Scott & Charlene’s Wedding

Band name of the year keep the lo-fi/grunge revival afloat. Not sure if the music quite measures up just yet, but they are going in the right direction.

**Apologies for multiple random posts, but thought I’d grab the window whilst wife and baby are fast asleep upstairs**

15 thoughts on “Scott & Charlene’s Wedding

  1. Actually I think the name is awful, but the music takes me straight back to the early 90s. And reminds me exactly why I started listening to Massive Attack and a lot of dance music at that point…

    How are the three of you all doing?

    • doing well thanks for asking Aba.

      wee Nichika (and especially Mrs Panther) had a pretty tough first month, with all sorts of feeding problems and he seemed to take forever just to get back to his initial birth weight….but he seems to be up and running now, so to speak, crying away merrily and nodding approvingly when I play him Boards of Canada records…

    • yes, Idlewild indeed………a set of escalators falling down a set of escalators, perhaps ? !

      Makes me want to attempt to dig out my “Captain” mini-album and thrash around violently on the floor of the Freebutt*

      *that’s a tiny dive venue in Brighton, not a special offer

  2. I liked the music part of it a lot, like Blimpy the first minute and guitarwork. The vocals are a bit of a problem though. Either they’re unintentionally singing out of tune, or they’re trying the grungy intentionally out of tune, which still isnt working. But you’re right, don’t write them off yet.

  3. Yup, file under ‘Work In Progress’, and there’s a LOT of work to do on those vocals.

    Glad to hear you’re all settling into a family groove, panthersan.

    • for the uninitiated (i.e. Americans !), Scott & Charlene were two characters in the much-loved soap Neighbours (Charlene being none other than the ever-lovely Kylie Minogue of course), for those of us of a certain generation Scott & Charlene’s wedding was one of the key moments of our early teenage years.

      I bought my first kind-of-girlfriend the single of the wedding theme Angry Anderson’s quite brilliant “Suddenly” for Christmas that year…

      • Ah. I suppose our equivalent would be “Luke and Laura’s Wedding”. (Still a stupid band name). From the soap “General Hospital” which we were glued to in college. Luke and Laura had one of those long drawn out flirtations until Luke finally raped Laura on the floor at a disco. She fell in love with him and they married. You couldn’t have a story line like that today i don’t think 🙂

        Glad you’re all doing well over there!

      • come to think of it, we had our own Aussie import / heartthrob on that soap who later became a recording star. That would have been Rick Springfield. Who was around a bit as a sort of teenybopper singer / heartthrob before the soap, but went huge with the Jesse’s Girl single after the show. Didn’t last long though, unlike Kylie.

      • that sounds about the right frame of reference.

        I know the name Rick Springfield from far too long spent in record shop bargain bins, but didn’t know he was an Aussie.

        After Kylie and Jason’s success, lots of Neighbours stars launched music careers. My favourite and one of my top ‘so bad it’s good’ tunes was Stefan Dennis’ “Don’t It Make You Feel Good”, which could well have been a David Hasselhoff B-side ! !

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