Be careful

Yesterday evening something weird happened. Whispering Bob (Bob Harris of Old Grey Whistle Test fame) was posting songs on Twitter, and I was watching them come up – not listening, I was listening to something else – when what should appear but My Beloved by Diana Jones. Which is one of my favourite songs, and it was on my list for the ‘Spill eleven songs game, so I clicked on the ‘view photo’ link and what then appeared was…not a picture of Diana Jones, but the photo of my grandson Jimmy which I’d put at the top of the ‘Spill post.

I was a bit unnerved. I emailed Blimpy, since he’s the expert in all things ‘Spill, but he’s puzzled too. We can’t think why, even if Whispering Bob had taken the track from the ‘Spill, the photo would’ve come with it. So the message is: be careful what you post on the ‘Spill, because it might go out to all Whispering Bob’s 25,000 followers.

Not all of them will have clicked on Jimmy’s picture though.

19 thoughts on “Be careful

  1. Only thing i can sort of think of –

    When i post my blog post links to my FB page, FB automatically scans the post for an image and incluces that thumbnail with the summary. Posting to Twitter may have some sort of software that scans the post for an image. But it seems weird that it would come up for posting just a song from the post.

    I’m not really sure how it works on Twitter because my WP posts usually don’t have images but videos, only my Tumblr and Rebel Mouse blog posts have images. And the RM posts are usually slide shows of images.

    • I’m not going to do it any more! Here‘s what Bob Harris linked to – he says he “assumed it was a photo of one of Diana’s family”. Can’t have been paying much attention.

  2. Here’s what I’ve now found out and have told Blimpy:

    “ is the culprit – you can go on there and search for a song, and it then searches for blogs where that song is posted. If you go to their site and search for My Beloved it’ll take you to my ‘Spill Game post from last week, and the song will play. It’s not that that I object to so much, because after all it’s a public blog. It’s that if you then tweet the song (and it gives you links for Twitter, Facebook etc) then the picture which comes up is the one at the top of the post – which, in this case, has nothing to do with the song because it’s of my grandson.”

    • which is a similar sort of thing that happens when you post a link to a blog post of FB or wherever else. So you might want to be careful there too. And also why i’m careful about posting copyrighted photos on here too.

      • probably, but wouldn’t count on it. But you never know in this day and age. Everyone should avoid lifting images that are on a stock agency website, especially iStock or Getty, would not like to see Blimpy get a bill for tens of thousands of bucks. They tend to play hardball. I despair, i do, when i find my own images used elsewhere. Used to fire off cease and desist emails or nastier, but gave up, just don’t have the money for legal follow thru. I try to always use public domain images. Or from places like Wikimedia commons.

        On the other hand, meme pictures like Shoey uses for his playlists are probably fine. There are plenty of other sites with free images too, and Deviant Art is a good source for freebies, usually just so credit is given.

        Shane probably has the best way of handling it 🙂

  3. I’m always cautious about posting photos but at the end of the day there are millions and millions of photos out here and if someone wanted one for nefarious purposes the chances of them picking yours are fairly slim.

    And I’m fond of whispering Bob.

  4. Blimpy says it’s possible to cut the ‘Spill off from Shuffler completely. I think it’s a good idea – what do the rest of you think?

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