Telephone Thing

People Like Us – I’m 89
Fats Comet – Rochester
Orb – Towers Of Dub

Ting Tings – Hang It Up
Cake – Never There
Headphones – Hello Operator
Jonathan Richman – You Can Have A Cell Phone That’s OK With Me
Guided By Voices – Hang Up And Try Again

Tubeway Army – Me I Disconnect From You
School Of Seven Bells – Dial
Lianne Hall – Telephone In a Foreign City
Jim White – Phone Booth In Heaven
People Like Us – Millenium Dome

28 thoughts on “Telephone Thing

  1. lots of great tunes again shoey – think Cake stood out for my listen this evening ..

    I have new Whithered Hand EP and Mountain Goats single and LP (and T-shirts to design – I might be leaving the phone off the hook for a while – does that statement work anymore? do youngsters understand that phrase?) who cares, eh … cheers for the tunes.

  2. A great selection of tracks as always shoey ! ! !

    I do not know if the photo is sad or funny or maybe both ! ! ! But it is thought provoking . . .

  3. Headphones and Lianne Hall (names I don’t know) and School of Seven Bells and, especially, Jim White (names I know but music I don’t) were the highlights for me. Good to hear that Orb skit again – I remember my brother explaining this to me when I was about 15 – possibly the first time I’d heard of either Haile Selassie or Marcus Garvey.

  4. Somehow managed to crash Firefox near the end of the second set. Huge standout so far was Fats Comet, loved it. Was pleasantly surprised to find a Ting Tings tune that didn’t irritate me.

    Ok, off to the last set if i can manage to keep Firefox up. Must stay off dodgy sites.

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