rats and double rats

I’ve cut this down to a sensible 13 tracks – all are relevant except Over the Rhine – it has one mention of a rodent pet (but is so good it needs to be included) – I love the subtlety in ‘album of the year’ – the importance of the cheap flat with mice running across the floor at night .. the return while she reclaims the records sends them laughing until it doesn’t hurt anymore… I should be working – so hope you enjoy:

1 Rats Sunday Driver
2 Rat Pack Dad Half Cousin
3 Ratface Got Soul Ratface
4 Rats Suka
5 The Box Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit
6 The Cat and Mouse Cursive
7 Rats in the Garbage of the Western World Stephin Merritt

1 We Are Mice Azure Ray
2 The Rat Dead Confederate
3 Rat City Jack Oblivian
4 Cats and Rats Yellow Fever
5 Album Of The Year The Good Life
6 Don’t Wait For Tom Over The Rhine

7 thoughts on “rats and double rats

  1. Had to skip through this but Azure Ray,The Good Life, Suka and Jack Oblivian for the A-list. I think IamtheZodiac nipped in with the Oblivian nom before you. Cheers.

  2. Great stuff. Good to get some drum & bass from Suka, OTR going all Tuesday Weld, funky Ratface, Azure Ray pretty as ever & Dead Confed was my fave newtome. Cheers.

  3. Finally got back for a listen. Great stuff, but the standouts for me
    Ratface Got Soul Ratface
    The Rat Dead Confederate
    It’s a bit late to dond now as I’m sure bish has got him list in to Adam. Sorry

  4. I just clicked the Upgrade Automatically butotn and it did it all. It’s strange. The first couple of times I tried that, it didn’t work. A few days later I decided on a whim to try again, and it did it! I don’t know why it had a change of heart, but I choose not to question it. I would just try clicking the automatic upgrade butotn again, see if it works this time.

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