Camelid Wears Cotton Threads Shocker!

The ‘Spill is full of weird and wonderful things, characters and artists. Let us all gape in awe at the skills of Mr Saneshane aka arteesane whose fabulous and subtle creation is sported by moi in the photo. This, my friends, is the pertest perk of being temporary guru. Now I know that it’s not a great fit, but I’m hoping to grow into it…


14 thoughts on “Camelid Wears Cotton Threads Shocker!

    • jukebox ‘castoff’ – I BEG YOUR PARDON – the Llamalpaca’s live on the Wurlitzer in pride of place – castoff: ‘tut’ *sigh* and other exasperated things. 😉

      (First ‘readers recommend playeRR’ T- is being finished at this very moment)

      lots of fun to do.

      • Sorry, I did not mean to imply any disdain for ex-jukebox records, which I have quite a few of from my earliest collecting days.

      • Only joking TfD – I do have quite a few in various conditions – some just kept because they were going to be dumped – so scratched I only use them in artwork.
        I should branch out into ‘spill 7″ record clocks.

      • At the car boot sale where I trawl for records there is a young lady who seeks out the scratched 45’s looking for old Fontana labels and Bangles singles. She makes jewellery out of them, the Bangles being abbreviated to Bang!

      • I like things re-used. When we were in Zimbabwe we watched people make suitcases and minidresses out of linked 7″ records – they were brilliant – but they have to be records beyond being playable – otherwise I start to cry.

    • The non-chart shop I used to work in sold jukebox castoffs. I still have quite a few in the pop-ex sleeves. POP-EX ex juke box records. A division of Music Hire Group Ltd. Low Lane, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 4ER. I was told that the jukebox version I have of Them Heavy People by Kate Bush is worth something. Ah nostalgia.

      • I think a Chinny t-shirt would present other challenges. How on earth would you source a mousse-proof t shirt?

      • ‘resist-a-mousse’ from Alaska seems to stock them.

        I’m not clicking on the link just in case it’s a specialist company for lonely Northern exposure types.

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