8 thoughts on “Bad Guys

  1. Hmmm…wasn’t actually big on the intro, but once it kicked in, it was pretty good! Problem is, it also cracked me up, couldn’t stop laughing. Probably wasn’t the intent! Or maybe it was… I’d like to hear more from them i think.

    Seem to be in a weird mood lately, want to listen to some different stuff, but not quite sure what would hit the spot these days. Thanks, Panth!

    • Opposite way round for me, Amy, I was with Mnemonic & Panther with the intro, but then lost interest as soon as the overgrown petulant teenage lyric took over.
      Sorry, Panth.

      • …dumbass lyrics. Dunno what happened to my post there. Just got a messge that “Firefox no longer supports your operating system…” If i disappear into the ether, you’ll know why.

      • Glad you meantioned earworms, Amylee. Now that junior is a bit settled, can you send one or two in, Panthersan, when you get a chance in the next month or three?

        I liked the intro, the song was fine, got the 70s vibe, I but lost interest after a while, but my head’s quite bad today.

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