Shriekback – My Spine (Is The Bassline)
23 Skidoo – Coup
A Certain Ratio – Flight
Renegade Soundwave – Thunder
Dub Syndicate – Night Train
Funki Porcini – Dubble
Lee “Scratch” Perry & Dub Syndicate – Jungle
Jah Wobble – Get Carter [Cliff Brumby Mix]

Mark Stewart – Shame
Tool – Schism
Fall – Tempo House
Stranglers – Bear Cage
Primus – DMV
Stump – Kitchen Table

Elastica – Connection
Lee Hazlewood – These Boots Are Made For Walkin’
Magazine – A Song From Under The Floorboards

20 thoughts on “Throb

  1. donds for the title and the picture! Although was expecting a different picture given the title. Unless those pills are Viagra. Oh yeah, you’re in the US, so you must get those emails in your spam folder too.

  2. This is a fantastic playlist, absolutely brilliant. Lots of it reminded me of going clubbing back in the 1980s and I really was so happy to hear stuff like Shriekback, ACR and 23 Skidoo again.

  3. Very throbbing list and great to see all the songs were missed from older themes (so no taking a suitable song away from another perfect topic)

    that’s a sentence that only makes sense in my head, isn’t it?

    i.e if Gigantic gets picked for Bass – I’m going to be really annoyed when we finally do ‘songs about sex’

    although thinking about it – we haven’t done ‘jungle songs’ – that’d be brilliant.

    anyway – ace tunes – much enjoyed while finishing artwork for printing tomorrow.

    • Think I get it. It is strangely frustrating when a good tune is shoehorned into the wrong theme. Also think that is less likely to happen under the new management.

      • It is strangely frustrating when a good tune is shoehorned into the wrong theme. Also think that is less likely to happen under the new management.
        Then there’s me…

  4. My throbbing head finally made it over here. Loved the whole first set, especially 23 Skidoo and Dub Syndicate. Very soothing set, actually.

    Liked Tool a lot, as usual. Wasn’t in love with the Fall, but that is a brutal bassline. Have the suspicion i’ve heard the Elastica before, and loved it. Dond of the list for me has to be Primus though.

    I have a feeling that i’m going to be listening to music a lot differently after this topic. Which is kind of nice, actually.

    Thanks Shoey.

    • Belated Happy Birthday. Think Elastica showed up on a commercial over here. Don’t be surprised If that Fall tune pops into your head when you least expect it over the next few days – that’s how it starts.

      • Thanks! Haven’t had a tv in years so that’s not it. Most likely around these parts or on the mothership.

    • Acr were one of those bands I never got to see. One gig got cancelled & got stuck in traffic going to another one & missed them.

  5. Hi Shoegazer. Love the 23 Skiddoo, Funky Porcini (brand new bands for me) and Jah Wobble and Tool tunes are new to my ears and me like. Always nice to hear Primus. Ace bassy playlist. Laughed out loud at Scratchy coughing. Ha ha ha!

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