m too young for her to have been a part of my childhood, and whilst I can appreciate the talent, I just couldn’t connect with the piece.

    Leigh NashAye lad, a propur earwuurm is that, tha’knows! Burrows in and keeps tickling you from the inside of your head. Can’t therefore tell if my grin is an emotional one or just some physiological reaction to the blows to my epithelium. But I’m afraid she’s only Conference South compared to Harriet Wheeler’s Premier League, imo. “Crayola skies for a thousand miles”, on the other hand, is a candidate for [lyrical] Goal Of The Season.

    Lyle Lovett – I’m a big fan. He’s made this almost unrecognisable from the original. I like both.

    The Pretenders – Ee, I remember this but I’d forgotten it . . . if you see what I mean. A bit, um, … ooh, thanks Chris … vanilla.

    Los De Abajo – Damn. I kinda wish I didn’t know what the subject matter was now. I was loving the jaunty nature of the tune, and imagining a lyric with a much more happy/romantic interpretation of what was making him crazy. Still my favourite of the worms that weren’t mine this week.

    Cheers everyone.

  18. Late again.

    Winifred Atwell: Yes, very Tom and Jerry. Jerry’s running along the keyboard & Tom’s after him with a mallet. Give it up Tom, you can’t win.

    Leigh Nash: New to me. Nice sound, good voice. Just the right side of country.

    Lyle Lovett: Didn’t like the voice at fist, but it grew on me. Need another listen.

    Pretenders: No, on several levels. Sorry.

    Low: I can see why everyone likes this but I felt the heavy guitar was at odds with the vocal, and it was a bit depressing.

    Los de Abajo – Not really my thing either, he sounds quite cheerful about blowing his brains out?

    Sorry to be negative, Leigh Nash is the wormiest for me this week. Thank you everyone.

  19. Especially love the Low, even though I’m not usually a fan of songs with false fronts. It’s such a cliched aging rock/metal bands’ trick to a) give the guys a rest live and/or b) make a little song go a long way. Low’s not any old band though, and never have been. I felt like the length and degree of the slowdown at the end was especially deft; each segment of the song is fine in itself, but it’s the counterbalance of last bit that makes the sum greater than the parts. Perfectly done.

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