Eek a Mouse !

Hello folks, here’s my little playlist of songs that aren’t on Youtube for this week’s topic.
They are

Chocolat- Hamster
The Pancakes- Skinner’s Mouse
Ougenwiede – Der Rattenfanger
The Phantom Rats- Rat Fink
The Jolly Boys- River come down.
Shonen Knife- Capybara
Shonen Knife- Pygmy Jerboa

3 thoughts on “Eek a Mouse !

  1. Hi Mr P ! ! !

    What a nice playlist ! ! !

    You really are amazing. I am completely stuck this week – I even forgot the rat thing in Linda Linda until I saw you post . . .

  2. سلام.ببخشید اگه میشه اموزش هم بگذارید .ممنون.پاسخ Hoomanhpc2 : با SparkIV همان طوری که ماشین ها را تعویض می کنید فایل weapons.img را در مسیر: grand theft auto iv\pc\models\cdimages باز کنید و فایل ها را Import کنید.

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