Strings Attached

My friends in The Electric String Orchestra put on a big show in Glasgow a few months back, which I was lucky enough to catch on camera. They do rock n roll & popular covers with a 12 piece orchestra (Bowie, Muse, Lady GaGa, GnR, King Creosote etc) and have guest singers also (Emma Pollock, Twilight Sad still to come, I will post when they’re ready!).

This clip is of fine Highlands folk singer Rachel Sermanni performing one of her songs, Rachel has gone down well on The ‘Spill previously, so I thought you may like to see this.

And after the jump, Britney Spears gets tackled. 

11 thoughts on “Strings Attached

  1. Hi Blimpy ! ! !

    I really like both tracks ! ! !

    Thanks for posting them and the link to the homepage. I will definitely check out more of their things ! ! !

  2. I should also point out the the ESO are an extension of the Cairn String Quartet, a more beautiful & talented – um – quartet of ladies you will not find anywhere else. Available for weddings, bat mitzvahs, and all that jazz*

    *they don’t do jazz.

    • I considered Mirza by Punjabi MC/Surinder Shinda for its bassline last week. Then decided it lacked a sufficiently pumping or memorable one. The song is an absolute belter, though. Its East-West mix is one of the sublimest I know. It’s just so damn epic and portentous! It’s like a really profound, Punjabi power ballad!

  3. I listened to this last week and forgot to comment. I love string orchestras; I love pop music; I rarely like pop music played by string orchestras.

    That said, Rachel Sermanni was lovely, and I’ve always thought that string part in “Toxic” is a thing of genius, so a big yes to both these. Looking forward to Emma Pollock…

    Nice to have you back, Blimpy – hope the family’s well.

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