EOTWQ: the return

Totally Extinct Enormous Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs: would you bring them back?

Anyone want to fill some time before the new topic goes up?

It’s a long time since we’ve had an End of the Week Quintet/Quiz, isn’t it? So long in fact that some of our newer members may not be familiar with the concept. You’ll probably pick it up quickly enough though. Basically, there are some questions, and you can answer them, if you want. One rule: on no account should questions or answers be about music. Unless you really want them to be.

1. Whatever happened to…? Well, who or what’s current whereabouts would you like to discover? (but not quite enough to look it up on Wikipedia)

2. What thing or idea would you like to bring back? (e.g. Top of the Pops, artificial colouring in Smarties, socialism…)

3. You can bring a historical figure back from the dead to help sort out the problems of the world: who and why?

4. Using your powers of resurrection once again, you can give a famous person who died young a full lifetime: who?

5. This time, you can restore an extinct species, lost natural wonder, ancient civilisation… whatever takes your fancy: what?

65 thoughts on “EOTWQ: the return

  1. 1 Hmm, most of the people I’ve thought about for this are just plain dead.

    2 Mitcham Maid marshmallow cream. My mother used it (mixed with jam) to stick her empire biscuits together.

    3 Tom Paine, because he had ideals. Politicians these days? Not so much.

    4 Buddy Holly

    5 The passenger pigeon. Read about ’em when I was a kid and was always sorry I couldn’t see one.

    • 1 Oh, I know – Dave Cash. He and Kenny Everett had a programme (called Kenny and Cash) on the pirate station Radio London which I used to love. We all know what happened to Kenny, and there was a docudrama of sorts about him on telly last night – but where’s Dave got to?

    • Do don’t happen to remember the carton the Mitcham Maid Marshmallow came in do you?
      I recall it came in a waxed paper tub and on the lid and / or the sides there was a crinoline lady in a garden of Hollyhocks. The design was purple and white. Until I saw your post tonight I thought I had imagined it as no-one else I know can recall it at all.
      Best wishes

      • Yes – I remember it very well. The lady was wearing a bonnet. I think there was some pink in there too, along with the purple.

        It’s probably just you and me, though…

    • About the MMMarshmallow – I’m just glad I hadn’t imagined it. I always wanted to stick a spoon in and eat it but was never allowed. I see jars of similar stuff from USA food stores. I see it in T K Maxx from time to time. Think I’ll buy jar just for the hell of it! Probably make myself sick. Or maybe just leave it in the past…

  2. 1- Noosha Fox
    2 – Those shoes that had animal tracks on the soles and a compass embedded in them.
    3 – Nye Bevin
    4 – Adrian Borland. Oh and Lady Jane Grey.
    5 – I am going to be boring and say the dodo.

  3. 1. Ryan Sinn, the bass player from the Distillers and original bassist in Angels & Airwaves.

    2. Fraiser. Or perhaps A Bit Of Fry And Laurie. Or maybe modernist poetry. POSTMODERNISM SHOULD NOT BE A THING!

    3. Robert Guiscard. He could totally sort out the world’s problems. Failing that, T.S. Eliot (he couldn’t solve the world’s problems, but it’d be fun to watch him try. And the poem he’ll write about his failure will be BRILLIANT!). Or Eric Hobsbawm.

    4. Umm… umm… umm… Maybe Kurt Cobain, because teen idiots wouldn’t treat him like a god if he was still alive.

    5. The Library of Alexandria. Or maybe the Aztecs. No, definitely Alexandria.

  4. 1. Whatever happened to Mark Hollis. His absence from music is perplexing

    2. Free parking – you know it makes sense.

    3. If I brought John Smith back would that mean that Tony Blair might have returned to the law – something that at times eluded his grasp while in office.

    4. Toss-up between Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse and Patrick Cowley. Bought his Time Warp album for 25p in a charity shop last year and it’s light years ahead of what passed for dance music in the early 80’s.

    5. Apparently Julius Caesar accidentally burned down the library in Alexandria in 48 BC which was a shame as it had the finest collection, extending to works from outwith ancient Egypt which would shed a different light on our understanding. So I’d have lined it with asbestos. Sorry – is that two things I’m bringing back?

    • I know a bit about Mark Hollis. (Not much) but he’s been working with and producing stuff including Norwegian Anja Garbarek and a few other bits and pieces. I am still his number one fan.

      John Smith. Brilliant pick.

      • That is good news. Sounds like he hates record companies, but who needs them these days? They never played in Ireland but I was in Germany when they were touring Colour Of Spring. I had only just arrived and decided against making the trip,which in retrospect was a stupid move.

      • Thanks, Amylee 🙂 I’ll dond you on the Buddhist libraries. But then we’re neglecting the Jade Buddhas what used to be in Afghanistan…

  5. 1. Victor Kiam. Does he still own Remington Razors? Do they really give you the closest shave? Did they ever?

    2, Go Go boots.

    3. Atilla The Hun. Kick yer ass. Great horses. I love mongolian barbeque.

    4.Buddy Holly (TFD picked) and Jane Austen.

    5. Can I get our ozone layer back please?

  6. Cool idea barbryn. Touch questions though!

    1. Current whereabouts
    – Harper Lee (To Kill A Mockingbird). Why oh why did you stop?

    2. What thing or idea would you like to bring back?
    – gentlemanly behaviour

    3. Historical figure to help us
    – Jonathan Swift. We could use a few modest proposals to help cut through our self-deceptions.

    4. Give a famous person who died young a full lifetime:
    – Martin Luther King Jr. He’d have made such an elder statesman.

    5. Restore …
    – I would like to re-create the Kennedy assassination and record it from every conceivable angle so the conspiracy theorists would shut the fuck up

  7. 1. Glen Hoddle – thighs and whiSpurs
    2. The Silent Minute – shut up at the back
    3. Martin Luther King – we need help in dreaming
    4. Jacques Brel – besoin d’un poete
    5. Proper Druids – they were on some trip

  8. 1) No one. Leave ’em in peace. no one needs to know you’re a meth head living in a trailer park.

    2) Manual SLR and darkroom photography.

    3) Senator Paul Wellstone.

    4) Jimi

    5) Babylon.

  9. 1. I was wondering, earlier, where the younger sister of a boy I went to school is, she is called Ruth Grundy and the thing I remember most about her is that she was in a car crash when she was 12 and knocked out both of her front teeth.

    2. half pennies.

    3. Prince Rupert and his dog. No idea if he’d help, but I always liked him.

    4. Nick Drake

    5. Atlantis.

  10. Re: the Kennedy assassination referred to above. What is it about conspiracy theorists in respect of John Kennedy’s murder that sticks in your craw? Jim Garrison, among many many others, proved that Lee Oswald couldn’t have carried out that amount of carnage on his own; that’s if he fired a gun at all that day which was never proved by anyone. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s state-sanctioned slaying and already the sceptics are having to fight a rear-guard action against the lone-nut apologists. Expect more Kennedy smut and Warren Commission verification in the year ahead.

    • Oliver Stone et al convinced me too. ‘Back and to the left!’ But there was a BBC prog a few years ago that debunked an awful lot of Stone’s theories, including that particular mantra. Webcore pointed me to a book by a Mafia hitman that implied they moved some rifles for the job, and so I’m still not convinced other parties weren’t involved, but it’s the old problem with conspiracy theories: surely in the last 50 years someone would have blabbed? An effective cover-up lasting such a long time is much more difficult to achieve than the assassination itself. See also Moon landings.

      Apologies for not answering the Q’s, barbryn. In general, I accept that what’s gone has gone. Although I would have loved to witness Jimi’s further development and his collaboration with Jerry & co. And, for a laugh, I’d like to see Bluey, starring Lucky Grills, again: one of the most incompetent Aussie cops in one of the most incompetently-made Aussie cop shows.

    • I think a lot of the conspiracies are pretty nutty (I even once met a guy who believed the ‘It was Carlos the Jackal’s first hit’ plot from The Bourne Identity – the novel, not the film- was true), but any decent military historian (or survivalist gun nut) could tell you that the gun Oswald was caught with couldn’t have fired enough bullets to cause all the wounds and bullet-marks in the tiny amount of time he had. He’d have needed a semi-automatic. There is also a valid point to the ‘magic bullet’ theory. I read in a science magazine a few years ago that a guy was using modern music production tech to isolate all the background noise in the footage of the assassination to see how many shots could be heard. Dunno what the results are though…

  11. 1. Juliet Landau. Daughter of the great Martin (stamping on Cary Grant’s fingers in North By North-West, commander in Space 1999, played the elderly Bela Lugosi brilliantly in Ed Wood), who was the mad English vampire Drusilla in Buffy.

    2. Home preserving. Not just jam: smoking, brining, pickling.

    3. Wilhelm von Humboldt: early C19 genius who reformed major parts of the Prussian administration, invented the modern university and still found time to write intelligent treatises on language, literature and philosophy. We need more cultivated and efficient administrators! Well, one or two would be a start.

    4. W.G. Sebald. Okay, ‘young’ is relative, but even one more book would be worth it, and maybe he’d have written a whole load of them.

    5. Elms.

  12. 1 – I would love to know what Yoshiko Ōtaka is doing now. She was a Japanese actress who was born in China in 1920. She stared in mostly propaganda films during the war as she was totally beautiful, and at the end of the war was captured by the Chinese and tried for treason, but lucky she was able to prove she was Japanese and escaped execution. She was sent to Japan and became a journalist and went to Vietnam where she very bravely reported from the most dangerous combat areas. After that she became an anchor woman for TV news and then she became a member of parliament and promoted women’s rights in Japan, then president of the Asia Women fund and worked to promote women’s rights in all Asia. She is of course an elderly woman now and but she is a real hero of mine and nothing has been heard of her for many years. I would love to meet her. . .she really is inspiring for Asian women ! ! !

    2 – The hippy movement. I think the ideals of love and peace are true values we should all try to follow. The fashion . . . .well if you could have Paco Rabanne and Mary Quant as stylist . . . . .

    3 Date Masamune – He was the feudal ruler of Sendai in about 1600. He was disadvantaged being only four feet tall and blind in one eye (and he could not see so well from the other – like me ! ! ! ) But he became a great general and was known as the one eye devil by his opponents.

    At this time Sendai was one of the poorest places in Japan and every year people died because there was not enough food. So, he convince the Shogun to allow him to trade with the west and this made Sendai very rich but he used the money to improve the swamps and make then able to grow rice and so Sendai became able to feed the people and stop the hunger.

    He also founded the first modern style university in Japan.

    He always cared for the people and was a visionary person

    When he dies his six samurai body guards committed suicide as they said even to serve the Emperor would not be as honourable.

    His widow and daughter became Buddhist nuns and gave all the money to a Buddhist monastery in Matsushima (his only son was murdered by the Shogun) and this monastery is now one of the most holy and beautiful places in Japanese Buddhism.

    Even today in Sendai he is venerated as a god and Sendai is maybe the most multicultural and academic places in Japaneven today because of him.

    A leader who always thinks first for his people is someone we need in all times I think ! ! !

    4 – Hideto Matsumoto (HIDE) Hideto Matsumoto was the guitarist in the band X-Japan. He died in 1998 after going solo in 1993. He was a visual kie artist but he was a wonderful musician.

    5 – Yonaguni. Yonaguni is an island in the Yaeyama Islands which are close to where I grew up. There are mysterious underwater pyramids and buildings there that no one knows what they are are where they are from. I wanted to dive there this summer holiday but it was not possible, next year I will definitely dive ther and explore them. I would love to know and see that civilisation again ! ! !

    • I remember reading about Date Matsamune in a history book, and he’s the leader of one of the factions in the Feudal Japan scenario for Sid Meier’s Civilization III Complete (brilliant game). I’ll dond that: I bet he would solve all the world’s problems!

  13. 1. Jonathan Meades – he used to present a programme about architecture on BBC2. Sounds terribly dull but it wasn’t, he had a very dry sense of humour.

    2. A really good night’s sleep.

    3. William Morris, because he was a socialist and because I admire the enormous energy he put into everything in his life and art.

    4. Well, it would have to be Rory Gallagher, if he qualifies as young.

    5. I always fancied seeing the hanging gardens of Babylon. Sounds amazing

    Thanks for the quiz (and great photo) sorry my answers aren’t very expansive. It’s very late and I’m still in need of (2) above.

  14. Bit late in, but here goes.
    1. Whatever happened to – Luke The Drifter (I mean in the RR sense, not Hank Williams)
    2. Dad’s Cookies
    3. Karl Marx.
    4. Famous person – Eddie Cochran. Unknown person – my best mate, Bill McGuire who died in a shark attack in Australia in 1970.
    5. In a couple of years, the answer to this will be bumble bees, but for now I’ll go for The Incas.

  15. 1. Whatever happened to the first female student at The Citadel military academy? Sharon or Shannon something-or-other was her name. Arrived at boot camp amid huge media coverage overweight and dropped out shortly afterward. Had all the look of a media stunt.

    2. Flapper Girls. I just like the look.

    3. David Lipscomb. My mother had read “Civil Government” at about age 14 and it absolutely DEFINED her religious and political beliefs. She had been nagging me to read it for years.

    4. Not “famous” famous, but my dad was the youngest of 10, but the first to pass away – at just age 60.

    5. Mint ginger ale – Seriously! You used to be able to find it in any American supermarket and then sometime in the 1990s it disappeared.

  16. Some fascinating responses as always. We should do this again. Some answers from me – I didn’t have these in mind when I wrote the questions:

    1. Blimpy McFlah. No, seriously, is anyone in touch with him? Also, one that just popped into my mind: the One and Only Chesney Hawkes.

    2. I’d bring cricket test matches back onto terrestrial TV. I fear I’m going to have a hard job turning my daughters into cricket fans anyway, and having to do so without the benefit of pictures will be pushing the genius of Test Match Special to the limit (this is the radio commentary programme, non-cricket fans – though you’ve probably stopped reading by now anyway).

    3. John Maynard Keynes – it would be good to have an economist of stature who understands that the economy is supposed to serve the people and not the other way round. Also, though this might be asking for trouble, Jesus and Mohammed might be able to settle a few questions.

    4. Mozart died aged 35: half a lifetime. Staggering to contemplate what he might have achieved in a full one.

    5. Donds for dodos and passenger pigeons. Of the ancient wonders of the world, I’d love to see the Colossus of Rhodes – you can see today where its feet stood, and it must have been, well, colossal.

    (The photo, by the way, is Matilda about 6 months ago – the dinosaurs were put there by her sisters. I had nothing to do with it.)

  17. 1. Whatever happened to most of the people I was at school with. I’ve not kept in touch with any of them

    2. I’d like to bring Co-operative and Mutual ideas back to centre stage in British economic, cultural and political life. Mutual ownership is an excellent idea, we need more companies like the John Lewis Partnership and a return to co-operation and mutualism in banking and finance.

    3. I am not sure that anyone from the past would be equipped to deal with the issues we face today.

    4. No one. Leave them as they are. Our early-death heroes would only ever be tarnished by their inevitable decline into middle age and mediocrity.

    5. I’d love to restore the Byzantine Empire to how it was before the decline that led to the Sack of Constantinople by the 4th Crusade in 1204.

  18. 1) White dogshit, you just don’t see it around anymore do you ?
    2) The Labour Party
    3) George Orwell
    4) Ian Curtis
    5) People with a conscience

  19. !. My other pair of sunglasses, I can’t find them anywhere.
    2. Sunshiny summers, for when I do find them
    3. Severin has already named Nye Bevan but as that was my first thought too I shall second that. Mary Wollenstencraft, perhaps?
    4.Again, my first thought, Buddy Holly, has already been mentioned by TFD. Too many to choose from really. Keats, maybe?
    5. The Carolina Parakeet – it sounds like a totally adorable bird, despite being allegedly poisonous to cats, because of some berry it used to eat. Hunted to extinction for no particular reason except the beauty of its feathers, ladies’ hats for the adorning of.

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