Cowboy Bepbop – Music From Yoko Kano and The Seatbelts

Many People have asked me about the cartoons of the characters I use in our He-Said – She Said series (well  .. one person actually)  They  come from one of the really very best Anime series and certainly the one with the best Music. –  Cowboy Bebop.

The music in Cowboy Bebop was composed by the famous jazz pianist  composer Yoko Kanno and performed by the band The Seatbelts and the music plays a big part in creating the atmosphere of the anime.

Opening Theme: – Tank

The Anime series is about the adventures  a group of Space bounty hunters who live and travel in a Space Ship called Cowboy Bebop.  The anime is inspired by film noir and has many references to other genres including westerns and hong kong martial arts movies.  These references made the series accessible to western audiences and it was very successful in the USA.

The music during the series was really great ! ! !  Yoko Kano brought in vocalist from other bands or soloists to sing the vocals on the tracks where they had them.  In this track Steve Conte from The Crown Jewels and The Contes makes the vocals.

Call Me  –  Yoko Kano and The Seatbelts Ft. Steve Conte (vocalist)

The theme for Closing Credits for the series was The Real Folk Blues which featured jazz singer Mai Yamane as the vocalist.

The Real Folk Blues – Yoko Kano and The Seatbelts Ft. Mai Yamane (vocalist)

I hope you enjoyed some of the music to Cowboy Bebop and that it fills some of your time waiting for the new RR topic ! ! !

Jupiter Jazz 2  is one of my Favourite Cowboy Bebop themes.  It is very melancholic Jazz number but I really like it and this is track I will leave you with

 Jupiter Jazz 2 –  Yoko Kano and The Seat Belts

So as they say in Cowboy Bebop . . .

 . . . . So Long Space Cowboy ! ! !

10 thoughts on “Cowboy Bepbop – Music From Yoko Kano and The Seatbelts

  1. Rather fun; some classic pastiche of 60s jazz-influenced TV themes. Yoko Kano sounds a little bit like the Japanese equivalent of Colin Towns; jazz pianist and composer, originally keyboard player for the Ian Gillan Band, then started writing TV music (among his most lucrative compositions is the theme for Doc Martin), and used his new fortune to fund his own very expensive jazz orchestra…

    • Hi Abahachi ! ! !

      I am really pleased you enjoyed it. Yoko Kano has made a lot of music for films, TV and games and also of course has her own career.

      I will definitely check out Colin Towns ! ! !

  2. Hi Sakura, interesting piece. I really like the Jupiter Jazz 2 – Yoko Kano and The Seat Belts. In parts it has gentle echoes of Vangelis’ work for Blade Runner. Thanks lr.

    • Hi LittleRiver ! ! !

      I am pleased you found it interesting. She did the music for Ghost in the Shell which was an anime version of Blade Runner actually but she did not do the music for Ghost In The Shell 2 Innocence.

      A movie of Cowboy Bebop was made which was inspired in places by Mission Impossible and there were rumors Tom Cruise would make the voice for the US release, but he did not in the end. It is really very good anime movie and the music was wonderful again.

      Here is the US trailer for the Movie:

    • It would make a really great name for a band ! ! !

      I really love Jupiter Jazz 2 and I am pleased you liked the jazzy numbers ! ! !

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