Speed Dating EOTWQ’s

See? I get kid humor.

As per request. For the uninitiated – I believe EOTWQ’s stands for either “End of the Week Questions” or “Questionnaire” or “Quintet” (5 questions) depending on who you ask and how faulty their memory is.

1) Where ya from? originally?

2) Where ya live now?

3) Where would you want to live if you could?

4) What’s your status? (A question my dad used to periodically ask the cat.)

5) Top 5 Desert Island Discs? (Yeah, i think the rules are that there aren’t supposed to be any music questions. Tough noogies, this is a music blog, it’s important. Innit. Besides, you might end up on one. With someone else, even.)

137 thoughts on “Speed Dating EOTWQ’s

  1. 1 – Miyakojima – Okinawa – Japan

    2 – Tokyo – Japam

    3 – Osaka – Japan

    4 – Unmarried but in a relationship

    5 – Top Tracks . . .(I hope the link thing works . . .)

    1 – YUI – Tokyo – Link

    2 – Blue Hearts – Train Train – Link

    3 – Bump of Chicken – Sailing Days – Link

    4- YUI – Its Happy Line – Link

    5 – Vera Queen – Today It Is Raining – Link

  2. 1. Newcastle-upon-Tyne – UK
    2. Al Ain – UAE
    3. Unawatuna – Sri Lanka (to retire to)
    4. Married to Mrs T for 23 years
    5. On Desert Island Discs, I invariably bend the rules and include whole cds or suites if I can. So (and no links):

    a. Classical – Bach – Cello Suites
    b. Folk – Sandy Denny – Late November (from the BBC recordings)
    c. World – Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabati – anything from/all of ‘In the Heart of the Moon’
    d. Rock – Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks
    e. Jazz – Keith Jarrett – The Koln Concert

    Being all alone, I might want some live concerts to give me a sense of being in company. So:

    a. Lucinda Wiliams – Live @ the Filmore
    b. Neil Young – Year of the Horse
    c. Bob Dylan – Live 1964 – ‘The Halloween Concert’
    d. Roy Harper – Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion
    e. Tim Buckley – Dream Letter – Live in London 1968

  3. 1 I was born in Watford, Hertfordshire – my parents were living in Radlett, Herts at the time. I’m sorry to say that the nursing home where I first saw the light was pulled down ages ago so there’ll be nowhere to put the blue plaque.

    2 Milton Keynes. I first moved here in 1982 to take up a teaching job; left for SW Scotland in 2000, and moved back here to be nearer to my two English grandsons after I retired last year.

    3 I want to stay here – I love MK. However my son Matt who lives in San Antonio, Texas is always on at me to move over there so that I can see more of my American grandson – doubt if I will though since it’s so hot in summer. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

    4 Status? Well, I’m a 6, because I’m posh but poor…Oh, marital status? I got divorced in 1978 and never felt moved to repeat the experiment.

    5 I’ll have the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Live Anthology boxed set please, which has five CDs. Five songs, you say? well:

    Southern Accents

    Like A Diamond

    It’ll All Work Out

    Square One

    Shadow Of A Doubt (A Complex Kid)

    All by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers except Square One which is TP solo.

    • Oh bother – could you close the italics after ‘songs’ in the last line of text before the links please, amy? And the bold after Square One. I need more coffee obviously.

      • Yeah, heat is a big problem, isn’t it. I hate hot weather. Most perfect weather to me is either London or the Bay Area. Your home office most likely wouldn’t let me live in London, and i was seriously considering California, but it’s going down, probably sooner rather than later. Don’t want to get stuck in that mess, it’s going to be ugly. Texas, otoh, is in some decent shape economically i think. You’d probably be ok there. Except no NHS.

      • There may not be an NHS here much longer…but yes, I’ll obviously be getting more not less decrepit in future! I believe Matt would have to become a US citizen for me to be allowed to live there.

  4. 1. Surrey
    2. Gloucestershire
    3 Kauai ( Hawaii)
    4. Low.
    5. Ooh Tricky ! Today it would be-
    1. Yume- Blue Hearts
    2. Ai no uta- Strawberry Flower
    3. You set the scene- Love
    4. Final Solution- Pere Ubu
    5. Nothing to do- Joyside

  5. 1) Litherland, Liverpool.
    2) Los Carasoles, Spain.
    3) Somewhere near the Lake District.
    4) No Comment. Pass.
    5) Yes this is tricky……It is flexible…..It has moods. Today it would be these. Can’t we have whole albums ?

    A) King Crimson……………Red.
    B) Ry Cooder………………..Paris, Texas.
    C) Pink Floyd………………..Comfortably Numb.
    D) Tangerine Dream………Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares.
    E) Leftfield…………………….Leftism.

  6. 1. Tegelen NL
    2. Echt NL
    3. Saas-Fee CH
    4. Single
    a. The Triffids – Trick of the light
    b. NEU! – E-Musik
    c. My Bloody Valentine – Only shallow
    d. Dinosaur JR – Freak Scene
    e. John Cale – Close watch

  7. 1) Bristol

    2) Huddersfield (long story)

    3) Bristol or south Cornwall by the sea

    4) Separated / working class / employed / confused; depending on what you mean by ‘status’

    5) Top 5 Desert Island Discs? Ouch. Changes daily. At the moment (possibly):

    Roy Harper – Goldfish
    Dick Gaughan – The Snows they Melt the Soonest
    Boy Hits Car – Going to India
    Thom Yorke – Black Swan
    Rory Gallagher – Barley and Grape Rag

    Depends how I feel, really.

    And yes, I have a day of today and I should really be doing something else.

  8. Status was meant to be an open question, it didn’t necessarily have to be relationship status. Like Pairubu’s answer, or even “i think i want a cookie now”.

    • I don’t think my dad was trying to pull the cat. He was a systems engineer, and i think the “what’s your status” bit was just an in-joke between dad and Dennis (the cat).

  9. 1. Conceived in the highlands of Papua New Guinea; born in Canberra, Australia; lived in Salisbury, Wiltshire from the age of 6 months.

    2. Just outside Littlehampton on the West Sussex coast.

    3. We’re currently thinking fairly seriously of moving somewhere amazing for a year or so. Possibly the Caribbean.

    4. Listening to Saint Etienne. Also, married.

    5. Fairly off the top of my head – just try to stop me taking albums:

    – Dylan – Blood on the Tracks
    – The Beatles – Abbey Road
    – Joni Mitchell – Blue
    – Primal Scream – Screamadelica
    – A Vaughan Williams compilation that includes The Lark Ascending, Dives and Lazarus and Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis

  10. 1. Conceived on parent’s wedding night in London; born 9 months-to-the-day later in generic northern town, the best part of five decades ago. Raised all around – but only two years actually IN – Liverpool.

    2. Exactly 5 miles each way between here:

    [cut to 2 mins in or you’ll get the wrong idea]
    and here:

    (On a borrowed machine at a client – can’t make those links live. DIY!)

    3. Anywhere within easy reach of my kids, proper English sausages, LFC, peace&quiet, decent cider, free healthcare, Heinz Salad Cream and a hig-speed internet connection / mobile signal. Hmmm, apart from the last of those, it looks like I already live here!

    4. Is it … ?
    (a) Alternately chilled and stressed.
    (b) Happily married.
    (c) Low rent / high morals.
    (d) Ridiculously tired.
    (e) Irritatingly sober.
    (f) Permanently disorganised.
    (g) All of the above.

    5. Today, Matthew, I am mostly going to be choosing:
    (i) UFO – Strangers In The Night
    (ii) Talk Talk – Spirit Of Eden
    (iii) Phil Campbell – Fresh New Life
    (iv) Soulsavers – Broken
    (v) Dakota Suite – The North Green Down
    But I’m not THAT pleased to see you; that’s a full 2-terabyte hard drive down my trousers! (Er, I don’t have to swim to this desert island, do I?)

  11. 1) 2) and 3) Birmingham – the younger one. The one with one-fifth the population on fifty percent more area. I spent one miserable school year in suburban Chicago, the next dozen years in rural Walker County – all the while wishing I could be in some cool (wait for it…) “vibrant” (gak!) place like London, Toronto, or even that other older Birmingham. Never really formulated a plan on how or why to get there. So I found my way back to the city. This place is and will likely always be home.

    4) Happily married to a wife who puts up with my weird musical tastes and football watching (both kinds!) in exchange for me recording and watching her soap operas and detective shows.

    5) I’d have to have one each from five genres:
    Classical: Erik Satie – Gymnopaedia No. 1 – Probably the best musical expression of sad resignation ever. That’s how I’d feel about being consigned to a desert island and not a yummy dessert island.
    Jazz: Ahmad Jamal – Poinciana – Never been much of a jazz buff – I’m trying to – but I just love how this swings. Very classy.
    Pop: Morrissey – The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get – There was a girl in high school who I had massive crush on, but what concerned me was she was so blabbed on endlessly about Morrissey – blah blah omigod blah blah genius blah blah tortured artiste poet blah blah even had one of those T-shirts with his pouty face covering the ENTIRE front. I thought he was an okay songwriter but a bit of a dickhead. This however, was a moment of genius: an incredible musical hook and expertly turning a wordy title into a brilliant lyrical hook as well.
    Rock: Pearl Jam – Black – Vedder could also be something of a knob but this is quite simply the greatest power ballad ever made.
    Country: Alabama – My Home’s In Alabama – “Cain’t ya tell?” The wild worldly life I never got to live

    • Ha ha! You know I’ve always thought Morrissey a bit of a dick too. Johnny Marr seems pretty down to earth tho’. Mr Menasaw h im in Gap in Manchester a coupla years ago, and he asked if he could take his photo. He and his wife/girlfriend obliged, and as he was getting ready to shoot, a jobsworth assistant whined ‘you’re not allowed to take photos in here??!! Mr Marr shrugged his shoulders, and said ‘sorry mate’, and gave him his personalised guitar plectrum!!

      • I’m going to have to dond Morrissey too. I give him a pass on being a twat because i love the tunes and his voice is just so gorgeous.

  12. Folks –

    For some reason WordPress doesn’t like linky posts today, and i seem to have to approve them. I’ll be around until early afternoon (my time) and then have to go to work for a few hours. So don’t get paranoid if your posts don’t show up for a few hours. Alternatively, i guess, you can sign in and post.

  13. 1. I was born in East London hospital for women, which technically makes me a cockney, but I grew up in Cornwall.

    2. Bristol area.

    3. I like where I live, wish there was a faster way of getting to Cornwall though.

    4. Married, a mother, would like another cup of tea please.

    5.a) Sumerland/Wail of Sumer/And There Will Your Heart Be Also
    by the Fields of the Nephilim (it’s kind of one track)
    b) Sad Waters by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
    c) Stella Maris by Einstürzende Neubauten
    d) Cruel Sister by Pentangle
    e) Echoes by Pink Floyd

    but it would be a different selection in an hour’s time.

  14. My birth certificate states that it was St. Mary’s hospital, St Pancras, London, my parents split up soon after and I was taken by my father to live with my grandparents in Sheffield.
    I moved to California in 1958 and have lived and worked here ever since, about 40 years in LA and the last dozen or so in beautiful Sonoma county; they call it ‘the wine country’. Perfect climate and an hour from SF.
    Ideally I’d like to live in the motor home that I built in the ’80’s, the plan was to ship it to Bremerhaven and then to travel Europe/Africa. It’s a diesel powered tiny apartment with every feature you’d ever need and it will fit in a regular parking space. So I’d like to pursue that fantasy and live anywhere the fancy takes us.
    My status? retired, healthy, active, tied to a house, father of two dogs and two cats, a gardener and currently auto mechanic, I’m spending chunks of everyday restoring my Porsche to sell it; I want it to be pristine. I’ll miss it, I’ve had it for 43 years.

    Top five: Impossible question, I’d find a way to smuggle my iPod there, it has all the music and more that I’d ever want to hear. But if I got caught and had to play by the rules it might be:
    1. Mahler’s second by Vienna Phil and Gilbert Kaplan; he’s a wealthy NY businessman who’s devoted his life to this single piece of music, he can afford to hire the world’s greatest orchestras to record it, with him conducting of course. I’ve got many versions but I think his is the best.
    2. A box set of Wagner’s Ring Cycle.
    3. Songs of Freedom, 4 disc set by Bob Marley and the Wailers.
    4. The Time/Life collection of Duke Ellington’s works.
    5. The 5 disc Ken Burns jazz collection.

  15. Alternative answers , specially for RTJ

    1.I was born in a cross-fire hurricane
    2. in an apartment on the ninety-ninth floor of my block
    3. In another land
    4. I’m a King bee

    1. Maroon 5- Move like Jagger
    2. The Temptations- Papa was a rolling stone
    3. Bob Dylan- Like a rollling stone
    4. Undertones- Mars Bar
    5. Psychic TV- Godstar.

    • Huge, huge brownie point donds (i don’t have any money though, probably a wasted effort).

      -1 for Maroon 5, +1 for leaving out Cher Lloyd.

  16. 1. Like Beth I’m a cockney on a birth technicality only, but grew up in SE London – Lewisham & Greenwich boroughs.

    2. I now live on the Scottish Riviera in NE Fife.

    3. Somewhere where you can step out the door into heat, drink wine and smoke fags and listen to music all day without any consequences.

    4. Missing In Action, it would seem.

    5. Today:

    Leave Them All Behind – Ride
    Honestly – Zwan
    NYC – Interpol
    In The Aeroplane Over The Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel
    Even In Dreams – The Pains

  17. 1) Born – North Jersey, USA. Grew up – south Jersey USA (until age 13), Philly area, with a stint in central PA in there. family moved to armpit of New England (RI). Lived in NYC, LA, SF, brief stint in London.

    2) Currently – back in the armpit of NE. Can’t wait to leave.

    3) London would be nice. So would Vienna (but have never been there). Gunning for Philly next – cheap rents, fun city, familiar to me. Sweltering summers are going to be a problem though.

    4) Current status – indulging in favorite sport – fighting with Americans on another website. or – single, and will most likely remain that way for life, as the only guys who seem to want to pull me the last few years are jailbait. Hey, you live once. As long as they’re old enough to buy their own beer.

    5) Must get back to this, busy with (4).

    • I’m going on the assumption that i’m going to be alone here, with no probabilty of human contact on this island. So that would give a different selection than if i had company.

      1) Exile, of course.
      2) CSNY – Deja Vu
      3) Keith Jarrett – Koln Concert (maybe).

      srill scratching noggin on the others.

      • Oh, so it is albums not songs? Back to Live Anthology for me then. And it’s got two DVDs so I’ll need a player for them. And a turntable for the pretend bootleg please.

      • But doing albums is a sort of sneaky way to not have to pick just songs. Although songs might actually be even easier.

    • “moved to armpit of New England (RI)”

      I’ll have you know that Rhode Island nearly cost me my marriage. Rhode Island is situated where the major interstates all go around it rather than through it. You almost have to be specifically headed to RI to be find yourself there.

      My wife and I had gone up to Montreal to see the Botanical Garden – driving 16 hours – and I drove back via and awkward zig zag route through New England specifically to add Rhody to my list of states travelled through – which now stands stalled out at 35.

      I had kind of hinted at taking the “scenic” route back, just not HOW scenic.

      • Actually Rt 95 cuts through RI a chunk. Takes you through Deliverance country and cuts thru Providence a bit. But it’s not going to get you near the ocean either, which is i suppose what folks come here to see. Hope you at least had yourselves a stuffie or 2 anyway. (I think they’re gross. But i’m from Jersey). And hey, it’s a small state, how long could you have gotten lost here for anyway. Hope you at least made it to Newport, only part of the state worth a pitstop in.

        Wyngate said he was in the USA once i think, and in RI of all the places in the country you could be otherwise. At least i think he got to spend time in Boston.

  18. 1. Brighton, UK
    2. A small fishing town in Kanagawa, Japan
    3. Somewhere warm and easygoing, with decent record shops.
    4. Drinking a beer and listening to the Grateful Dead by myself at 11.30 at night after a 15-hour day combined work and commute.
    5. Now, I have to admit that I am a little bit obsessed with DID (it’s my life ambition to be on it!) and do keep a DID list on my desktop, but it’s constantly changing. At the moment it’s:
    – Glen Campbell – Rhinestone Cowboy
    – 1910 Fruitgum Company – Goody Goody Gumdrops
    – Sigor Ros – Svefn-G-Englar
    – Ornette Coleman – Lonely Woman
    – Bonnie Prince Billy – Hard Life
    – Napalm Death – You Suffer
    – Pocahaunted – Divine Flesh
    – Nirvana – Something In The Way

  19. Don’t know that I have earned the right to chime in here, but you have no idea what a delightful breath of fresh air y’all are in the face of papers to be graded and committee meetings to attend….these are the things they pay me for…

    1. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    2. The Greater Lower Colorado River Authority Wetlands Resource Area AKA Austin, Texas (teh kidz these days call it “the ATX”)

    3. Berkeley, California

    4. Status? happily married for 30 years come January, father of the world’s two most nearly perfect human beings (I might be a tad biased on this one), and happily employed…well, except I suppose when faced with stacks of papers to be marked and (mindless) committee meetings…

    5. This is brutal, not least trying to resist compilations, boxed sets, and the like…in which case things like Beethoven’ 9 Symphonies and comps of various, Cajun, Western swing, Rockabilly, and punk would creep in…

    can you tell I’m avoiding grading those papers?

    OK, with the disturbing realization that most all of these are painfully conventional and mainstream and more than a little represent a period pf my wanton youth when I got a guitar and decided I wanted to be a rock’n’roll star…

    1. Allman Brother’s Band: Live at the Fillmore East
    2. Rolling Stones: Exile on Man Street
    3. Velvet Underground: White Light White Heat (or Loaded/)
    4. The Modern Lovers: Modern Lovers
    5. Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited (I once saw a copy in a flea market in Madrid that had Bringing It All Back Home too–can i take that one…or mayhaps Blonde on Blonde…has there ever been a 18 month stretch like those 3?)

    because I love the number 7:

    6. The Clash: The Clash
    7. Robert Johnson: King of Delta Blues Singers

    To the papers…(but thank you so much for this oasis)

      • This from someone who can stomach Adam Levine? I suppose it is more than atone for by Genesis P-Orridge…sadly I associate Maroon 5 with my younger daughter’s ill-begotten emo phase, which also brought too much Avril Lavigne and Good Charlotte (though I give them points for referencing the Pistols in the chorus of “Festival Song”). We forgave her since she also brought us Blink-182…and (shhhhh) “Moves Like Jagger” is rather catchy, though a niece texted me when it came out to ask who McJagger was…I suggested she ask Ke$ha…her parents were delighted.

      • This from someone who can stomach Adam Levine? I suppose it is more than atone for by Genesis P-Orridge…sadly I associate Maroon 5 with my younger daughter’s ill-begotten emo phase, which also brought too much Avril Lavigne and Good Charlotte (though I give them points for referencing the Pistols in the chorus of “Festival Song”). We forgave her since she also brought us Blink-182…and (shhhhh) “Moves Like Jagger” is rather catchy, though a niece texted me when it came out to ask who McJagger was…I suggested she ask Ke$ha…her parents were delighted.

  20. Sigh…I was trying to be snarky above with pairubu–who nonetheless, with apologies, may have the best responses to 1-4 of anyone–and thank treefrogdemon and all i seem to have done is paste the same thing twice in the wrong place…lesson learned.

  21. 1) Where ya from? originally? Born in Stockport, raised in East Didsbury, Manchester.

    2) Where ya live now? West Didsbury, Manchester. I’m just following the sun.

    3) Where would you want to live if you could? I’m quite happy here, thanks. I’ve been around the world a bit and, although there are many places (particularly India & Laos) that have captured some of my heart, I’m now in a small, multi-ethnic estate in an accessibly-sized well-serviced and -cultured metropolis, within easy reach of glorious countryside, in the most enlightened, self-deprecating democracy in the World. OK, so the weather isn’t perfect…..

    4) What’s your status? Been there, done it a couple of times. Unlikely to do it again.

    5) Top 5 Desert Island Discs?
    i) I’ll be good and restrict myself to one Dead concert: Paris, 3rd May, 1972
    ii) Dylan – Blonde on Blonde
    iii) Pavement – Slanted & Enchanted
    iv) Talking Heads – More Songs About Buildings and Food
    v) Richard Thompson – Across a Crowded Room

  22. 1. Hull.
    2. Hull – though I lived for a year in Lincoln, before dropping out of University for the second time (finally finished degree 6 years later).
    3. Lots of places – the Yorkshire Dales, or New York probably most. Or maybe southern France – I’d like to grow grapes. Vienna looks like a lovely, romantic place as well. But then there’s always London; or maybe Scotland – the wilderness there is truly beautiful. And Wales.
    4. Single, and realistic (i.e. extremely pessimistic).
    5. Top 5 Desert Island Discs:

    Kitchens Of Distinction ‘Innocence’
    Moonshake ‘Gravity’
    Stone Temple Pilots ‘Atlanta’
    Arvo Part ‘Fratres’
    The Sundays ‘Skin & Bones’

  23. 1. Prokaryotes
    2. Orlando
    3. Another planet (preferably where nobody says “innit”)
    4. FloridaUs
    5. Something noisy, something new, something dubby, something blue.

    & something by the Mountain Goats.

  24. 1. Born: Manchester. Raised: North Yorkshire.
    2. Madrid
    3. Somewhere, anywhere, nearer the coast (any coast!)
    4. Stressed. Very. Thankfully also happily married which makes the stressed bit a lot easier to deal with.
    5. (Today)
    – The Stranglers – Rattus Norvegicus
    – Estrella Morente – Antología
    – The Clash – First Album
    – Nico Wayne Toussaint – Southern Wind Blowin’
    – Javier Limón – Mujeres de Agua

  25. 1. Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire – when it was all plums, gras and cider, not prisons and commuters.
    2. Bedouin, wherever I lay my camel, that’s my home. Not sure that came out right, the camel is safe; oases in Oxford, London, Surrey Hills, and sundry woods.
    3. The Golden Valley, at least a mile from any road.
    4. Good to go
    Down Where the Valley’s are Low – Judee Sill
    The Sexual Lonliness of Jesus Christ – Jackie Leven

    1983 (A Merman I Should Turn to Be) – Jimi

    Universal Hall – The Waterboys
    (I’ve never known) Peace on Earth – Sir Vincent Lone

  26. 1) Born in St Helens (cos dad was a curate up there at the time, not because my family are from those parts)

    2) People’s Republic of Brixtonia

    3) Ooh dunno. Wouldn’t mind a stint in NY, NY. Would love to spend some time in Paris to get my French back. Would love to give Mumbai a go… I’ll probably just stay in London.

    4) Who bloody knows.

    5) Few surprises here:

    a) Roddy Woomble: My Secret Is My Silence
    b) Trash Can Sinatras: A Happy Pocket
    c) AR Rahman: Rang de Basanti Original Soundtrack
    d) Emmylou Harris: Red Dirt Girl
    e) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: No More Shall We Part

      • Should do really. I’m in a slightly anticlimactic mood about it all at the mo. Didn’t get as good a mark as I’d hoped for on the diss and therefore won’t get a distinction in the MA. (Not that I was really on course for one anyway, but it was just about feasible…) Of course I know that no-one in the real world ever really cares what you get in these things as much as you do, but it would have been nice!

      • Yay! Hello lovely man. I feel we’ve been missing one another in recent months. I’ve been popping in and out of the Mothership with little of the usual leisurely loitering and you’ve probably had better things to do in real life. Hope all is good with you and Mrs Maki. x

      • Hi there equally (or probably more) lovely man.
        We have been very busy with family (all good) and work (not so much) but are very well. Just not got time for anything these days. had to renege on my guru stint because of it. Hope to be more active soon but things are very weird and stressful over here at the mo. Fingers crossed.

      • Oh dear, weird and stressful doesn’t sound great. Fingers crossed indeed (while delivering a big hug, obvs). x

  27. 1) born in Hammersmith Hospital, raised in east London just where the suburbs start, 15 mins walk from Itchykoo Park.
    2) Leeds via Cambridge and Bedford.
    3) if I were a rich man, I might divide my accommodation between Yorkshire coast, Yorkshire Dales and the middle of London.
    4) status – a bit tired, full of cold and had to say sorry to the children for being grumpy at their bedtime.
    5) it always seems unfair that people who like classical music get to choose whole symphonies and operas on Desert Island Discs, but pop music is always just songs.
    Otis Redding – My Girl, from the double Best Of that I’ve got.
    Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up, from Curtis
    John Coltrane – A Love Supreme. Very satisfying and might help me stay the distance.
    Chuck Berry- Almost Grown from the American Graffiti OST.
    Henry Purcell – The Faerie Queen especially the women singing.

  28. 1. Bridgwater, Somerset
    2. Wrexham, North Wales
    3. Somewhere by the sea
    4. Married
    5.tricky but ….
    Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat – probably my favourite amongst many of his,
    Billy Bragg – Between the Wars –
    Emmylou Harris – probably her version of Neil Young’s Wrecking Ball
    Karine Polwart – We’re All Leaving
    And….something by an artist I heard for the first time at Shrewsbury Folk Fest and am raving about….Jonathan Byrd. Have just bought 2 of his albums so need to settle down and listen to his songs again….Wild Ponies is gorgeous.

    Help, these are all rather melancholy songs…and I’d probably give you a different list another time

  29. Just had a chance to skim, but see some have specified songs…this strikes me as very nearly impossible…and thus a challenge. Off the top of my head:

    Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – “I Won’t Dance”
    Chuck Berry: “Johnny B Goode”
    Louis Prima: “Jump, Jive, and Wail”
    James Brown: “Night Train”
    Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers: “Roadrunner” (Beserkley Chartbusters Vol. 1 version)
    Velvet Underground: “Rock and Roll” (or “Sister Ray”)
    The Clash: “Complete Control”
    Dandy Warhols: “Bohemian Like You”
    Alejandro Escovedo: “Castanets”
    Belle and Sebastian: “The Boy With the Arab Strap”

  30. 1) Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK

    2) Limerick, Republic of Ireland

    3) Dublin, R.o.I., or Berkeley, CA.

    4) Single, sober, unemployed, exhausted and slightly depressed. (Ask me again tomorrow, and it might be different :P)

    5) Taking Back Sunday – Great Romances of the 20th Century
    Straylight Run – The Tension and the Terror
    blink-182 – Feeling This
    paramore – franklin
    Hearts Under Fire – It’s Not Me, It’s You

      • I live there for 8 months, it was fun. Right around Dookie time, and Counting Crows. But that was nearly 2 decades ago. Seriously considered going back, but not worth it anymore. Really kind of a dump now.

      • I love Berkeley too, no doubt partly because I have a brother and his family there and my older daughter is getting a PhD there…but we spend a fair amount of time there and it seems pretty nice Maybe just compared to Austin?

      • I’d say it would maybe be worth it if you could get into the University there, but even that’s not really what it was. Tuition, even for in-state, is off the charts, and Calif. is so economically fucked that the crown jewel of the UC system is selling off its world class research libraries. Now that is just tragic.

  31. 1. Hell. aka Horley, Surrey, just outside Gatwick Airport. Capable of expanding on the sheer ghastliness of the place for hours at a time; even visiting my parents for a day can still send me straight back into the pits of adolescent despair.

    2. Castle Cary, Somerset; small country town, the sort of place where it takes you half an hour to walk into the centre and buy a newspaper because you have to chat to too many people. Unfortunately an annoying distance from Bristol where I work, but you can’t have everything.

    3. Strongly tempted by Germany, not least because of decent public transport system so commuting would be easier…

    4. Recharging after trip to London to use the British Library – productive but exhausting – while Mrs Abahachi (15 years and counting) watches Big Fat Gypsy Girls In Meringues or whatever it’s called.

    5. Ermmm… Like Japanther, I fantasise about going on this one day, and my list of records – aren’t you normally allowed eight? – changes at least once a week. Currently, top five would be…

    Bojan Z, Multi Don Kulti (solo version)
    Bob Dylan, Blind Willie McTell
    Richard Wagner, Die Walküre, Act III Scene 3: Wotan, “Leb wohl, du kühnes, herrliches Kind!”
    Mogwai, Mogwai Fear Satan
    Kraftwerk, Radioaktivitaet

    I can feel my mind changing as I type…

    • So that’s the actual format of DID then? 8 singles?

      Somehow i thought that it was 10 albums, but i have no idea where i got that impression. But i wasn’t the first to try to post albums thogh so i don’t feel so bad.

    • I can totally relate to your Horsham horrors. I was raised in the orbit of Woking and the briefest visit still fills me with inner despair. I can’t wait to leave again.
      Almost unbelievably it gets worse year on year ( the place and the feelings of despondency).

      • Horley rather than Horsham – we went to Horsham occasionally for major shopping trips, and it seemed a dramatic improvement in comparison. Surrey is far worse than Sussex on every count.

  32. 1 – Born for a purpose / reason for living (Dr. Alimantado) or Born In The 70s (Ed Harcourt) in the farm managers house of Copella apple juice farm – that’s were the blue plaque belongs. Wasn’t there long, maybe until nine months old. Childhood: 15ish places around Kent until bumming around London and on to Bournemouth and 13 more places around there – When I properly dropped out or just hung around I took in Europe sleeping on Sofa Rockers (Dorfmeister Mix) (Sofa Surfers) until the owners moved me on.

    2 – I’m King of the Village Fete (Lazarus and the Plane Crash) in North Norfolk – little way in from the coast. Little way above the astonishingly useless but beloved Symphony 8 & the Canary’s Last Take – (Emily Wells) in Norwich – where I had my eventual settle and homecoming.

    3 On A Good Day (Tim Keegan) with the Monsters Under The Bed (Eugene McGuinness) in the Independent Republic of Iceni.

    4 Waltzing Around Insane (St. Thomas)

    5 disc harrow / a disc floret/ intervertebral disc/  A discus/ and a disco… ahh a disco:

    1 Error Disco – Midfield General
    2 All Night Disco Party – Brakes
    3 Don’t Feed The Bears (Disco mix) Freaks
    4 Winter Home Disco – The Pictish Trail
    5 Last Days of Disco Erol Alkan Remix – Saint Etienne

  33. If everyone else is going to name five albums as well I don’t see why I shouldn’t:


    Blood On The Tracks -Bob Dylan
    The Scream – Siouxsie and the Banshees
    A Kiss Before You Go – Katzenjammer
    Two Sevens Clash – Culture
    Horses – Patti Smith

    • “Horses” is a great call. Smith’s version of “Gloria” is really something too–so much going on. My younger daughter is taking me to see her next Tuesday night…the last time I saw her was in 1978 (and also in Austin).

      You all are passing amazing–so much good music here and so much more for me to find out about. Thank you.

  34. Well ! If I can have albums too ….

    1; Love – Forever Changes
    2. Jonathan Richman- Rockin and Romance
    3. Blue Hearts – Stick Out
    4. Beach Boys- Smiley Smile
    5, Syd Barrett- Madcap Laughs

  35. Not sure why some comments have a ‘reply’ option and others don’t, but I was looking for it on Amylee’s 1.36 comment re. that ‘shithole’ Berkeley. I think that maybe all that ‘armpit,’ New Jersey and Philly is getting to you. What specifically do you hate so much about Berkeley and the university? I’ve spent much of my life visiting there as often as possible and these days it’s an easy and regular commute, many of my lifelong friends live there. I love Berkeley and would live there in a flash and the university is the topping on the cake, it’s presence creates so much that is interesting and worthwhile there.
    I think ‘angryirishpunk’ should come and take a look, there’s a nice pub that serves Guinness and I’ll meet him there.

    • I didn’t hate it, i loved it there. But that was 2 decades ago, and it was starting to decline then. Now it seems overpriced and overrun, not terribly safe, the UC system seems to be bloated and subject to a way too many cutbacks while the tuition goes off the charts. Now no doubt it’s still a first-rate education. Calif. overall is in some awfully big trouble now, and SF seems to be one of the few areas thriving. See what happens with your referendums in November.

  36. Have you noticed what’s happening worldwide, everywhere, everything is in decline. I don’t know what you’re measuring ‘overpriced’ against, just compare it to UK if you want to see real overpriced. Overrun, by who? Safe? How’s NY and NJ these days? Sure there’s cuts in education but is that unique to California? I see that everywhere. Unemployment in CA is 10.6% and falling over 2 years, unemployment in Philly is 11.5% and rising. Times are hard everywhere and the future doesn’t look encouraging but Berkeley is not a ‘shithole’.

    • Ok, i will apologize for calling Berkeley a shithole. As i said, i loved it when i lived there, and planned to move back, but decided against it. But to pass off the problems of California as a whole as no worse than anywhere else is to have your head in the sand more than a bit. There’s a lot more to it than just the unemployment rate.

  37. 1.Strictly speaking Coventry, but I was only there 1 week
    3.Leicester – but a bigger house (if I had to move abroad, Amsterdam – ad no, not for the reasons you’re thinking)
    4.Married with a baby
    5.First three have remaied the same for several years

    Clash – Complete Control
    Dexys Midnight Runners – Geno
    Killing Joke – Requiem
    The rest are subject to constant change . They could be…
    Peter & The Test Tube Babies – Blow Out Again
    The Cravats – Rub Me Out
    …but the they could be lots of other things.

  38. The very next time I read a blog, I hope that it does not fail me as much as this particular one. After all, I know it was my choice to read through, however I genuinely thought you would probably have something useful to talk about. All I hear is a bunch of crying about something you could possibly fix if you were not too busy seeking attention.

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