The Spillers’ Google Map – RRdond&spill

Dunno if this will link you all directly back to the map, but when AliM said she couldn’t find it, I felt I ought to, as an apology for dissing her “Keep One, Kick One” list.

Cauliflower owns the list, but Tinny is a ‘Collaborator’ with editing privileges, apparently.

17 thoughts on “The Spillers’ Google Map – RRdond&spill

  1. That map makes me rather sad – lots of folk who don’t come round here no more… People who I miss, though I’ve never met them… Cauliflower, Ejaydee, TraceyK, Snadfrod, SatanKidneyPie… some I haven’t thought of for ages… Rarebird, silentprinter, SkippyIsACult…

    Maybe we could organise a virtual reunion…

  2. I do have lots of email addresses and mobile numbers if we decide to have a concerted effort at either a real or virtual reunion.

    But must go to bed now; got to be at one of Huddersfield’s premier employers at 6am.


      • thank you TFD, I have added myself, but didn’t seem to have an option to edit the name or picture. You know, I thought I kind of knew how to do things on computers, but I keep being defeated by things lately!

  3. I don’t know how exact people have been with their locations – and I, for one, find it difficult to be imprecise in this instance – but, with Street View, we’re showing relative/complete strangers what the places we live in look like. Do we not mind? Seems I don’t. Odd.

    • Hmmm, you are wise to be cautious, Chris, and if you want the truth, I seem to recall that I WAS actually deliberately imprecise with my location, picking the village centre for my pin rather than my own back garden. Had to make some apologist comment that I don’t live in the Co-Op!
      Will double-check later.

      • Did the same thing – don’t really live in Gatorland. Only Nilpferd is rumoured to live in an actual swamp.

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