‘Spill Game Week 8: Save one, bin one

Oh you all know the rules (such as they are) by now. Which of these poor defenceless ickle kittens songs are you going to break my heart by putting up against a wall and shooting? And are there any you might consider giving a good home to?

Track and artist names after the jump (as I believe they call it)…

Yes folks, I’ve gone eclectic. Possibly too eclectic…

1. Indian Ocean – Kandisa: Based on an ancient prayer in Aramaic, I love this tune’s mix of spiritual and celebratory. I promise none of the others are as long as this… Not quite, anyway.

2. Missy Elliott – Pass That Dutch (Amended – aka Unsweary – Version): I’m not a big one for hiphop, but I love Missy’s inventiveness. And turn of phrase. And sense of humour. And voice. And and and… she’s just brilliant basically.

3. Cheikh Lô – Jeunesse Senegal: Since the Africa Express gig, I’ve been revisiting everything African on my iPod. I find this utterly joyous – especially those horns. And the bit where he goes “Africa nice!” always makes me grin.

4. The Originals – Suspicion: Northern Soul ticks all the boxes for a pop nerd, doesn’t it? Motown tunes and production but with the extra cachet of being a bit of secret, insiders’ club. If I ever heard this in a club, it would get me up and dancing.

5. Jacques Brel – La Chanson de Jacky: Speaking of up and dancing, I’ve probably confessed before that in my late teens, my dad once walked in on me in my bedroom, standing on a chair and singing along to (Marc Almond’s version of) this at the top of my lungs, haven’t I? At least I wasn’t w*nking, I suppose.

6. The Charlatans – How High: A group I have tended to find a bit second-rate; a song I find anything but. A huge shot of adrenaline, essentially.

7. Echo & The Bunnymen – My Kingdom: My musical coming of age. Something from the Bunnymen was always going to feature…

8. Caetano Veloso – Cucurrucucú Paloma (Live): … as was something from a film soundtrack. This had me in tears in Talk To Her and often still does.

9. Eyuphuro – Othiawene: Another one from Africa. goneforeign is tangentially responsible for this being in my collection as his Marrabenta Star Orchestra earworms sent me in search of more tracks of the same ilk. Thanks gf!

10. The Checkmates – Love Is All I Have To Give: Still a bit gutted this didn’t get listed in ‘Desperation’ week.

11. Nina Simone – That’s All I Want From You: And finally, because sometimes I want chest-beatingly overwrought and sometimes I just want simple, quiet emotional honesty. (And because no accurate representation of my musical tastes could now fail to include at least one song introduced to me by RR and/or the ‘Spill.)

I have my own suspicions of what track will prove least popular. Let’s see if I’m right… Cheers all! bb x

76 thoughts on “‘Spill Game Week 8: Save one, bin one

  1. Haven’t time to comment properly but on a first listen I wouldn’t bin any of them, especially not Caetano Veloso.


  2. I’m commenting blind again to avoid any prejudice towards particular kittens…

    1. Ooh, something in foreign. Lovely opening… and now it’s really come to life… and we’re getting that “ay-ay-ay-ay-ahh” vocal thing. Based on past contributions from you, is this AJ Rahman? Whoever it is, it definitely stays.

    2. At the risk of sounding like the trendy schoolteacher off The Mary Whitehouse Experience, this has got a good beat. Reminding me off Missy Elliot’s Get Yr Freak On. Not something I’d ever buy, but I’m enjoying the listen.

    3. This is great – loving the horns. Youssou N’Dour? Or someone else from west Africa? Keep.

    4. Don’t know this – is this what they call a Northern Soul classic? Again, not my thing, but it’s good. Sounds like it’s taken from a vinyl record, which adds to the charm.

    5. Ah, Jacques Brel! Formidable! J’aime bien cette chanson (et aussi les versions anglais par Scott Walker et Marc Almond). Peut-etre le champion pour moi.

    6. The Charlatans were great, weren’t they? Are they still going? This must be fairly recent – I’ve heard it before, but don’t own it. Great stuff.

    7. I recognise this voice, and will probably kick myself once I find out who it is. Liking it a lot anyway. It stays.

    8. Ay ay ay! More foreignness. Spanish? This is staying beautifully restrained – there’s obviously a lot of passion going on, but neither the vocals nor the strings are in danger of tipping over into schmaltz. That’s rather impressive.

    9. And the bishbosh tour of world music continues… I’d like to hear this somewhere hot with pavement cafés and dancing in the streets. Rather than in my office on a grey October lunchtime.

    10. I should probably know who this is too… sounds like it’s produced by Phil Spector? Way too big for my laptop speakers anyway. A fine voice, and I like the fade at the end.

    11. Nina Simone? Don’t know this song. It’s beautiful. Keep.

    Great playlist, full of unexpected pleasures. If I have to vote one out, and apparently that’s the rules, then I guess, with reluctance, it would be track 2.

    • Ha! Missy Elliot reminds me of Missy Elliot. I do feel bad about voting this out.

      Not Youssou N’Dour, but from Senegal, so I think I get half a point.

      I should listen to some Echo and the Bunnymen. That was more fun than I expect them to be.

      • And another half-point each for Northern Soul and Phil Spector! (And AR Rahman was edged out at the very last minute, so nearly half a point there.) Thanks for the comments, barbryn – glad you found some stuff in there to enjoy.

  3. Yes, much easier to identify a couple of absolute favourites (Nina, Jacques, the Checkmates, the Originals) than to pick one to drop. I think it has to be the Charlatans, who simply leave me a bit indifferent; it’s all right, but no more than that, whereas, say, Kandisa, is an acquired taste that I haven’t fully acquired but is always interesting…

  4. I’m in total awe, this isn’t what I expected, not at all! I haven’t listened to any yet but I have several of them, the Cheik Lo I’ve often pondered sending to Earworms, Brel, Caetano, agreed re. Talk to her, and my god, Eyuphoro, who’d ever have thought it? And Nina, what a great playlist. I’ve no idea who’s going but I know who’s not, I’ll be back in a bit.
    ps, thanks for the mention.

    • Well, I thought I’d make it as tricky a challenge as I could, gf! Hope you enjoy some of what you don’t already know – can’t imagine it’ll all be up your street, but one or two may tickle your fancy…

  5. Gosh this is difficult ! ! ! I just listened to the playlist and I really loved it

    For me I think it would be Missy Eliot to go out, but I do really like that track it was just that I think it did not fit in the list as much as the others.

    A really great really great playlist Bish ! ! ! Thank you ! ! !

    • I know what you mean, Sakura chan – that song perhaps is a bit of an odd one out, but I just loved it too much to leave it out!

  6. Ah, now I was just about to say that I’d ‘box the tracks for anyone who wanted them, but I see a helpful elf has got there already! Thanks to whomever that was (tinny?).

  7. First off, the kitten lives. I’ll give you my paltry life-savings it you don’t pull that trigger on the toy gun.

    Second, what an amazingly unique playlist and gift to us. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to listen to this which I know is, like your letter to your teen self last week, a sharing of your inner self.

    1. Indian Ocean – Kandisa: Wonderful. It’s a keeper.

    2. Missy Elliott – Pass That Dutch (Amended – aka Unsweary – Version): Oh yeah. Keep.

    3. Cheikh Lô – Jeunesse Senegal: I like it – it is nice.. Keep.

    4. The Originals – Suspicion: Brilliant. Shoot the kitty if you have to to save this. (I really didn’t mean that about the kitty.)

    5. Jacques Brel – La Chanson de Jacky: Not a fan of MrB but wow, what power, emotion and delivery. Can’t fault it.

    6. The Charlatans – How High: Very good. Keep.

    7. Echo & The Bunnymen – My Kingdom: Oh, I remember this! Great song. Keep.

    8. Caetano Veloso – Cucurrucucú Paloma (Live): … Lovely orchestration and beautiful tenor voice. Gorgeous. Hot contender for the top spot.

    9. Eyuphuro – Othiawene: Another one from Africa. Pleasant but too much western influence for my taste (but that’s just me). Keep.

    10. The Checkmates – Love Is All I Have To Give: Pass me the gin and lets sob together. What a wonderful tearduct cleanser. Love.

    11. Nina Simone – That’s All I Want From You: Love Nina and this is a fantastic example of truth in song. The top song. And I AM crying as I listen to this. For real.

    Everything stays.

    Thanks bish

    • Aw thanks loads, SR. I hadn’t really approached the list as autobiography – certainly not in the way I did the letter to younger bish – but I suppose it is really. Certainly these are all songs that have meant and continue to mean something important to me. Even the lighter-weight ones such as Missy. I love that in amongst her general impropriety, she lets you know she’s sound:

      Freak him, freak her, whatever ya choice
      Didn’t come to judge, I came to get ya moist

      And yeah, Nina gets me every time! x

  8. 1. Indian Ocean – Kandisa Nice, really quite trancy in places.
    2. Missy Elliott – Pass That Dutch (Amended – aka Unsweary – Version): I’m also not a huge hip-hop fan, but Missy is OK.
    3. Cheikh Lô – Jeunesse Senegal Gorgeous. I love the way that a lot of African music sort of drifts off towards psychedelic jamming but never actually gets there or becomes too self-indulgent.
    4. The Originals – Suspicion A lovely bit of soul.
    5. Jacques Brel – La Chanson de Jacky This is great. It has been a fave of mine for ages, ever since I discovered it via Scott Walker, which is where many people probably first heard it.
    6. The Charlatans – How High Well, it’s The Charlatans, not really much to say about the song really, except it sounds too much like Oasis, who I hate, so this might get the chop.
    7. Echo & The Bunnymen – My Kingdom: Never heard this before, which album is it from? I only really know the first couple, which I like. This is OK though.
    8. Caetano Veloso – Cucurrucucú Paloma (Live): I’ve never even heard of Caetano Veloso, which probably shows where my musical limits lie. Not sure if I like this or not. I may have to listen to it again to make up my mind.
    9. Eyuphuro – Othiawene This is more like it, more lovely African pop.
    10. The Checkmates – Love Is All I Have To Give: Nicely overwrought soul. The studio kitchen was missing the sink after the recording session, I’ll be bound.
    11. Nina Simone – That’s All I Want From You You can’t beat a bit of Nina Simone.

    So, what goes? Tricky call, but I think it will have to be The Charlatans. Far too reminiscent of the awful Gallagher Brothers.

  9. What an engagingly varied list, I do like the variety of the list. I like the first 3, although Missy Eliot took a bit of effort to listen to for me. Northern Soul doesn’t do it for me, I’m afraid.

    Yay I do like this middle section, Brel, Charlatans and Echo all get the thumbs up from me. I don’t own any Charlatans, but I have listened to them around friends houses.

    8 and 9 are pleasant, I can hear the passion there. Nina Simone is lovely.
    I would never kill a kitty, I love them too much, but I might put Missy Eliot in a no kill cat shelter as she scratched my aural furniture (in a bad way).

    Really enjoyable list 🙂

  10. I almost fell off my chair chuckling at the kitten photo, it’s wonderful.
    I’m not sure that’s a toy gun, it looks like a real 357 but the kitten’s safe, it’s not cocked.
    Kandisa, a keeper. I don’t understand Indian music but I find it fascinating and interesting.
    Missy; I was expecting a rehash of the Diamonds Kutchie or Musical Youth’s, this one doesn’t connect with me, she can leave.
    Cheikh Lo, one of my favorite Senegalese albums, a definite keeper.
    The Originals, an unknown group, if I needed a second one to go they would be in danger. I can see the dancing aspect, but it’s not what I’d put on my dance mixtape.
    Brel; Long time favorite, I remember him from the ’50’s. Another keeper.
    Charlatans, another unknown group, they’re OK but I wouldn’t buy ’em, they can stay.
    Bunnymen; probably the first time I’ve heard ’em but I knew the name. I could grow to like ’em with a few listens. They can stay.
    Caetano: I have several of his albums so he can stay. I like the Almodovar film, I like every film he’s made, wonderful creative filmmaker.
    Eyuphuro; I remember buying this album based only on the cover photo, something I often did, the image really transfixed me and the appreciation of the music followed. A good choice, a keeper.
    Checkmates, not wonderful.
    Nina, She’s wonderful, though this isn’t one of my favorite versions, she doesn’t need the strings, straight piano is enough.
    Bish, a really interesting playlist, thank you.

    • Ain’t the pic great?! I actually rather love that it’s so amateurish as well. Really made me giggle when I found it! I must seek out other Nina versions of this song. I love it (and can see why you think the strings are surplus to requirements – although I am a sucker for a bit of a comfortingly lavish arrangement!).

    • Jacques Brel can leave, but I’ll record it as an honourable discharge if he promises to further stomp on the Missy Elliott disc out there on the path on his way out.

      • Would never have had myself down as a Northern Soul boy, but in this company they’re the joyous keepers, along with The Charlatans to remind myself of what a good guitar riff sounds like.

        I’m afraid I’d go well out of my way to ensure the Missy Elliott never crosses my path EVER again.

  11. Fine selection. Close to ethnic coffee table territory at times, but there was enough of interest going on to avoid becoming simply pleasant background music for a dinner party.

    Caetano Veloso was my winner. Not my usual tipple, but can’t ignore something done this well.

    Missy has to go, only because she just doesn’t work in this refined company, even if her language did get cleaned up a little.

    • Thanks, Shoey. Yeah, Missy does stand out a bit, I suppose. I just love what she and Timbaland do with sounds and rhythms and beats an’ that. And her wordplay amuses me. But she was definitely the eclectic straw that I feared might have broken the playlist’s back (as obliquely referred to above!).

  12. Hello Bish. Super list, I always enjoy you posts. And you’ve put me in a panic because I have to follow it.

    1. Indian Ocean – Kandisa: So good, I gave it 5 out of 3. Beautiful.
    2. Missy Elliott – Pass That Dutch: I sort of admire Missy Elliott though it’s all a bit over my head, being old an’ all. But this is rhythmic, clever … potentially annoying but it is what it is. Yeah,it stays.
    3. Cheikh Lô – Jeunesse Senegal: Lovely. Young Munday was born to the sound of West African music – well, that was the dream, but his dad put Metallica on instead when I was busy.
    4. The Originals – Suspicion: Hmmm. I’m liking Missy Elliott even more. I’m not terribly soulful, unless you start waving firearms at kittens in which case, it’s great, honest.
    5. Jacques Brel – La Chanson de Jacky: Bounces along amusingly though the image of Jake Thackeray would not GO AWAY.
    6. The Charlatans – How High: Don’t know anything about the Charlatans but didn’t mind this at all, very listenable.
    7. Echo & The Bunnymen – My Kingdom: I always liked Echo and the BUnnymen although my (then) boyfriend said I was too old. After which I made a point of liking them even more.
    8. Caetano Veloso – Cucurrucucú Paloma (Live): New to me; he has a lovely voice.
    9. Eyuphuro – Othiawene: More African joyousness, I love it.
    10. The Checkmates – Love Is All I Have To Give: Oh dear, I am struggling with the soul. I think I like it more than The Originals.
    11. Nina Simone – That’s All I Want From You: Again, a lovely voice, can’t argue with your choice.

    Assuming all is well in kittendom I will have to nominate The Originals. But not because it isn’t good, just because it’s not for me. I really enjoyed listening to everything, it’s very diverse and that first track blew me away (unlike the kitten, I hope). Thanks Bish.

    • The Originals was a last-minute choice for the list actually. I wanted some Northern Soul in there and substituted “Suspicion” for something else (The Velvelettes’ “Needle In A Haystack”, as it happens) as I wanted a song people might not be familiar with. I can understand why it might not resonate with everyone.

      I think with this song, as with a lot on the list, I find a lyrical hook that snags something in me (as SpottedRichard kind of suggested above). Here, it’s that bit at about 1:50 where it all seems to tail off into a (deliberately?) lacklustre sax solo before the singer bursts in with greater urgency: “You gotta trust somebody someday. You can’t live alone. I won’t have it this way.” I just like that sense of someone fighting to connect with you (me!), I guess.

      Can’t believe you had to give birth to Metallica, by the way. And had a boyfriend who told you you were too old for anything! Men are bastards…

      • So you’re saying Ali was in a kind of Rosemary’s Baby deal which resulted in Metallica? You bastard.

  13. Poor, poor kitten. Sicko. Your photoshopper sucks too.

    Ok. Both African tunes stay, lovely. Kandisa – nice, but got kinda bored. Nina can stay, and the Originals are nice. Knew both Missy and the Bunnymen. Neither are especial faves of theirs, but love both Missy and Mac, so both can stay.

    I have a track record to maintain here of tossing the classiest tunes on every list – here it’s a tossup between Brel and Caetano Veloso. Bye Jacky. For being responsible for Seasons in the Sun, if nothing else.

    Taking home – really close one. Absolutely loved the Chessman, new to me. Whatta voice. Like Carol, i thought the Oasis ripped off the Charlatans, or vice versa. But i have a track record to maintain here, i love Oasis and i absolutely loved the Charlatans. So as it looks to be an unwanted stay, i’ll give it a home.

    Thanks Bish!

    • Stopped in for another listen to find that the Chessmen were in fact called the Checkmates. Ok, so it was very late last night.

    • I think I may already have known that you would/did love that Charlatans track, Amy (and may subconsciously have included it for that reason!). I shall make it my mission to convert you to Monsieur Brel one of these days. Maybe after I bring you round to Dexys!

      • To get me to Brel, you may have to dig up some crooners. And i’m promising nothing. I worked in a small French restaurant in NYC once where i had to listen to a lot of that sort of thing. Generraly not a fan.

        I vaguely remember heavily donding on of your Charlatans on the mothership a long time ago, maybe it was this one. Or was it the Cardigans. Dunno, old age sucks.

        I’m actually partway to Dexys (and Thin Lizzy too) thanks to the diligent efforts of RR’rs and Spillers. Both do some great stuff that never bothered the charts on these shores. I still loathe Eileen though.

        Was surprised that no Sinatras or Sinead made the list.

      • I think it probably was this one, Amy. I only have a couple of their albums and this is definitely my favourite of their songs. (Although One To Another, Tellin’ Stories and Just When You’re Thinking Things Over are pretty ace too.)

        You might have to instruct me in the way of the Thin Lizzy – I’ve never seen the appeal.

        As for the Sinatras and Sinead, I figured I’d covered both in some form on the ‘Spill already, so left them out. (Sinead nearly made the cut, but got nixed late on. It’s a cutthroat business when you’ve only cut 11 spaces to fill, as you know!)

      • I’m not the one to instruct you in Thin Lizzy, i’m still a learner. Surface barely scratched. DsD helped me out some, and the Llama has posted some wonderful tunes on RR for various topics. It’s at the point where i’ll at least try to give a listen to any Lizzy someone noms.

      • “Listening back to JWYTTO. I’d forgotten how Stonesy it is.”

        Absolutely shameless pandering that will probably work.

        Gotta try to give at least Shoey’s list a listen here today while i still have some time.

        Oh yeah, we have potus debates tonight. Blowing them off anyway, don’t give a shit. Left ass cheek or right ass cheek, they’re still part of the same ass.

  14. That’s an intriguing set of songs, Bish. At work now, but I’ll try and listen later, and pick one.. (that’s the way this works, right? you pick one favourite and another you can let go…)

    • That’s how it seems to work, yes. I think I speak for everyone here in saying we’d love to have a list from you one of these days, lambretinha.

    • And in fact Lambre, (Chris? SpottedRich? Aba? DsD if you can forsee the time?) we do in fact have some open slots that need filling. Lineup to date is –

      Oct 9 – Ali

      Oct 16 – Fintan

      Oct 23 – Beth

      Oct 30- ?

      Nov 6 – ?

      Nov 13 – ?

      Any takers?

    • Ok, listened now.. but first things first… leave kittens alone! Kittens and guns together are a no-no. Get it? alright then… :-p

      Now serious business is out of the way, on with the songs…

      Can’t be too coherent about many of these, since six- seven of them are completely new to me. Not a single dud here, as far as I’m concerned, although there are two or three out of my own musical range. I’ll go in blocks

      Kandisa, Jeunesse Senegal, Otiawene… These three are new to me and brilliant. Otiawene being my favourite of this lot. Kandisa is pure beauty, but I could have done with one less minute or so (this is a first listen, so I might get to cringe at this comment someday, who knows…)

      Brel, Elliot & Simone. Well, these are safe with me, on principle. Brel’s superb as usual here, and Elliot is just this ball of joy, irrepressible. Fantastic track. Not my favourite Simone, a bit too languid, (in fact, I was about to let this one go, but more about that later..) but I think that says more about myself than about the song, or the singer. All great, all in all

      Echo & the Charlatans. Never was into them all that much, but I’ve liked both songs. A funny thing happens to me with The Charlatans, everytime I hear a song from them I leave with the impression they’re a lot better than I remembered them to be …

      Originals & Checkmates. Didn’t know the former, and it’s simply ace… a floorfiller. And the Checkmates are my fave from this lot. It’s so totally over the top, heart-on-the-sleeve bollocks, and yet… you just have to buy it anyway`. Sometimes music, and life, is about… meaning it, you know? about making a statement here and now (see? now it’s me talking bollocks here) Anyway, it’s like this big bird that shouldn’t fly, but there he goes. Effing brilliant.

      So, bye, bye Caetano Veloso. You’re not invited to my party, and I’m gonna tell you why. I know you’re a legend, and all, and rightly so, you’re this very personal, very talented voice, and you’ve done wonders with it through decades. And there’s nothing wrong with Cucurrucucú, technically speaking. Your voice is silky and moving, the arrangements classy, and unintrusive (is that a word at all?) But… you don’t get it. You just don’t. You can’t embellish this song. Make no mistake, what he’s doing here is picking Sophia Loren and trying to turn her into Audrey Hepburn. Erm…. no, sorry.
      Cucurrucucú Paloma is a Mexican song about someone who’s been destroyed by love lost, and a singing dove that represent the soul that love took away from him (him in this case) Give me sweat, tequila (gallons), pain and tears galore with this one. Give me Chavela Vargas, or Pedro Fernández, or… Give me a broken voice, and a lump in my throat. Fucking mean it.

      • I am so glad to have you back, lambi. We’ve missed your passion around here. I’ve never heard any other version of “… Paloma” (I can’t face counting my way through all those “ooo” syllables again) – and I have the advantage perhaps of not understanding the words and therefore being moved solely by the sound. Have those two artists you mentioned recorded the song? I might have to do some youtubing…

    • Oh alright then, it was Missy – but only cos I think she’s not typical ‘Spill fare, not cos I don’t think she’s brilliant. You seem to have had a particularly adverse reaction to her though, DsD!

      • Yes, that’s fair to say. What troubles me is that I’m struggling to articulate WHY she causes that reaction in me. Been thinking about it and the best I can describe it is –

        I understand why people don’t like, say, Motörhead. [Hey, cool: Steve Jobs just put in the umlaut from beyond the grave! Never knew he was a fan!!!] I can see how they come to the conclusion that Lemmy et al make naught but a migraine-inducing noise, even though I hear musicality in various ways. Well, that Missy Elliott is my migraine-inducer: all jarring thump and screech, with none of the feeling of food for the soul, or joy to the heart, that music should engender. Her fans can argue that isn’t true until they’re blue in the face; my brain will even acknowledge the validity of their case, but my ears ain’t ever going to agree.
        I’m even frustrated that I can’t find a proper reasoned response, but the fact is that if the building next door to the record shop was on fire, I’d rescue the Napalm Death albums and let Missy’s burn. Sorry folks.

  15. 1. Indian Ocean – Kandisa. Apart from the ‘standard’ snare/tabla section, I loved this. And my caveat is unfairly picky.
    2. Missy Elliott – Pass That Dutch. I tried. A rhythm. Rhymes of variable quality. A saucy personality. Interesting plinky noises. No (expletive deleted) tune!!!
    3. Cheikh Lô – Jeunesse Senegal. Irresistible (particularly for those of the cognoscenti who went to the Africa Express thing, eh, bish?). Although it runs the risk of repetition, being the standard two-chord thing, the drums and the guitar break kept my interest.
    4. The Originals – Suspicion. Not being equipped with the correct trousers or sufficiently flexible legs, Wigan Casino never witnessed my best moves (despite it being only a few miles from me). Not my thing but not offensive.
    5. Jacques Brel – La Chanson de Jacky. No, sorry. The vocal exaggerations just annoy me and conjure up all the French stereotypes that should be buried by now. I’d happily inter this one, alongside Edith Piaf (I’ve just committed a crime, haven’t I?).
    6. The Charlatans – How High. Curiously, I started transferring some old cassettes to CD yesterday and one of them is Some Friendly. That album sounds more like the Roses and yet this, post trouble-at-t’mill-era, sounds more like Oasis. It’s OK, but not as good as You’re Not Very Well, to my ears.
    7. Echo & The Bunnymen – My Kingdom. I never ‘got’ E & TB. Again, it’s OK. I like the guitar at the end.
    8. Caetano Veloso – Cucurrucucú Paloma. Lovely stuff. Beautiful voice. I should watch Talk To Her again. It’s my favourite film about the rape of a comatose woman. Seriously, it is.
    9. Eyuphuro – Othiawene. Yeah, fun (desperately hoping the lyrics are not about female circumcision). I’m a sucker for stereo guitar-y chinging. And reverb sax!
    10. The Checkmates – Love Is All I Have To Give. I like the power in the arrangement but the vocal pleading is not my thing. Takes me back a few decades.
    11. Nina Simone – That’s All I Want From You. Exquisite voice that delivers emotion so effectively. The strings get a bit twee (making the whole effect a little bland) but I can’t kick it out for that.

    Missy Elliot can go, very closely followed by Jaques Brel (wearing a string of onions and puffing on several Gauloises).

    Cheers, bish!

    • Edith Piaf was this close to making the list – phew, lucky escape! Thanks Chris – and Talk To Her is my favourite film with that subject matter too (and my favourite of Almodovar’s, I think)!

      • It may be simply down to the overhead shot of Penelope Cruz at the sink but Volver is my favourite Almodovar. However, theyre all worth seeing, aren’t they? Even those that don’t work.

        Just been to see Holy Motors. It’s brilliant, I think. It may become my second film recommendation post of the year.

      • Ah yes, I’ve been wondering about that but feared I might find it impenetrable (Kylie notwithstanding). Please do do a post. So far this year, I’ve only really enjoyed documentaries at the cinema: Nostalgia for the Light and The Imposter (both of which are extraordinary, particularly the latter).

      • With the exception of Atmen (which was my first re post), I agree. Nostalgia for the Light was a little ponderous/portentious, I thought, but The Imposter was excellent. There have been many well-made films in recent years that prove truth to be often stranger (and more interesting) than fiction.

  16. Thanks to whoever ‘Boxed these, as I wouldn’t have been able to listen otherwise.

    A great and varied selection BB – nice one!

    Would love to do a full write up, but I’m pulling a DsD and have to be up in 4 hours, so please just assume lots of nice, positive adjectives about all the others (I’ll try to get round to doing that part tomorrow) and the ones to go would have to be..

    …Jacques Brel – I like the idea of him, but I think this is the first time I had heard him, it sounded too cliched for me, I thought it might have been an Adam&Joe sketch at first!

    E&TB – I really really don’t understand the appeal. I think you had to have “been there” to like them, well, I wasn’t and I don’t…..oh, and if you talk the talk, you’ve really got to be something special, but they never sound less than mediocre to these ears.

    Nina Simone – I know it’s not acceptable to not like Nina, but I just don’t….not even a little bit! Sorry (both to Nina and Bish)! Her much trumpeted voice didn’t impress me in the slightest on this track, which just sounded pedestrian…..I honestly couldn’t remember anything about the song even seconds after it had finished.

    …so, I know it won’t affect the outcome as no-one agrees with me, but Nina would have to go for me!

    (apologies for the negative post Bish, I’ll try and do a positive version tomorrow)

    • That’s alright, panth – these challenges are kind of to give people a forum to articulate what it is they do and don’t like about particular song/genres, I suppose. I find Jacques’ flamboyance and self-deprecating wit kind of irresistible, but that may be because deep down I too am a self-conscious exhibitionist (which is kind of what I’ve always took this song to be about). As for the others, yeah, I can see where you’re coming from – even if I’m coming from somewhere else! Glad you enjoyed some of the others!

  17. OK, here’s the ones that I liked:

    Checkmates – liked this a lot, great atmosphere and liked the slight rasp to the voice

    Missy – always love Missy and this track is clever, funny and cool as ever.

    Cheikh Lo – Yes, like the voice and the horns and all the start/stoppiness – great!

    Caetano Velosa – not my favourite, but liked the drama of the music.

    Charlies – Love ’em! and How High is a great energetic number from them. I recently re-bought this on vinyl – great stuff.

    Kandisa – liked this a lot, I like a song that isn’t afraid to stretch out and takes it’s time/

    Othiawane – Yeah, cool!

    Originals – Yeah! Northern Soul! Recently watched the film Soul Boy on the iPlayer, they really conjured up the feel of what I imagined a Wigan all-nighter to be like – would have loved to have gone there, although not sure I could get away with those vests.

    Charlatans or Kandisa to stay…

  18. Very high, highlights with the Charlatans, Eyuphuro but most of all The Checkmates LTD!!! Sonny Charles et al used to hold court regularly at the Mapes Casino back in the 60s & I heard them do similar material ( backed by the house orchestra) many times. You couldn’t walk out to the Casino floor showroom where they played ( underage) but if you sat at the south end of the Coffee shop where it was open to the casino for service you could hear fine & just catch a glimpse of the stage when the servers passed through the curtains. You could stay as long as you had money for milk shakes. Great memories so that’s my for sure keeper. Sorry but I’ve had to show Missy the door.

  19. Apologies for lateness – lose one : either Charlatans and/or Bunnymen – Ian McCulloch’s low range just sounds wrong, whilst Tim Burgess’ Oasis tribute act is just lazy.

    Keep one : The Originals – get the talcum powder out it’s party time!

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